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Chapter XIV: More Experiments "Ron, Ron wake up?" whispered Emmett. "Wha . . . what is it?" asked Ron in a sleepy tone. "I need your help," said Emmett. Ron opened his eyes and looked at the clock. "It’s 7:00, what could you possibly need to do at this time?" asked Ron. "I need to sneak into Hogsmeade and I want you to help me." Ron sat up and rubbed his eyes. He pulled the covers off and went over to James’ trunk. He opened it and pulled out a cloak and a piece of parchment. "What are these?" asked Emmett. "This is James’ invisibility cloak and the parchment is a map of the school. Look." Ron pulled out his wand and tapped the parchment. "I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good." The map of the school appeared. "Now I’m going to sleep for 30 more minutes. Goodnight." He then started to crawl back to his bed. "No wait. Ron, I want you to come with me," said Emmett. "Why?" "Someone to talk to, keep me company, I don’t know but please," said Emmett "Fine." They got dressed and they quietly went down to the Common Room. "From the map the closes shop is Honey Dukes," said Emmett. "I know the passageway that leads to that store," said Ron. "Just follow me." They put on the cloak and they left. When they got to Honey Dukes Ron had a hard time leaving the shop. It was like the candy had him on some kind of a trance. Luckily Emmett pulled him away before he started to drool. They left the candy store and walk down away to a shop that sold what they needed. "So Emmett, what exactly are we here for?" ask Ron. "Quills," said Emmett. "You dragged me out of bed so you could buy some lousy quills?" cried Ron. "Yeah," said Emmett and they entered the store. "Why now? Why couldn’t you do it later to day?" complained Ron. "Because I wouldn’t have the time," said Emmett. They went to the back of the store to where the quills were. "Okay, which one should I get?" he asked Ron. "I don’t care," said Ron. "They’re just quills." So Emmett grabbed 12 of the cheapest ones. After grabbing the quills he started to walk down one of the aisles. "What are you looking for now?" asked Ron. "Another time turner and some floo powder," said Emmett. He began to look. "I know that the time turners are down this aisle so where are they?" "They’ve been moved, someone broke in last night and now they’re at the front desk," said a voice. They saw who it was and it was middle age woman with a handful of potion ingredients. "Thank you and do you know where the floo powder is?" asked Emmett "It’s the next aisle over," said the lady. "Thank you." And they left for the next aisle. After paying for their stuff they hurried over to Honey Dukes but when they got there they had a little problem. "Oh great, the door is lock," said Emmett. "Move over please," said Ron. "Alohomora." But the door was still lock. "If I knew that the spell would have work I would have tried it myself," said Emmett. "Well how I’m I suppose to know that it’s protected by that spell," said Ron. "Come on, we need to get back to Hogwarts, it’s almost 8:00," said Emmett. They looked on the map and they found another way back so they headed off. When they arrived at the school it was 8:15. They quickly went to their Common Room and put the cloak and the map where it belonged and then went to the Great Hall. ~*~*~* "Harry wait up," said Hermione. "Oh hi Hermione," said Harry and he stopped for her to catch. When she did they walked together to Herbology. When they got to class they took their seats. "Okay everyone, please quite down so I can begin with today’s lesson," said Professor Sprout. "Good. Today you will learn about a plant that would help you morph. Does anyone know what that plant is called?" Hermione’s hand went right up but Snape beat her. "Yes Mr. Snape." "It is called the Primeous Plant," said Snape. "Very good. 5 points to Slytherin," said Professor Sprout. "One thing about this plant is that you can eat the leaves plane or make it into a potion. When you eat the leaves you can change little things like you eye color, a nasty scar or some freckles. But if you drink the potion then you can change more complex things like your height or if you don’t want anyone to recognize you, you can change you face." "So it’s like the Polyjuice Potion," said Lucius. "In away," said Professor Sprout. "But the potion won’t wear off. If you want to look like yourself then you would need to take the counter potion. Another difference from that is that you wouldn’t need a bit of someone but like the Polyjuice you can not morph into an animals but you can obtain their traits." "So Professor, how does this morphing stuff work if you don’t need a bit of someone?" asked Harry. "I’m glad that you asked Mr. Parker. You see unlike the Polyjuice if you want something to change all you would need to do was to think. Use your mind to get rid of that scar, think about being tall, but you can never turn into someone. That is for the Polyjuice," said Professor Sprout. "So which is better?" asked Snape. "Well that depends. Do you want to keep ripping hairs out of someone or would you like to change the way you want to?" said Professor Sprout. "Is there any more questions? Yes Miss Graves." "You said that one can obtain animal traits. Do you get that by thoughts as well?" asked Hermione. "Yes that is correct. Any more questions?" Nobody else raised their hands. "Okay then, I will give you each of you a Primeous Plant and for the next few weeks you will be taking care of it and your grade will be on how healthy it is. And if I see you or suspect you of eating the leaves then I will drop your grade 20%," said Professor Sprout. She then went to the back of the greenhouse to go get the plants. "There seemed to be one missing. Would anyone want to share?" asked Professor Sprout. "Harry and I will," said Hermione. "Good then," said Sprout. ~* Lunch *~ The Great Hall was full of owls. Practically everyone was getting some mail. Hermione was talking to her Ravenclaw friends when an owl dropped a little piece of paper by her hand. She opened it and it read: Meet me in Professor Flitwick’s room at 10:30pm ~E.L.B~ After reading it she stuck it into her book and continued to talk to her friends. ~* Over at the Gryffindor table *~ "Hey another letter from Mum," said James. "What does she say?" asked Sirius. "For Christmas this year we’re going to France and do a Muggle thing that is called skiing," said James. Just then an owl dropped a letter into Ron’s soup "Uh, that bloody bird," said Ron. He picked up the letter and opened it. After he read it he gave a glance towards Emmett. "Who’s it from?" asked Peter. "Uh, nobody important," said Ron. Peter looked at Ron and then at Emmett. Emmett saw Peter looking at him and he quickly looked the other way. ~*~*~ "Hey look Harry, you got a letter," said Snape. "Who would be sending me letters?" asked Harry. "Maybe that MudBlood Evans sent you a love letter," laughed Lucius. "Come open it and see what it says." Harry ignored the remark towards his mother and opened the letter. "So, what does it say?" asked Lucius. "Let me guess. It says something about how much she likes you and wants to go out with you." "Not even close," said Harry. "It’s from Emmett." "Oh, so what does that geek want?" asked Lucius. "Oh nothing," said Harry and then he place the letter in his robes. ~* 10:30 *~ Harry opened the door to Flitwick’s room. He saw Emmett and Hermione by the fireplace talking. "Hey you guys. Where’s Ron?" he asked. Emmett and Hermione looked at him. "Don’t know," said Hermione. "He hasn’t shown up," said Emmett. "Well you don’t have to worry any further. I’m here," said Ron when he entered the room. "So Emmett why did you call this meeting?"

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