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I won’t forget the way you loved me

Hermione stood there her wand raised her free hand trembling in fear and anger. Her face stern, tears streaming down her rosy cheeks, anger clear in her chocolate eyes. She stood tall in front of the trembling and screaming black haired woman. She flicked her wand again and the woman screamed out in agony. Her robes where torn from the battling her face had small cuts and bruises. Her black hair plastered to her face from the rain.

Her screams echoed through the night along with many other cries of anguish and death. Beams of light flying this way and that as the battle raged on. A fight between good and evil, Light verse Dark. Hermione watched as the woman who had caused her all this pain withered in front of her. The woman had personally killed her parents, killed her best friends godfather and many more. Bellatrix Lestrange withered and cowered and screeched in pain as Hermione inflicted the unforgivable curse on her.

“Revenge is sweet Bella. This is for Sirius.” She spat harshly as she waved her wand again and screams emitted from Bellatrix, tears streamed down Hermione’s cheeks, Bellatrix’s body twisting and turning and the immense amount pain showing on her face reflected in Hermione’s eyes. “And this…this for killing my parents.” She whispered harshly leaning forward towards Bellatrix so her face was inches from hers. Hermione with trembling hands pointed her wand at the spot in between Bellatrix’s eyes. “Aveda Kedavera.” She whispered and watched as Bellatrix’s limp body crumbled to the ground, she was dead before she hit it.

Hermione turned around tears still falling, she watched in horror as Ginny fell to the ground. “GINNY!” She screamed as the red head’s body fell lifelessly to the ground and Harry pointed his wand at Voldemort…

Hermione woke up in a cold sweat panting heavily. “Ginny.” She breathed sitting up and drawing open the hangings. This particular nightmare had not threatened her sleep in a few months. She normally had a dreamless sleep potion she took every night but it was in her trunk in her time. This one was the worst of them dreams, two in one. It had always ended as Harry pointed his wand at Voldemort. She shuddered trying to push the thoughts out of her head. She pushed the covers away and swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood and made her way towards the bathroom. She padded over to the sink and turned it on. She washed her face and sighed looking at her self in the mirror.

She stared at herself in the mirror, she now had bags under her eyes and she had scrubbed her face until the tears stains had gone, leaving her cheeks reddened and rosy. She looked down and walked out leaving the door open as she walked out, climbing under the warm covers and drawing back the hangings she sighed settling down. Tomorrow I will talk to Madam Pomfrey about a dreamless sleep potion. She thought as she closed her eyes trying to get back to sleep.

Hermione woke up to the sunlight coming in through the small gap in her hangings. She groaned and rolled over only then did she realize that is could have been well past nine o’clock. She sat up quickly drawing back the hangings and grabbed her watch. She squinted at the morning sun that reflected off her watch as it entered her eyes.

She looked at her watch and sighed. It was merely seven o’clock. She sat up against her pillow and closed her eyes. Images of the nightmares that had plagued her sleep entered her head. Ginny’s ghost white body at Harry’s feet, Cursing Pettigrew, and McNair killing off towns people and most of all remembering the pain of the Curcio as she stepped in front of Malfoy to spare his life. She opened her eyes and shuddered.

For a while now she had been getting these dreams. Just after the war they had started and she had them ever since. There was one dream that haunted her beyond belief. The one dream she had had last night. If she even thought about it she would shudder, and feel an ache in her bones…a coldness…she of course had never told anyone about these nightmares. They were to her as if reliving the war every night.

She gulped and opened her eyes pushing the thoughts to the back of her mind. She got up and went over to her trunk and grabbed her uniform. She went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, she washed her hair and cleaned herself up.

She stepped out of the shower to see Alice had entered and was brushing her teeth. She had dark brown hair, fair skin and bright blue eyes. Her and Hermione had met last night and talked, Hermione thought she was a really nice girl and was looking forward to spending more time with her. She couldn’t smile but the joyful look in her eyes told Hermione she was glad to see her. Hermione smiled back while brushing her, she grabbed her wand that was on the counter and performed a drying spell on her hair and another small spell she learned to make her curls bouncy. She slipped on her clothes once Alice left and was just loosening her tie when Annie stumbled in.

Her hair was disheveled and she looked very tired. “Morning.” She mumbled as she walked to a stall.

“Morning.” Hermione replied with a smile.

“How can you be cheerful at this hour?” Annie grumbled as she came out of the stall and washed her hands. Hermione just shrugged, an amused smile on her face.

“Not a morning person then?” Hermione questioned and was answered by a groan and a small mumble ‘no, definitely not.’ Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at this as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair curls fell around her face, framing it and her white button up blouse was slightly un-tucked at her waist. Along with the first three buttons of her undone at the top. Her tie loose but knotted at around her neck. Her skirt falling above the knees, not too high and not too low either and her tan stockings, not the knee high ones she used to wear. She walked out of the bathroom and contemplated which shoes she was going to wear.

My knee high army boots or those nice high heels Dumbledore bought. I really should pay him back. She went for the knee high army boots she had worn yesterday. Sure they where a little heavy but she loved them. They where from her cousin Tom, but he had never worn them and there for got too small so he gave them to her.

She slipped on the boots, and tied them, and grabbed her watch slipping that on too. She checked her trunk for the pouch containing her time-turner’s pieces. She found it and grabbed it along with her cloak and stuck it in one of the pockets. She grabbed her wand, which she had thrown on her bed and slipped it in her pocket in her skirt.

She draped her cloak over her arm and walked to the door. She was stopped by one of the girls. “Hermione where are you going at this hour?” Alice’s voice asked from behind.

“Oh I may just take a walk around the grounds before heading to the Great Hall for breakfast.” She said turning slightly towards her, as not to be rude.

“Oh alright…just try not to get lost.” She said with a small smile.

Hermione returned the smile. “I’ll try not to.” She said and walked out closing the door behind her. She walked down to the common room and saw Remus sitting on the couch facing the fire. She sighed and began to walk out when a voice stopped her.

“Where are you off to?” His voice whispered from behind her, she winced at the hint of bitterness in his voice. She turned around to face him.

“I’m just going out for a walk then off to the Great Hall for breakfast.” She said staring at him. He was sitting there on the couch an unopened book, his hair was falling in his face, partially hiding his blue-gray eyes. “Would like to join me?” she asked secretly hoping that he would come. He looked up his hair falling away from his eyes, Hermione felt her stomach flutter at looking at his eyes, What is coming over me? She thought as she awaited his answer.

He looked as though he were thinking.” Sure if you don’t mind, I would love to go.” He said avoiding her eyes now, all traces of the earlier comments bitterness gone from his voice. She shook her head and he smiled faintly putting the book on the coffee table in front of him and standing up from the couch. She watched as he put his arms over his head and stretched, he noticed her watching and his cheeks reddened, she looked away as hers did the same.

He walked over to her and motioned for her to walk out of the common room first. She did so and waited as he stepped out. She smiled at him. “So did you, Sirius and Peter go and see James last night?” she asked trying to start a conversation and end the awkward silence. He nodded his head slowly and redness crept onto his cheeks.

“Erm…yes we did, Lily didn’t like it too much, but I don’t know she calmed down after a few minutes and went up to her room. It is a beautiful Common room, James’s room is huge, anyone would be grateful to have it, you would have been very comfortable in it.” He said slowly as if he where remembering every detail of them room.

She although stumbled when he finished, and he grabbed her hand so she wouldn’t fall. “Careful.” He whispered, he caught her just as she had lost balance as if he knew she was going to fall. Odd. She thought and blushed when she realized he was still holding her hand, they both pulled away.

“Thanks, but…er…how did you know…I mean you can’t tell anyone please.” She whispered almost pleading.

“Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with us.” Remus said, yes I know, you Sirius, James and Peter all keep secrets, specially the rat. Hermione thought and sighed. “ Besides…” Remus started trying to reassure her, “Lily already promised us years worth of torment and utter torcher, and knowing Lily she meant it all. Although I think she was talking more to Sirius and James than me and Peter.” He said chuckling slightly.

“Yes Lily really would keep her word wouldn’t she.” Hermione said smiling broadly as she found herself in on of the many courtyards. She looked around and smiled. This was one of the courtyards her, Harry and Ron would spend hours at a time in because it was so close to their Tower, her smiled faded as she noticed the tree they would always sit under during their 6th year studying for N.E.W.Ts or just to get away from the sun.

She noticed one student sitting on a bench. It was a boy he looked oddly familiar. As her and Remus got closer she almost fell over in shock. It was Snape. His hair was not as greasy as it was in the future or as Sirius told it to be, but it was long and fell into his eyes. He had his oddly crooked nose in a book, he looked up when he heard their feet in the grass. He looked up his black eyes cold and his lips curled into a sneer, which made a chill go down Hermione’s spine.

“Severus.” Remus whispered bowing his head slightly. Hermione turned to stare at Remus, he is friends with Snape!?!

“Lupin.” Snape said coolly. He glanced in Hermione’s direction, his black eyes searching her. He raised an eyebrow. “So you’re the new girl. I wouldn’t stick around with Potter and Black if I were you.” He spat both their names in disgust. “Disgraces to the wizarding world both of them.”

She watched as Remus just walked away, she turned to Snape and glared at him, he smirked. “I would stay away from Black, he’ll have you on your back before you can say Hogwarts.” Snape whispered in her ear as he stood and walked away. Hermione froze, she looked from Snape’s retreating figure to Remus, who was just looking over his shoulder sadly.

She jogged to catch up to Remus, who turned his head away as she came up. “Sorry about him.” Remus said kicking a stick as they walked on.

“It’s alright but why didn’t you defend James and Sirius? They are your best friends.” She questioned. In the future Remus would always have something to retort at Snape’s comments.

“I’m just not in the mood to deal with him,” he whispered and shrugged.” He went on before she could open her mouth, “and besides he insults them on a daily basis and I heard what he said to you.” He said and she stopped and opened her mouth.

“How? I mean, he…you…he whispered it to me.” She said, she always knew he had excellent hearing being a werewolf, she just never thought that well.

He waved his hand, “Just have good hearing and it’s well, Snape, Sirius isn’t like that, ok?” he said trying to reassure her. She nodded, and he looked up at the sky. “Going to be a nice day today.” He said looking at the clouds. Indeed it was going to be a nice day, the sun was already shinning and the sky was a wonderful light blue with a few scattered fluffy clouds.

She caught a glimpse of the moon and sighed. “A few days.” She murmured hoping he hadn’t heard her. In fact he must have because she looked at him after she spoke and saw he paled considerably. She frowned feeling guilty, it was harder for him now because he didn’t have the Wolf’s Bane potion.

“Maybe we should head in, I told Lily I would meet her fro breakfast.” She trailed off awkwardly. Remus nodded looking at a small pocket watch attached to his belt. It was small and gold and had a carving of the twins Remus and Romulus and the she-wolf that had saved them on it.

“Remus and Romulus, saved and raised by the she-wolf until found by the shepherd Faustulas, where they grew up and eventually killed their great Uncle Amulius. They built the city Rome. Romulus ended up killing Remus and made himself King of Rome.” Hermione whispered leaning over and looking at the beautiful carving. “Where did you get that, I’ve never seen one like it ever?” She asked curiosity getting the better of her.

“Oh so you like Mythology?” he said and before she could open her mouth to answer he spoke up again. “I got it from my grandfather when I was a little boy. He had hand crafted them. He was a watch maker.” His voice soft with a hint of sadness.

Hermione nodded as they stepped into the castle once more. Her curiosity got the better of her again and she couldn’t help but ask. “You said he hand made them…did you mean he made more than one? Or another one for a different person?” She asked and watched as his eyes went from being soft to having a sort of longing, distant look. “Oh…sorry…I shouldn’t have asked.” She said and picked up her pace. She felt his hand on her shoulder and she froze at first, then relaxed and turned around.

“It’s alright, no ones really ever asked about the watch, so it was just shocking. Most people aren’t interested in things like that.” He said blushing as he realized his hand was still on her shoulder and pulled it away quickly and shoved both hands in his pockets.

“Well I’m not like most people.” Hermione whispered and Remus smiled, like she had hoped he would.

“When I said them I meant there is another one my grandfather made. Although it’s probably collecting dust in the attic now, it was my twin brother Romulus’. He died when I was young, just a little over a year after we got the watches.” He said, his eyes now glazed over.

Hermione stared at him, she now felt really sorry for asking. “I’m sorry…if I had known I wouldn’t have asked.” She said and he waved his hand dismissing her comment.

“It’s quite alright, you asked so I told. Anyway Lily is an early riser and it’s about 8 right now. So we should head to the great hall.” He said and she nodded, still not knowing what to say.

“Thank you for walking with me.” She whispered as they came upon the Great Hall doors.

“Your quite welcome.” He said gleefully. She laughed as the doors opened revealing most teachers at the Head table and few walking around passing out schedules and students scattered about.

She saw Lily reading a letter and a large tawny owl sitting in front of her. As Lily read the letter she ate a piece of toast and tore off a small piece for the owl who took it from her fingers. Hermione laughed quietly. She walked over and sat across from Lily, and Remus next to Lily. She looked up and her eyes brightened.

“Morning Hermione, Remus.” She said, Remus had just bit into an apple and looked at her his eyes wide, he held up his hand as he chewed. At least he has manners. Hermione thought as she watched with interest.

“Morning Lily.” He said and both girls giggled.

“Good morning Lily.” Hermione said through fits of laughter. Hermione watched as Remus was about to take another bite out his apple when someone grabbed it out of his hand. He groaned and rolled his eyes.

Hermione looked up next to her to see Sirius turn the apple around and take a large bite out if. “A guy can’t even eat an apple with out someone taking a bite out of it, this is why I like summer. No one coming up behind me and stealing my food.” Remus mumbled as he reached for another apple, which was taken by James. Remus glared at James’ hand, he gave it a look as if he wanted to stab it with a fork. Or chop off one of his fingers with a knife for stealing the last apple.

“Mm whatcha say Moony?” Sirius asked bits of apple flying everywhere. Remus looked repulsed. Sirius sat down and wiped his mouth on his sleeve and took another large bite out of the apple.

“Nothing, but please spare us from seeing the chewed food in your mouth.” Remus grumbled as he grabbed for a piece of toast and took a bite out of it.

Sirius shrugged and, Hermione watched and couldn’t help but giggle at how they shared their food, well stole Remus’ anyway. “And what are you laughing about?” Sirius whispered in her ear, tickling the hair on her neck, his voice was so calm and soothing, Snape’s words echoed in her head and she regained her composer. “I would stay away from Black, he’ll have you on your back before you can say Hogwarts.”

“Oh nothing. Hey our schedules.” She said and she saw McGonagall down the table passing out the schedules. Lily’s head snapped up when Hermione mentioned the schedules.

She soon came to them, Sirius was now stuffing his mouth full of pancakes and James was watching with interest as Sirius tried to jam two whole pancakes in his mouth. Remus just shook his head and Peter seemed to be in his own little world eating his porridge.

“Good morning Miss Evans.” McGonagall greeted her square rimmed glasses sliding off her nose. She pushed them back up and Lily looked at her and smiled. She looked through some papers and pulled out Lily’s schedule and handed it to her. She gave on to Hermione and Remus who both muttered small thank you’s. Remus began to look his over immediately, as did James who was looking over Remus’ shoulder talking quietly with him.

Sirius took his schedule from McGonagall and swallowed his food. “Good Morning Minerva. Lovely to see you again, how was your summer?” He asked, and McGonagall’s eye’s narrowed at his words. She turned and faced him, giving him a menacing look, the smile didn’t fade from his face though.

“Black how many times must I remind you to call me Professor McGonagall.” She said through gritted teeth. James looked up as did Remus, Hermione, and Lily, Sirius just sat there smirking.

“Oh many more, Minerva.” He said stressing on her name, he turned away from her and looked over his schedule. McGonagall’s eyes widened and she glared at him muttering something before storming off to hand out more schedules.

Lily reached across the table and smacked Sirius upside the head. “What the hell was that for!?!” Sirius yelled rubbing his head causing some teachers to glare at him for language, he then glared at Lily.

“What is your problem Black?” Lily almost screeched. If you start messing with McGonagall now we will loose the house cup again. You did the same thing last year which resulted in you loosing Merlin knows how many points! Not only that the stupid pranks you four pull all the time have left us in last place for three years!” Lily whispered harshly returning to her schedule when she finished. They all gawked at her, even Peter who’s porridge filled spoon was dripping as he held it in mid air.

Hermione decided to change the subject. “So Lily maybe we should get going.” She said, she still had to grab her books.

“Damn. Do you both have double potions first thing?” Sirius asked and both girls looked at their schedules and nodded.

“I think all of us do Sirius.” Remus said and Peter and James nodded too.

“Well Lily and I are going to get our books. Any one else care to join us?” She offered and Remus was about to open his mouth, but Sirius beat him to it.

“Sure. I’ll meet you guys there alright?” Sirius said standing and they all nodded, Remus looked away from Hermione’s questioning eyes. Sirius pulled her along, “C’mon Hermione.” He said and she looked over her shoulder as they exited to see Remus watching and he looked away when he saw her looking.

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