Chapter Nine “Well… what‘s that matter?” Hermione put down her newly cleaned mug on the table stand next to her hospital bed. “What do you mean?” Draco asked innocently. “You‘ve been staring at me for the past…,” Hermione looked at the watch on her hand, “25 minutes. I think something is up.” “Let me ask you something. How important is this job to you?” he asked. “Why?” Draco started, “well -” “’Ermione!” Hagrid suddenly walked through the hospital ward room. “Hagrid! How nice to see you!” Hermione jumped up from her laying down position. Hagrid came over to her and gave her a big hug. “I a surprise for yer.” “Oh, Hagrid you shouldn’t have!” Hermione was beaming now. “Come on in boys,” Hagrid called out into the hallway. Then walked in Hermione’s best friends of all time. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. “Ron! Harry!” Hermione jumped out of the bed and gave each boy a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Harry, to everyone’s belief, was now an aurora. While, Ron is now working at Gringotts Back like his older brother Bill. “We heard you were sick so we had to come and visit you!” Harry said joyfully. Harry and Ron turned into quite the lookers now that they were older. Harry still has those pretty eyes and dark hair. While Ron still has that red hair and now looks less lanky now that he’s older. “It‘s so great to see you!” Hermione told both of them. Ron glanced over towards the bed. “Hermione quick. I think Draco broke in through the window!” Hermione laughed. “Don’t be dense Ron.” “Then how come he‘s in here then?” Ron was confused. “Well, he‘s my friend now Ron,” Hermione said. “Friend? Now look who‘s dense!” Ron said disbelievingly. “Ron! Calm down!” Harry said. “I‘m sure Hermione has a perfectly good reason why she‘s friends with Malfoy.” Both boys turned and stared at Hermione. “You guys, he‘s really not that bad,” Hermione said. Both of them were still staring at her. Draco decided not to be quiet any longer. “I‘ll let you guys talk.” They continued to stare at Hermione in silence. Draco went up to Hermione gave her a kiss on the cheek and said “see you tomorrow.” Now all three of them were completely silent. A/N. Sorry for the really long wait!!! But summer is finally here!!! Yes!! lol. So hopefully I will be updating more frequently! Once again special thanks to the reviewers who I love and hope u continue reading my story! *Tweetyiscool* *LithingGrint* *Umm... Someone* *Baby Goo Goo 2* *skysong* *amy* *riaJem*

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