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Lifestyles of The Witch and Famous Chapter 21 **Snippets Taken From Previous Chapter** Draco turned his head and angrily, walked towards the couch. But before he sat on it he looked back at her, “Everything has to be about RON AND HARRY! Honestly Hermione! Do you think your life runs around them? They’re your friends but not your parents! If they are your real friends they’ll accept anyone who’s going out with you! Even me, their worst enemy!” Hermione’s mouth dropped open slightly, “You don’t understand. Harry and Ron aren’t like that. They wouldn’t care if it was someone from Gryffindor or Ravenclaw or even Hufflepuff for that matter but…” Draco cut in, “But if they’re from Slytherin…well…there’s our answer again. How is it that everything we do comes back to out houses huh? Why don’t we make this upcoming ball something to go against that? Then we can both go together and show there is no more ill will between Gryffindor and Slytherin?” Hermione began to smile, “Yeah….but.” she frowned again , “Do you really think anyone will go for that? I mean we’ll probably be the only ones who’ll go with people from different houses.” Draco shrugged, “Well, we’ll just say you have to go with someone from another house.” Ginny smiled, “I can’t wait. But who will I take? I hardly know any guys from the other houses.” She frowned sadly. Hermione wasn’t frazzled though, “Make friends then kiddo. You’re getting a head start Gin. Draco and I will be posting the notices this evening.” Ginny opened her mouth in horror, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner! Shit I better go. I got some friends to make. See you later ‘Mione!” Ginny ran off quickly. Hermione smiled happily. This was going to be THE MOST fabulous ball she’d ever go to. And what would she need for such a memorable moment? Apart from a great looking guy of course. (A/N – which she already has, if I may so myself) A DRESS! ‘A blue one….no no a black one! Yeah a black one, that would be beautiful! But then Draco’ll probably wear a black tux and then we’ll look weird. Well I’m definitely not wearing pink! FORGET IT! Well…what about a nice red dress? No I think black better…oh damn it!’ Hermione thought hard. ‘Stop thinking so loudly! Hermione, did you know I hate talking about girly things!’ Draco’s thoughts interrupted her own. Hermione head shot up so fast that her head began to get dizzy a little. But focusing on the spot her counterpart sat, he was grinning slightly but doing his best not to look over at her. ‘But I need to buy a good dress for the ball!’ Hermione thought back anxiously. ‘Yeah and thinking about it won’t buy you one.’ Draco retorted. (A/N – Alritee…here’s da next chapter. Wow…21 dats a lot…maybe I should start thinking of an ending hey?) ****AT HOGSMEADE**** Hermione ran down the secret passageway Harry had told her much about. It had been a long time since she had broken the rules. But the thought of the dress made her rules breaking much more innocent. Strolling down the cobbled streets she finally found a nice little dress shop which seemed to suit her intentions properly. It was called, ‘Ballroom Wishes’. Upon entering the store she felt a sense of warmth settle across her. “Hello my dear. Can I help you?” asked a pink haired witch who had a warm smile across her face. “Yes, I need a dress for a ball being held at Hogwarts. I was thinking black…but I’m not sure if that is really my colour.” Hermione said. The witch nodded, moving back a few steps so she could see Hermione fully. “Well my dear. You are a very beautiful girl and every beautiful young girl needs a beautiful dress. I have just the thing.” The witch hurried off into a room at the back of the store. While she waited Hermione looked at the dresses which were on display. None of which looked like she would stand out in. Five minutes later the witch cam back holding the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. “Now you must wear a corset with this one. It would make you look like a queen my dear.” The witch winked at her as she gave Hermione the dress. “So this is a Renaissance dress then?” Hermione asked. The woman nodded, “The best fashion style in history. Well that is what I think anyway.” Hermione smiled, “Well I believe that also. Wow, it is beautiful!” “Try it on my dear!” the witch ushered her into the change rooms. The witch gave her a corset to wear underneath. “OH MY GOD!” Hermione breathed as she put the corset on. It was extremely tight, pushing her breasts up and tightening her ribs. The witch heard her and laughed, “Ever worn a corset my dear?” Hermione replied, “Never.” Gasping for air as she pulled on the dress. Coming out of the change room, Hermione fully expected the witch to waiting for her right outside the door. But looking around she saw her with another customer. A customer who looked rather familiar. “Draco!” Hermione gasped. Draco moved around the witch so he could look at his girlfriend properly. “Holy mother of…” Draco uttered as he looked her over, a smitten smile crossing his face. “You look like a princess! All you need is a crown!” Draco laughed as he approached her. The witch laughed, “Indeed. Who would have thought a dark blue gown could suit such a raving beauty?” Hermione smiled, “Well I’d never had thought blue was my colour.” Draco laughed, “ Better than black hey?” Hermione rolled her eyes, “Why are you here anyway? I thought you didn’t like girly things?” Draco shrugged, “But when it comes to a dress on my Hermione, well…let’s just say I HAD to come. Besides, I’m glad I did.” Hermione laughed, “How’d you get here anyway?” Draco shrugged, “Same way you did. I hope you didn’t think Potter was the only one who knew the secret passages.” Hermione smiled, “Well I’ve been proven wrong yet again.” The witch interrupted their conversation, “Such a revealing dress may need a shawl. Did you want one?” Hermione and Draco answered at the same time, “Yes.” Hermione said. “No.” Draco said. “I have to Draco! Look at this, I’m practically busting out here!” Hermione complained as she tried to pull the dress up a bit. Draco laughed, “But that’s the point! The dress is cut that way. If you cover it, it spoils it!” he complained as he looked at her chest. Hermione turned around, “You’re sick Malfoy. Real sick. I want a shawl.” The Witch got one. It was sheer black and soft to touch. “This is how you put it on.” The witch showed her how to put it on so that it would cover her chest and make it look like it was supposed to be there. Turning around Hermione grinned, “How do I look now?” Draco frowned, “A lot more covered.” Hermione shrugged, “Put it this way. Would you really want Harry or Ron staring at me the way you just did.” Draco’s eyes opened larger in horror, “No way!” Hermione smiled, “Well here’s the answer.” Draco frowned, “But…but that isn’t fair!” Hermione laughed, “What-ever!” she approached Draco and whispered in his ear something he found quite intising. “Well well…I’d never would have thought. Well get that dress off so I can pay for it and then we’ll go shopping for your tiara your highness.” He bowed to her and Hermione giggled. “Why thank you kind sir.” She curtsied. Once the dress was brought and paid for Draco and Hermione strolled the streets of Hogsmeade. “This sure beats school work.” Draco mentioned. Hermione smiled, taking up his hand, “Sure does.” “We have a class soon though don’t we?” Hermione asked Draco. “Yes. But can’t we just skip it?” Draco moaned angrily. He could never spend any time with his girlfriend. Hermione sighed, “You know we can’t. If I’m missing from class and so are you…don’t you think people will notice? Especially Harry and Ron. They’re probably going nuts already.” Draco shook his head, “So when are you going to break up with Pot head?” Hermione let go off his hand, “Don’t do that.” “Do what?” “Call Harry a Pot head. No matter what you say he is still my friend and don’t you ever forget it. Come on lets go, we have to get to class. I’ll break up with him soon.” Draco glared at her, “Oh yeah? Well I hate your friend. He’s a fame yearning asshole and he deserves a good kick up the…” “DRACO MALFOY!” Hermione screamed. Stopping dead in her tracks. “We have been through this over and over and over again. Do not talk about my friends in such a fashion. They hate you for good reason.” Hermione informed him. Draco smirked, “Yeah and I hate them for good reason. So I have every right to bag them.” Hermione sighed. He was right and whats more he knew it. “Harry Potter IS and always was an attention seeker Hermione. You can’t see it because you never see the bad in anyone…well except me.” Draco looked down sadly. Hermione laughed at his melodramatics, “Draco, you’re a good person. But sometimes you confuse me. You don’t know Harry as well as I do. So how would you know if he’s a great person or not?” Draco shrugged, “Just what I see mate.” Hermione rolled her eyes, “This is a stupid conversation. We have to get to class NOW!” Hermione ran off in the direction of Honeydukes. “Hey wait up!” Draco cried. Hermione slowed her pace so he could catch up. Together they went back to Hogwarts. Their differences in opinion still standing. Both Hermione and Draco knew that if it wasn’t solved soon, it’d be the end of their new found romance. (A/N – SORRY it has taken so long to update but I’ve been on holidays etc etc. Hope you liked this chapter. I know it was a bit silly with the dress thing but I thought it was funee. Oh wells read and review. Please?)

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