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ETA 05/11/23 - I did not abandon this story. This is a WIP (work in progress) and to see how the writing is going, please visit for more information. Thank you. A/N: None of these characters are invented by me, nor are they in my position. All characters are all © J.K.Rowling A/N: I am sooooooooo terribly sorry for not updating any sooner! Really, I am! Please please please please please please please please please forgive me! Thank you so much, all my reviewers. I really do love you all. Grace, by the way, your short story is as good as ready, I just need to reread it again and add or scrap some parts but I will post it soon. Could you please give me you email address so I can send it to you as soon as it is finished? Now, you’ve all waited long enough so here’s the next chapter. I must warn you though: it does contain a sex scene and it is definitely rated R, so watch out. It takes place at the end of the chapter so you can skip it if you want. I’ll probably post a NC-17 rated version in my LJ, but that is not finished yet. I hope you’ll all enjoy the chapter!
Chapter 6 – Taking the Plunge I guess it’s been too long since the last time that I tried to fly. - Dry Cell “Yes, you are.” She said, placing both of her arms on either side of Malfoy. Her head was barely five inches from his. Malfoy’s eyes were gleaming in a mischievous way Hermione had never witnessed before. A smile was playing on Hermione’s lips as she bowed further towards Malfoy, he was clearly enjoying himself. She bent forward even more until their noses were barely half an inch separated from each other. The soft, but nevertheless quickening, breathing of Draco was gently tickling here skin; she smirked against his lips; “Malfoy…” “Yes.” “You deserve this.” She said before she jerked away abruptly and kneed him painfully hard in the crotch. Still smirking, she straightened up, readjusted her robes and scanned the room in search for a pot of Floo Powder. Malfoy, on the other hand, doubled up in pain and gasped for breath. Hermione’s smile widened as she spotted a little marble pot on the mantelpiece. She opened it and, as she had suspected, it indeed contained Floo Powder. She turned to face a still wheezing Draco, who was eying her with a murderous look in his eyes. “Malfoy, dear, you didn’t really expect I would kiss you, did you?” She asked innocently, pouting a little. “Because I would be so terribly sorry to disappoint you. I don’t like blondes.” Malfoy glared at her, still clutching his sore manhood. “As if I would ever even consider wanting the lips of a Mudblood bitch like you touch mine.” He sneered. It was rather a look of compassion that could be found in her eyes instead of one of anger when she said: “You really are completely hopeless, Draco.” She turned around elegantly before she took some of the glittering powder and Flooed away. “Wait!” Malfoy called after her. But it was too last; she had already left the Manor.
It took two and a half weeks before they saw each other again, three days before the start of the new term. Hermione had been busy packing her trunk when a sudden pain seared through her body. Clutching her arm and taking her wand, she quickly responded to her Master’s call, leaving the apartment in a complete chaos of robes and school equipment when she left. Graciously she lowered herself to kiss the hem of Lord Voldemort’s robes. “Good afternoon, my Lord.” She purred before she went to stand in the still incomplete circle of Death Eaters. One by on the gaps in the circle filled themselves, but nevertheless Hermione could still notice the great amount of missing followers, most of them were still locked up in Azkaban prison. Nonetheless she knew it was only a matter of time before her Lord would plan a mass-escape, He was only waiting for the right opportunity. She smirked evilly; if only Snape would know what danger was hovering above him… Her thoughts snapped back to present when two platinum haired men entered the room. Lucius Malfoy Senior shot her a venomous glare before he too, bowed down and kissed the hem of the Lord’s robes. She smiled at him innocently while gently licking her lips; ashen faced he glared at his son as well before taking his place in the circle. Oh this is just too much fun… She thought, grinning mischievously. The puzzled look on Draco’s face clearly showed that he had absolutely no idea what was going on. He shot her a questioning look but she ignored him. It was not exactly a good idea to seek eye-contact with him, especially not after the disturbing dreams she had had about the past few days. Hermione focussed her attention back on Voldemort as soon as he started talking. He lectured them all about the essentiality of Wizard Marriage and went on about the Pure Blood wizards being elevated above all others. Further on he started raving about the abysmal function of the Ministry of Magic and that they (all Death Eaters plus most of the Pure Blood wizards) should prepare themselves for a huge reform of the system of law when He finally would be able to rule the wizard society. Most of Hermione’s fellow Death Eaters, however, were waiting at the practice part of this meeting. And yes, soon their Master started talking about a Muggle school they were going to burn to ground (One of the main goals of Voldemort still was to cause as many death and destruction as possible) and some Wizard families that needed to be cleaned up. After those announcements, of course, he broached his favourite subject, being ‘How to kill Harry Potter on the most effective, slowest and, most important, the most painful way’. A wicked smirk soon played on her lips as she heard some of the suggestions others made. It didn’t escape Hermione though that Voldemort didn’t even do so much as mention the imprisoned Death Eaters and she assumed the presence of one called Severus Snape had much to do with that. The meeting went on and soon most of the Lord’s followers had gotten their instructions for the next few weeks and to Hermione it was no surprise whatsoever that she hadn’t received any… yet. Probably her Master would want to talk about her assignment in a more private circle. Malfoy Junior seemed to think amongst the same lines as he too didn’t make any remark about not being assigned any task at all. And indeed when the other followers were ordered to leave the building, she and Malfoy were asked to stay behind for a few more minutes. “My Lord,” She greeted him gleefully, softly ghosting one of her fingers over the man’s face. Voldemort’s appearance had changed a lot since his rebirth, for one he was no longer bald. Now he had this raven hair that- Draco coughed nonchalantly. Hermione jerked her head around, shot Malfoy a death glare and went to stand next to him. “Has anything changed about the plan, Master?” Draco asked, not at all looking impressed by Granger’s little performance but nevertheless being very. The Dark Lords cat-like eyes moved to face the son of one of his most faithful Death Eaters instead of Hermione’s slender hips. “No, Mr. Malfoy.” He informed him, “But however I would like to reiterate the details of your mission once more-”
Later that evening Draco was sitting in the sofa of Hermione’s apartment, looking at her with a look of utmost concentration. “So let me get this straight…” He said eying Hermione intently who was on the other end of the sofa, her arms warped around her knees. “The second day we are at Hogwarts we are supposed to place Professor Snape under Imperius after we-” “We have forced all possible information out of him concerning the Order of the Phoenix.” She said wearily. “Honestly Malfoy, how many times have we gone over this already?” Draco glared at her, before continuing again. “You said Snape is an excellent Occlumens. Do you think we’ll be able to break his protection?” “Correction: you will be able to break it. Come on now Malfoy, you’re almost as good as the Dark Lord himself regarding Leglimency and Occlumency.” She sighed. A smug look crept over Malfoy’s face; she rolled her eyes. “I still don’t get why you wanted to come over to my place anyway. I mean, we’ve already revised everything at the meeting and I really don’t see what in the name of heaven we need to-” She fell silent immediately though when Draco seductively crawled over to her and snaked his fingers around her wrist. “Eh… Malfoy, what are you doing?” She asked, taken aback. “If you want a sexbuddy, please go whore yourself somewhere else because I definitely am not in the-” But before she could finish her sentence she was silenced by Draco’s lips capturing hers. The touch of his velvety lips almost made her faint. She didn’t even attempt to resist when Draco’s tongue made its way into her mouth and gently ghosted over the roof of her mouth. The soft moan that found its wait out of her throat was muffled by Draco’s mouth. Closing her eyes and enjoying the kiss, she chose to return the favour. When Hermione’s tongue started discovering the blonde’s mouth, it was his time to whimper slowly at the touch. She smiled mischievously against his mouth before deepening the kiss. In the mean time hands were travelling all over their bodies. Hermione’s hands roamed Draco’s bare chest under his T-shirt, and when her hands travelled southwards she heard him hiss in pure pleasure as she started stroking the lump that had formed itself in Draco’s slacks a few minutes ago. She pulled back and looked at him questioningly while he was begging her silently to continue. After teasing him a bit more, she slowly started the unbuttoning. They had started kissing passionately again by the time Hermione’s cold fingers snaked their way into Draco’s boxers and pulled it down. It was Malfoy who ended the kiss now; he was too preoccupied by Hermione’s fingers warping themselves around the length of his cock to continue to kiss. Hermione smirked looking at Draco’s face once more, he nodded almost desperately. Her smile broadened when she pushed him down on the sofa before softly licking the head of his dick with her tongue. Draco groaned loudly, grasping the sofa for support as Hermione’s mouth fully enclosed his length. Hermione started to move her head quicker and made his cock enter her throat harder and deeper. He whimpered and trembled slightly before he came hard, shouting her name which echoed loudly and made Crookshanks jump of the coffee table in utmost shock. She swallowed and smirked once again when Draco collapsed and she crawled on top of him. “Have you got no mercy at all?” He asked, bewildered. “No, none at all.” Hermione answered naughtily, sticking out her tongue which Draco fondly captured for a new series of passionate kisses. A gut pull drag on me into the chasm gaping we. Mirrors multi reflecting this, between spunk stained sheet and odourous whim. Calm eye – flick - shudder – within. Assist me to walk away in sin. Where is the string that Theseus laid? Find me out this labyrinth place. – Bauhaus
A/N: Well, here it was. I hope you liked it. I'll post the next chapter in exactly one week from today, but if I receive some inspirering reviews I might post it sooner. What did you think of the smut scene? I'm not too sure about it. it's the first time I actually post that sort of things, and I actually have never actually written an het sex scene before so tell me if it sucks so I can improve them in the future. Sailor C, love, I'll propbably send you this chapter in a few days so you can beta it (if you wan to of course). By the way, I'll post the beta-ed version of the previous chapters as well tonight (or maybe tomorrow). To all my reviewers: MWAUH! (that should be some sort of kiss-like sound O.o) I love all of you!

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