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    Lamentably still the seventies The night was upon them and war was soon to commence. James and his allies stood motionless among the dark trees of the forbidden forest. Waiting. Standing proudly at the head of the group was James, alert and ready for battle. Hearing a distant rustling he nervously fingered for the weapon strapped across his back. At this sudden movement Sirius and Lupin jumped away. James tossed his head back imperiously and glared at them through narrowed eyes. Sirius and Lupin waved at him and grinned mischievously. Suspiciously he felt his back and tore of a sheet of paper, it read Cannon fodder . By this point Lee and Hermione were also giggling hysterically. James rolled his eyes and addressed them through gritted teeth. “I don’t think your taking this entirely seriously!” “Of course we are James. We all came armed didn’t we?” Said Sirius pulling out his long bow. James sighed with annoyed patience. “Sirius we discussed this. No Long bow. Ever. You’re a terrible shot anyway.” Sirius looking scandalised replied. “Am not!” “Are too!” “Am not and I’ll prove it.” Sirius strung his bow and took aim. The arrow flew through the air and into the near by apple tree. “Great shot Sirius.” Scoffed Lupin. “Thank you, I think so.” Replied Sirius as he strolled towards the tree ignoring Lupin and James’ laughter. He emerged two seconds latter with an apple kebab. Unskewering the two apples he rammed one in James’ mouth before gracefully offering the other to Hermione. In a mock offended tone Lupin threw an arm around Lee’s shoulders. “What we don’t get an apple?” A sly grin flittered across Sirius’ face before he answered solemnly. “Ladies first Lupin.” There was no time for James to retort because just at that moment the others became visible approaching through the trees. Sirius and the others fell back into formation, organised and coordinated unlike their opponents. Fred, George, Ginny, Ron, Peter and Snape scrambled haphazardly across the clearing. Tripping over each other and sometimes themselves they eventually formed a line facing the allies in no apparent order. In fact the only orderly thing about them was their colour co-ordinated t-shirts. Canary yellow. “ Nice T-shirts, easy to spot in the dark!” James sniggered. Fred and George twitched slightly but Fred replied in a dignified voice. “It was the only fabric we could get in the Hufflepuff common room.” It was only now James’ side noticed the homemade quality of the t-shirts. “Why do your shirts say FATEFUL FOES ??” James inquired. “Because it’s our team name!” George replied proudly. Sirius tugged on James’ sleeve and whispered urgently into his ear. “James why don’t we have a team name? And t-shirts, I want t-shirts!” James rolled his eyes and directed his answer at Fred and George . “Because we’re not lame.” And then aside to Sirius he said “Besides we went with dark colours boring but practical.” “Like you Jamesie” He smirked. An uncomfortable silence followed. “So we really don’t have a team name?” Lee asked disappointedly. “No!” yelled James “I think we should have a team name, who votes we have a team name?” said Sirius Everybody except James raised their hands. “Fine undermine my authority, why don’t you?” Snarled James. “Who votes we undermine James authority?” Everyone raised their hands once again. “Who votes we have Sirius as leader?” Said Sirius. No one raised their hands. James smirked. “But Hermione!” exclaimed Sirius “I gave you an apple!” “Yeah but I’m just not comfortable having a leader who refers to himself in third person.” she said apologetically. “Are you done yet!” Fred bellowed rudely. “We’d like to get this war started some time today.” “Before my body I throw my warlike shield!” Yelled James passionately drawing his super-soaker two-thousand from its sheath at his back. The Fateful foes stared at him blankly. “Uncultured swine” He muttered. Still no one moved. “That means the war starts.” Sirius translated. “Oh right. Bring it on!” Yelled the twins in unison. The allies immediately bombarded the fateful foes with their paint filled missiles, obliterating the canary yellow of their t-shirts, unaffected by the dung bombs being thrown ineffectively in their direction. At the sight of the anticipated dung bombs James gave the signal and each of the allies pulled a scarf over their nose. At this point James lead the way towards Fred and George, Sirius followed behind him. Hermione, Lee and Lupin moved off to face the others. Striding quickly Hermione was soon within range. Loading her catapult with maroon paint bomb she took careful aim towards the nearest opponent. Ron. “Hermione we’re friends you wouldn’t!” “Wouldn’t I ?” BLAM! Ron’s face was plastered with maroon paint that clashed horribly with his orange hair. Lee standing behind Hermione gave a yelp of laughter. “Ha! In your face! Literally!” Outraged Ginny hobbled forward and lifted a paint bomb above her head. “This is for Ronald!” She cried dramatically before tripping over her stilettos and paint bombing herself. Snape ran to Ginny’s side to try and help, where he was swiftly painted pink by Lupin. Spying Lupin’s victory James ran to his side. “Thank you Lupin you have vanquished my most hated of foes!” Despite being semiconscious and smothered with paint Snape punched the air and looked vaguely honoured. “I was talking about her!” Said James pointing at Ginny disdainfully, before removing her shoes and throwing them into the depths of the forbidden forest. Meanwhile Hermione and Lee confronted their former friend Peter. “But I thought we were friends” He shrieked cowering before them. “That was before you betrayed us!” Replied Lee passionately. “Which we really should of expected given hindsight.” Added Hermione reflectively. Next second Peter lay on the floor twitching in a pool of blue paint. A little way away Sirius gave a shout of alarm and in seconds James was by his side facing Fred and George who had shiny new super soaker 2001. “Where did you get those?” Exclaimed James. “Draco’s father brought them for us.” Said George “Wait I mean Harry’s father.” “What Harry used my own money to buy weapons to use against me?” “Yeah pretty much” “Where is the little shit, I’ll kill him!” **** Meanwhile back in the Gryffindor common room, Harry was preparing for war. “James!” He called up the spiral staircase “Sirius!” A long pause. “Lupin!” “I’m ready to go to war now!” “They’re long gone. What's the matter Harry?” Asked Lilly sympathetically. “What war? What has James done now!” Harry explained about Fred, George and the prank war, Lilly listened in concerned silence before heading off to the forest with Harry trailing in her wake. **** Arriving just in time Lilly threw herself between the two warring factions. “Stop. When will you people learn war is not the answer. Give peace a chance.” With careful movements she took the daisies from her hair and began to place them in the barrel of their super soakers. First she placed one in Sirius gun then turning to James she placed a flower in his saying. “Give love a chance.” She lent forward and gave James a kiss before turning again and facing George. “Give hope a chance.” Another gun successfully daisy plugged. Lastly she faced Fred. “Give trust a chance.” BLAM! Lily fell to the floor, awash in a sea of red paint. “NOOOOOOO!” Yelled James running forward and catching her in his arms. “Lily, Lily speak to me.” “A plague, a plague on both your houses! Except ours.” She winked at James. James picked Lily up and carried back to the castle with the help of Lupin and Peter, while the others watched in silence. “I think we have learned a valuable lesson here today.” Began Snape thoughtfully “We can never achieve anything through hate, forgiveness is the answer…” As he solemnly continued with his speech the visitors from the future slowly faded from reality one by one so that only Sirius and Snape remained. **** Present day –12 Grimmauld place With a clump the group arrived to their surprise at no.12 Grimmauld Place. Dusting himself off Lee said. “God I hope we didn’t change anything in the future.” Harry smiled grimly. “Yeah a future where my mother, father and godfather are all dead, I live with my abusive relatives and the most evil wizard in the world wants to kill me, what a shame it’d be to change that.” “What did you do?” asked Hermione suspiciously. “I left a note for James.” said Harry smugly. “Did you write that it wasn’t to be opened till 1985?” Asked Hermione innocently. “No why would I ?” “No reason. Come on Doc…I mean Lee.” They walked of singing a catchy theme tune. The others followed bemusedly in their wake. Just as they approached the kitchen Mrs Weasley burst out , hitting Hermione in the head with the door. Hermione stumbled backwards into Lee. Mrs Weasley looked close to tears. “Mum, what’s wrong?” Questioned Ron. “Oh nothing.” She replied in a voice of false calm. “ Sirius and Severus are in the kitchen arguing as usual.” Nervously the gang made their way into the kitchen ready for the fire works. “And now we add the nutmeg.” Said Sirius “ Its not nutmeg its cinnamon you add to apple pies.” Replied Snape. “No its nutmeg.” “No you’re thinking of custard tarts.” “No, I’m sure its nutmeg in apple pies.” “I think you’re mistaken.” “Nah huh.” “Yah huh.” The children stood gob smacked . “Wow I guess his speech about forgiveness was convincing.” whispered Ginny into the awed silence. Harry wondered what his note would have changed and whether his parents were alive. Fred wondered who had won the war and lamented the lack of a referee.

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