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Lifestyles Of The Witch and Famous Chapter 18 **Previous Chapter** He kissed her passionately, slipping in his tongue, here and there. Hermione put up a struggle but when she found he held a too strong a grip she resigned herself to give up. Letting her go as abruptly as it began, Hermione moved back a few steps, shaking her head. “Draco…please forgive me, but you can’t keep doing this! What about Harry?” Draco punched the desk. Angrily, “Potter, Potter, Potter! Fuck Hermione is that all there is in life? Saint Potter and his little red head wart! You told me you loved me, can’t you even believe in your own feelings?” Hermione began to cry, tears falling onto her cheeks and off her chin. “I do love you! I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my life! But my friends are more important than who I like! They’ve been there for me, through thick and thin. I just can’t throw them away like shit!” Draco clenched his teeth, “I took a remembrance potion for you Hermione! I’ve made sacrifices for you! I have done so much, just to have you!” Hermione began to cry harder then ran out of the room. ‘I love you. But you must accept that I cannot agree to this. I’m sorry.’ She bethought him just before she slammed the door. Draco was breathing heavily out of anger. What could he do? He must impress her, one way or another. He had to get her. (A/N – Hey all, I hope u liked the previous chapie. I must get it moving along though, I know. **sigh** think brain think!!! Ok HERE we go.) Hermione wiped away her tears quickly as she saw Ron and Harry approaching her. “I can’t wait ‘till Saturday!” Ron said excitedly. “I know! We’re gonna thrash the Slytherins!” Harry smiled confidently. “Ey ‘Mione.” Ron waved at her as he spotted her. “Bella!” Harry said happily as he ran to give her a hug. He had changed so much over the holidays. He wasn’t scared of showing off his emotions. Hermione hugged him tightly, “Hey.” Ron smiled at them, but Hermione could tell he was bashing himself internally. (A/N – NOT LITERALLY LOL) “Have you been crying Hermione?” Ron asked as he approached them. Harry let go of her to look at her. “Ron’s right, you have!” Harry said. Hermione laughed it off, “No I haven’t. It was just this thing in class that was really bright. It made my eyes sting.” Ron and Harry gave each other disbelief glances before Ron shook his head at her, “You’re lying. I can feel it.” Harry nodded, “Same here. Tell us really why you’re crying.” Hermione began to tear again, “I said it was nothing okay! So just leave me alone!” She ran off in the opposite direction, into her dormitory. One she was inside the Heads common room, she breathed a sigh of relief. She desperately needed to recoup herself. “Breath ‘Mione. Just breathe!” she told herself aloud. “Yeah, before you die of crying.” Draco said, startling Hermione. He was lying upon the couch gazing up at the ceiling. “Get out Malfoy. I need some time to think.” Hermione snarled. Draco didn’t respond straight away, but when he did it was rather blunt. “You can think without me leaving.” Hermione glared at him, her face going bright red. “GET OUT! I CAN’T THINK ANY TIME NEAR YOU OR AWAY FROM YOU!” Hermione screamed. Draco couldn’t stand not looking at her. Just one look at her was all he needed. He turned his head to look at her. Her straight brown hair was all over the place, tears stained her face and she had black eyes. She looked terrible. Draco stood up calmly, “Listen to me for once. If Potter or Weasley didn’t exist do you think you’d be yelling at me at the moment?” Hermione’s eyes flashed, “Yes I would because you are the one who got me angry not them!” Malfoy grinned, “Ah actually…if they didn’t exist we wouldn’t have had the conversation we did just before.” Hermione opened her mouth to retort but then closed it. He was right. Draco smiled, satisfied that he had made his point. “So…tell me Miss Granger, would you go out with me, if they did not exist?” Hermione answered him with a small smile, “I would.” Draco smiled, “tell me again why Potter and Weasley are a threat to our relationship?” Hermione sighed sadly, “I’ve told you too many times Malfoy. You know what I’m going to say and nothing, not even the evil potion you took last night will change my decision.” Draco’s mouth dropped open. “How did I know? Because I can tell through your demeanor. Last night you were accepting, and now? You seem to want me like you want sex. All I can say is to go fuck some willing whore and leave me alone. Why should I love someone who only wants one thing?” Hermione asked calmly. Draco frowned, “Sex? If I wanted sex so badly I would have gone a ‘fucked some willing whore’ as you so delicately put it. I took the potion so you could find me irresistible and not go back to that stupid ass hole! Lucky for you it’ll wear off in six days. After that, I will leave you alone. You won’t ever get me, even when things with Potty are over. You lost your chance is all I can say.” Draco gave her a small glare before walking up the stairs to his room. Just before Draco opened the door Hermione cried, “Liar! You’re a liar!” Draco turned around surprised, “Excuse me?” “LIAR!” Hermione shouted at the top of her voice. Draco laughed, “Me? A Liar? I think not! I am telling the truth ‘Mione. Either you say that you’ll dump your freaky boyfriend or you have no chance with me. Make up your mind now. I won’t come back to you Hermione, I swear my life on that.” Hermione didn’t say anything, she was stunned. She had one major choice to make. What would it be? To go with her heart or her head? What would she do? Harry was such a sweetie, yet every time she kissed Draco it seemed different, like she could stay with him forever. This was probably going to be the most difficult decision she’d ever take. (A/N – Awww IM terribly sorry, such a cliff hanger. What on earth will Hermione say? Such a big decision to make. Maybe they’ll compromise? Maybe she’ll choose Draco…or Maybe she’ll choose dear old Harry.

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