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Chapter Eight: That You Needed A Change

I gasped as a wave of pain ran over me, I tried to block the blackness that was crowding around my head, waiting to jump into the hole in my heart and stop the pain. But I wanted to feel the hurt, I wanted to feel something, anything, but this numbess that encompassed me when the dark was around me. But I had nothing to protect me from the dark.

* * * * * * * * * * * *********************************************

Harry and Draco's business was having this picnic thing in the park one day. It was all the couples, me and Draco, Harry and Crystal, and Ron and Hermione.

Me and Harry didn't really hang out anymore. For one, he didn't like that me and Draco were together even though he would never talk to me about it. It was my business but he always waved me off, plus I don't think Crystal liked him spending too much time with me.

I didn't care anymore. Me and Draco were together now and that was all that mattered. Ron and Hermione were a really cute couple. I could tell that Draco didn't really feel that comfortable around them, but he was trying to be agreeable. I liked that I had a spot in this little group. I belonged, and with the exception of maybe Crystal, everyone seemed to like me.

Anways, so the picnic was over and we were laying in the grass, enjoying the sunshine when something sharp jabbed me in the arm. I screamed and sat up quickly. Everyone opened sleepy eyes and looked at me.

"What's the matter?" Harry asked mumbling.

"I got stung by a bee!" I yelled and held my throbbing arm.

The group broke into laughter. Crystal rolled her eyes. "Oh chill out Melody, it was just a bee sting."

"want me to kiss it?" Harry kidded, making Crystal laugh.

I would have snapped back at them but I was getting dizzy and my vision was kinda swimming. "you guys shut up!" Draco yelled as he ran over with my purse. "Mel's allergic to bees!"

That quieted everyone down really quick, if I didn't get my anti-allergy potion soon I was gonna have a seizure. Draco pushed the bottle in between my lips and made me drink it. I spilled a lot of it, but I got enough down. Within a few minutes, the feelings of a seizure subsided.

Draco was watching me with worry and I laid my heavy head on his chest. He hugged me tight and roughly said. "You scared the shit outta me."

Harry brought a paper towel with ice in it and helf it up to my arm, which was rapidly swelling. "Sorry Mel, I didn't know." It was then it was clear, Draco knew more about me than Harry did. This must have scared Harry because he stayed close to me for the rest of the day. Even Crystal didn't object to this, she was probably feeling guilty. A feeling that she must be used to by now.
********************************************* * * * * * * * * * *

Damnit! Why did it have to be Draco? Why did he have to choose me as a part in his little game??? Why the hell did he have to choose me??? What had I ever done to deserve him? But part of me, some stupid part of me, was glad that he chose me. I had loved him and cherished our time together. Damn, I was a fool too. The room became dark once again, and the blackness settled in on me.

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