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Chapter 25: …My Happy Ending *tear tear* “What do we do?” Ginny backed up into the wall, grabbing her wand from her robe. The others followed suit. Some of the Death Eaters laughed. “Do you really think you can take us on? You will all be dead before you know what happened!” “STUPEFY!” Harry yelled, pointing at the Death Eater closest to him. Immediately the others did the same. Unfortunately, although Harry succeeded in surprising them, his friends did not. “Avada--” “NO!” Harry flung a spell at the wand, causing the green light to go astray and make a thin hole through the rocks. The look on everyone’s faces told Harry they were thinking the same thing he was.Get them to blast this wall away. It’s the only way. Without fully thinking through his plan, he started jumping up and down tantalizing the Death Eaters. “Come on, come on and kill me! Take aim, fire!” “Harry, stop!!” Hermione’s voice was full of tears and worry. Harry instantly ducked the spell that was sent his way and watched in ecstasy as the wall let a few more rocks tumble down, one hitting Ron in the head. “Ow!” Ron grasped the rock, staring at it in bewilderment for a second. Then, before anyone could do anything, he flung it with all his might at the closest Death Eater. A howl came from behind the mask, and he doubled over. Ron grinned in satisfaction. But they were losing the battle. The Death Eaters kept closing in on them, and soon they were so close the group would not have been able to duck the curses sent their way. Fearfully, they looked at one another. Then— A deafening roar filled the cave, and the wall behind them was crushed. Both the Death Eaters and the group looked around, astonished. There, standing just as huge as always, was Grawp, followed by Hagrid, followed by Dumbledore. There was a shiver in the suddenly silent group of Death Eaters. Dumbledore walked through the group as if they were nothing more than air. The Death Eaters stepped back, warily, and although their wands were still out, it was clear they had no idea of what to do. “Com’ on, ye need ter get outta here,” Hagrid’s husky but soft voice said, making them tear their eyes away from Dumbledore. Slowly, they filtered out through the hole, Grawp standing there with his arms crossed, looking every bit the fearful giant part. * * * * * Voldemort stopped, a few feet back from where Harry Potter was supposedly trapped. He felt the presence of his followers, but also…of someone else… “Wormtail!” He hissed, and the man accompanying him cringed. “Dumbledore is here! The boy is safe!” “No, no sir, he cannot…” Wormtail’s blubbering trailed off. “You are protecting the boy! And the girl! You are going to be my downfall. Again!” Voldemort whipped around, turning back the way he came. “If I find that chamber empty, you had better run to a place in the stars,far far away because the Earth will no longer be safe.” He threatened, and with a swish of his cloak, Voldemort was gone, leaving Wormtail frozen to the spot. A second later Voldemort let out a roar of fury. The chamber was indeed empty. * * * * * The little light sped up, causing Jessica to stumble a little bit here and there. “Slow down, will ya?” she muttered after stubbing her toe on a rock for the millionth time. The light paid no attention, if anything it went even faster. She turned the corner only to discover the light was gone. Frantically, she started running, worried it had gone so fast she had lost it. It was unexpected, then, when she ran into something hard. “Oof!” She said, before gasping. Another person, another Death Eater. “Jessica?” The voice was familiar. Harry! Harry was here! And everybody else too! She could see them, hear them, touch them! “I have never been so happy to hear your voice,” she said. “Quiet, wer almos’ there,” she heard Hagrid’s voice whisper. Hagrid! He had mentioned to her he was leaving for this cave, but it never actually occurred to her he was going to stay here until the inevitable happened, when she ended up coming here. She thought of her little puffskein, Malay, back in her dorm. Hagrid is so thoughtful, she thought, her eyes welling up with tears. Why was she getting so emotional all of a sudden? “Uh-oh…” Hagrid had stopped, the rest of the group following suit. Suddenly, an unpleasant lurch in her stomach told her the floor was moving—and not in the direction of safety. They were in a huge dome of solid, jutting rocks. Jessica had the instant feeling they were not alone, and no sooner had the thought occurred to her when she saw the outlines of many figures appear. There were too many to count. We’re doomed. She thought to herself, before she realized this situation could get any worse. “Don’t think you’ll be leaving so soon; we haven’t even had proper time to chat,” an evil voice hissed from behind Jessica, too close. A hand gripped her arm and jerked her away from the group. Looking up into the face of Voldemort once again, she was faced with an unknown terror. This was a remarkable resemblance to when Malfoy had taken her hostage in the Owlery. But he was just a kid, not the greatest sorcerer of Dark Times, and she had had her mental powers then. Now, all she had was the particle. Which was exactly what Voldemort wanted. * * * * * Hagrid held on to Harry’s arm to keep him from rushing foolishly towards Voldemort. As long as Jessica didn’t hand over the particle, they were fine. But Hagrid wasn’t sure how long her mental toughness would hold. He hadn’t figured she had the force of three dead people working alongside her. * * * * * Jessica could feel the fingers digging into her skin, as if he was going to rip the particle from her physically. With a little squeak of pain, she tried to wrestle free. Lily had told her not to use her powers, so she refrained, although it was very hard to do so. With horror, she watched as her friends became involved with dueling the Death Eaters surrounding the perimeter. It was just her and Voldemort now. “Sweet Jessica,” he whispered in her ear. “There is nothing stopping me from taking the particle now. Hand it over, and your life may be spared.” Jessica responded by struggling even harder. The result was a burning pressure in her back. Voldemort laughed softly and brought his hand out to show her the necklace charm, but now the pages were rustling like mad. What did he just do? Jessica thought, and immediately an answer came to her. Use your powers! Do everything you can to resist him! It’s time… Not worrying about the meaning of the words, she flung him off with her senses. Immediately after, the Death Eaters were frozen, their wands no longer working. She kept repelling Voldemort, although she could feel the power starting to lose its grip. Voldemort was struggling, a slight grin on his face nevertheless. Then it happened. FLASH. The dome was bright, almost too bright. Everything around her had stopped, but a gentle breeze was playing with her hair. She looked at her hands, mystified when she realized the bright light was coming from her. Protect the ones you love… Protect the ones you love… The power will save you…and you will know what it is when the time comes… Do it now… The scene returned to normal, but the gentle breeze remained. However, as Jessica concentrated on Voldemort, the breeze picked up and her hands again began to glow. Feeling an unknown power rise within her, she also felt the electricity in the air and knew instantly this was the energy she had felt outside Dumbledore’s office. With a crack, lightning was unleashed, being thrown all over the place with the wind’s ferocity. She willed with all her heart that the electricity would attack Voldemort, and it did. Suddenly the necklace exploded, causing all sorts of colors to mix with the startling green--the exact shade of her eyes. Voldemort let out a yell before disappearing. His Death Eaters, no longer paralyzed, quickly disapparated as well. The colors instantly faded, melting into the ground. All but a little light remained, the same light that had led her out of the chamber. Jessica slumped to the ground, weary. Her friends rushed over to her, worried. She didn’t care about them, though. The little ball of light was taking form behind their backs. Emorra was once again present, her voice resounding inside Jessica’s head. The Wind is your one true element. You are free. Jessica sighed. The weight had been lifted off her shoulders. * * * * * “Jessica, please speak to us!” Ginny grabbed her shoulder and sat her up, but almost dropped her as she saw her eyes. They were no longer green, but empty holes that went on forever. In a quick movement, Jessica grabbed her wrist as if in alarm. “The bracelet; it’s so cold.” She shivered, then slowly her hand fell limp from her arm. Harry moaned in horror and slid to the ground next to her, watching as her face went white and her eyes became unfocused. Hermione brought his eyes away from hers for an even greater and more terrible shock. “The bracelet; look at the bracelet.” All heads turned in the direction of her left wrist, realizing the beads were vibrating with some fervent energy. After a moment, it all stopped. Slowly, slowly, the beads turned black. ** if you take the time to review, please do not put exact details of what happened. I do not want the story ruined for those who read reviews before the story, if you understand...two more chapters...hope you like it and don't kill me b/c of what happened! *runs and hides under bed.* ~Yes, there is a sequel. Yes, she's dead. Don't ask, you'll find out in due time.~

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