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The Darkness and the Light Part 3
Disclaimer: Characters belong to the great J.K Rowling. The plot is mine and mine alone. There is no profit being made here, we’re just a bunch of fans having fun. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you know. Archive: Please read previous postings/stories for the answer to this. Please read and review! Spoilers: Alice Cooper’s song, “Poison” and Evanescence’s “Haunted”. There is no profit being made from the songs, either. As with my other songfic, references to the song(s) may be subtle. Part one of my stories by the same title. Some Sorcerer’s Stone stuff. Summary: It’s year six at Hogwarts. Hermione has been sneaking around with Draco in secret for a month, but now Harry and Ron have found out. “Hermione! What in Merlin’s name…?” Hermione couldn’t find her voice; she didn’t know how she was going to explain the bruises to Ron. She didn’t know how she was going to lie to him. “Did Malfoy do this to you?” he demanded. She tried to jerk away from him, but his grip was too tight, the friction between his hand and her wrist made it feel hot and more uncomfortable. She refused to look at him. “Hermione, answer me!” Ron said angrily. “N-no,” she managed at last. “Can I have my wrist back now? You’re hurting me!” Ron let go of her and looked apologetic as he did so. As quickly as the anger had left his face, it came back. He wasn’t an idiot, he knew that Draco was in fact hurting her, it was plain to see when he looked back at the way she had been carrying herself in the last month. It was plain to see when Ron now took her head in his hands and forced her to look him in the eyes; the life that once flickered there was slowly fading and that, to Ron, was heartbreaking. This wasn’t the Hermione that he knew and loved so dearly. “I don’t understand, Hermione,” he repeated softly as he used his thumb to wipe away a tear that had formed in her right eye and began to fall down her face. A few seconds ago, telling Ron everything about the last month of her life was the last thing that she wanted to do. But now, here he was; holding her and looking genuinely concerned-all she wanted to do was tell him. She knew she couldn’t, Draco had threatened her. And, in the end, what good would telling Ron do? What would it accomplish? To him, it would just be getting her out of another scrape with Malfoy. He didn’t care about her. Not the way she wanted him to, anyway. “There’s nothing to understand,” she said softly. “I don’t believe you.” She shook her head and took his hands away from her face. “What do I have to say to convince you?” “The truth.” She stood, picked up her book and turned away from him. “I’ve told you the truth,” she said and headed off towards the common room. Ron was still watching her go when Harry came and sat down beside him. “What did you find out?” asked Harry. Hermione had now disappeared inside the castle, but Ron was still looking after her as though he was expecting her to return momentarily. “Malfoy’s hurting her,” Ron continued sadly. “Harry, he’s hurting her and she’s letting him do it!” “What do you mean ‘hurting her’?” “Have you seen her wrists?” he asked, frowning. Harry shook his head. “They were so bruised up, they were nearly black,” he finally looked at Harry. “This isn’t her, Harry. She’s better than this, why would she waste her time with that creep?!?!?” Harry shrugged, at a loss for words. Hermione couldn’t stop thinking of that scene with Ron; how he talked to her as though he had forgotten about catching her with Draco, how he had made her believe that he really did care about her; how it all made her feel. She was alone in her dormitory and had decided that she would shower before dinner. It seemed to her that she was spending a lot of time here in the last month. Next to the library, it was almost like her second home. As she unwrapped her towel from her body and got under the steaming hot water, she thought more about Ron. How those green eyes of his stared at her, wanting her to tell him the truth. How angry and hurt they looked when they had seen the bruises. “You’re an idiot, Granger,” she told herself. “You’re reading too much into his actions. If you really believed that you deserved a heart like Ronald Weasly’s, then you wouldn’t be sneaking around with Draco Malfoy.” And it was true. She had loved Ron from the day they had met on the train to Hogwarts. He was so adorable when he had tried to perform that piddly little spell on Scabbers and the look on his face when she told him he had dirt on his nose, too cute. For all of her efforts since then, to try and make it known to him that she loved him, he never responded. She took a couple of steps closer to the droplets of water that came flooding from the shower head letting the hot water rush over her face. This simple act made her feel revived somehow. Like all of the drama in her life was all over her face and now it was being washed away down the drain. “I don’t know what is sexier,” said a familiar drawl from behind the shower curtain. Hermione gave a start. “You naked or you naked and wet.” Before Hermione knew what was going on, Draco had stepped out from behind the curtain and was sliding it away. “Draco! Do you mind? I’m in the shower!” she gasped and tried to cover herself with curtain but Draco yanked it away, causing it to fall to the floor from the bar that it hung on. “I mind, yes,” he murmured, tossing the curtain well out of Hermione’s reach. “But it’s not your nakedness that I mind.” He waved his wand and the water suddenly stopped, frozen in midair. He walked on into the shower stall, trapping Hermione in the corner. She couldn’t help but cower just a bit; her heart was racing a million miles a minute. “Th-then what is it?” she stammered, doing her best not to show him any cowardice. “A little birdie told me that you were getting cozy with Weaslby down by Hogwarts Lake,” he reached up and roughly grabbed her chin with his hand; she tried to get free and couldn’t. His fingers felt like they would leave dents on her jawbone if he pressed any harder. “I didn’t want to believe it at first, but the same bird has a little buddy that was with him when he saw the two of you, so that confirmed it for me. I still don’t want to believe it, so I’m here to give you the benefit of the doubt,” he slammed his free hand against the wall beside her head and pressed his body against hers, menacingly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she managed although her mouth was nearly clenched. Draco smacked the wall with his hand and made her jump. “Like hell you don’t, you filthy mudblood!” he growled as he leaned his head in and began to nuzzle her about the ears and neck. “Let’s get something straight,” he continued, his voice was soft and velvety, but in no way was he losing any credibility in trying to make his point. Draco had never scared Hermione this much before and she suddenly realized that not knowing exactly what it was that he was capable of was a horrifying thought. “You are mine and mine alone. You don’t go spending time with St. Potter or Weaslby. If you do,” he kissed her chin and had his face a mere two inches from her, looking deep into her eyes. “I will have them killed.” He said this with the tone of someone who was discussing the weather. “Then, I will have you killed.” Draco gave her a kiss on the cheek and then patted the place he had kissed as if he thought that action would embed his words into her head somehow. He finally let go of her chin and began to walk away. “Father is a Death Eater, Granger. You know I could have it done.” He got to the door and turned to look at her. “By the way,” he said as he gave her a sinister grin, “have I ever told you what great tits you have?” Hermione waited until she could no longer hear his footsteps before she sank down into her corner, hugged her legs to her body and cried alone for the next few hours. A/N: Big HUGS and THANKS to those who have left such positive reviews telling me hoow much you're enjoying this story, I'm glad that you are! I hope you'll continue to come back to r/r me!

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