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Draco was in a much better mood the next day. He was cheerful, which went very much noticed by everyone. All of his housemates, sort of stayed clear of him. They weren’t sure what was wrong with him. “I’m going to the library to work on you know what. Meet me for breakfast a half an hour early in the morning ok.” Draco leaned down and whispered in Harry’s ear, after he had finished his supper. Harry turned around and nodded to him with a wary look. “Good luck.” He replied. Draco walked away from them and exited the Great Hall. “You know what? What does that mean?” Ron asked angrily. Harry looked at Ron, and sighed. “He’s going to write to his father, Ron.” “Ohh, so soon?” Hermione asked. “I thought it would be closer to the end of term.” “Yeah, so did I.” Harry answered, giving a shrug and returning to his soup. “What do you think he will say?” Ginny asked. “Don’t tell me that you care now too.” Ron hissed. Hermione tsked at him and looked at Harry, who was ignoring the comment. “Ron, he’s a person too. He is capable of seeing that something is wrong. That’s just what he has done. He’s trying to change that, change himself for the better.” Ginny growled. Ron rolled his eyes and turned to Harry. “Mate, wizard chess, when we get back?” he asked. Harry was very glad that he had changed the subject. “Yeah, of course.” He replied. “No, no, no. You two have to do your presentations, for transfiguration tomorrow.” Hermione spat. “Honestly I don’t know what you always wait until the last minute to do everything.” She crossed her arms. The boys, sighed as they knew she was right. They had to work on their homework, which they had put off all week. The four of them joined by Neville and Dean, walked out of the great hall and began their way up the stairs. Hermione was tugged back down by a warm hand on her own. She gasped, and everyone else turned to see what happened. Hermione snapped her head around to look into the face of Professor Trelawney. She flipped her hand over and pulled it up to her face. The traced her fingers, gently over Hermione’s hand, and whipped her head back up to look into Hermione’s eyes. “My dear, my dear. I’m afraid I was mistaken. You will wish to speak to me very soon, I see. Don’t be afraid to visit me when the time comes.” She said in her usual voice. Hermione looked at Harry, who was staring at the feather haired professor very curiously, along with the others. Hermione felt another tug on her hand. “Miss. Granger.” The professor said more sternly. “I will be waiting, after the lime light dies and all is retuned to calm.” She finished. Hermione looked at her and said nothing. Professor Trelawney leaned in and spoke quietly, but still loud enough for everyone to hear. “You must take action; it will not be done with out you. You will be gravely needed.” She said as the leaned back and let go of Hermione’s hand. She walked over to Harry who took a few steps back form her. She placed her palm on his fore head, covering his scar, for a second, before grabbing his hand and tracing over the lines. “Yes, yes. Just as I thought.” She said, and Harry sighed. “You might want to mind your head in the golden rays.” She sang out, before turning to Ginny. “And dear, you should be more careful with something you have just recently acquired. It could get to into a little bit of a spot.” She turned back to Hermione, and whispered, “You know where I’ll be. I will be expecting you.” She marched up the stairs with all her bells jingling and soon rounded a corner and was out of sight. “What the bloody hell was that?” Ron asked. “I don’t know Ron.” Hermione replied in a flat tone, staring at Harry. Ginny looked positively petrified. “Oh don’t worry about her Gin, she’s off her rocker, you know.” Dean said comfortingly. “Yes well we should be on our way.” Hermione announced and began to make her way up the stairs The six of them reached the fat lady and Neville said the password. She looked a little surprised, as if she had expected him to have forgotten it. She slid open and they entered. Hermione pulled Harry back out into the hall. “I going to go see how Draco’s doing. I’ll be back soon.” She stated. “I’ll come too.” He replied and started to walk off. “No, Harry, you need to do your transfiguration.” She said firmly. Harry sighed. “Oh yeah I forgot again. Ok but don’t be too long, we may need your help.” He said and turned around. He walked through the portrait and it shut behind him. Hermione headed off to the library. “How’s it coming?” Hermione, tentatively asked in only a whisper as she walked up behind Draco, in the library. He jumped a bit, as she had walked up with out a sound. “Sorry” she replied sitting down across the table. “It’s alright; I’m just a little on edge right now. Well I’m sure you can understand.” He responded with a half smile, turning his eyes back down to the parchment in front of him. “Yeah, I know it must be really hard for you, and all,” she paused and reached across the table to grab his hand. It was cold, as it usually was. “You are very brave.” She finished with a smile. “No, I’m not.” He growled not looking up. “Draco,” she said, squeezing his hand harder, “you are, or you wouldn’t be doing this. This is very un- Slytherin of you. I like it.” she said with a smile. Draco looked up at her and his normal smirk grew on his face. “I know, don’t tell anyone.” He replied with a little chuckle. He could see someone staring at them out of the corner of his eye. It wasn’t until he turned his head to scowl at them that he noticed the whole library was now staring. Everyone eyes, fixed on Draco, slender, pale hand, which was still incased in Hermione’s. She had noticed as well and jerked her hand back. “Oh, I’m… I’m sorry.” She whimpered, looking down. “Don’t be.” He said. He hurriedly shoved his parchment, books, and ink back into his bag and swung it over his shoulder as he stood up and held out his hand to Hermione, who just looked up at him in shock. He gave his hand a tiny wiggle and nodded to her. She placed her hand in his, and he tugged her up and started to walk out of the library. A few people gasped quietly as they walked past them, the others just stared, as if they were frozen in place. Draco let go of Hermione’s hand and wrapped his arm tightly around her and continued to walk. “The hell with them.” He said just loud enough for the whole of the library to hear, just before the door swung shut. “You give me the strength I’ve needed to let my feeling out, to free my mind so I can think for myself.” He said as he looked down at her and stopping in the middle of the hall. She stared up into his eyes, which could see were no longer empty as they had been before. She couldn’t pull herself to look away. The once flat, icy, steel cold eyes were now very much full of depth, full of thought and emotion. This was different from the sweet eyes she saw in the false Draco, when he was under her charm. This was the real Draco. “I must thank you. If it were not for you and Harry, I would have stayed my father’s pawn forever.” He smiled. Hermione’s blinked her eyes and twitched her head slightly before pulling away from him. “Harry… well you mean Harry, he’s done more for you then I have.” She stated. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow, as he was a little taken back by her tone. “Well yeah I suppose he has, but none of this would have happened if it hadn’t been for you.” He stated and began to walk again. She followed but kept a little space between them. “It late, I should be getting back, I just wanted to see how you were doing.” She said as they reached the stairs. She began her way up the stairs. “Wait.” Draco called out to her; she stopped and turned around, to see him digging through his bag. He pulled out his parchment, and walked up to her, with is out stretched. “Oh, no, Draco I couldn’t. It’s personal.” She said pushing the parchment back at him. “It’s only personal if I want it to be, and right now, I want you to read It.” he said firmly handing her the parchment again. “Please feel free to mark on it if you need to.” Hermione took the roll form him and sat down on the stairs. She pulled out her ink well and with a tap of her wand the ink turned red. She carefully unrolled the parchment to show the beautifully sculpted hand writing in black ink. At the top was the Malfoy crest below it she read, Father, As she read the letter her eyes began to well up. Every once in a while she glanced up at the blonde who was staring back in anticipation. Her ink went untouched as she carefully rolled the parchment back up and replaced the tie. She handed it back to Draco, who took it. “What? Is it that bad? You didn’t fix anything.” He said questioningly. Hermione stood up and whipped her face free of the crystal glaze of tears, and took his hand once again. “Draco, its fine. In fact it’s perfect. There’s nothing wrong with it. I wouldn’t change a thing.” She stared up at the taller boy in front of her. He put the roll back in his bag and quickly hugged her. It was very firm yet still managed to be as gentle as ever. **A/N** Well that's the new chappie! don't really have any other news, right now. Strange*

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