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The Darkness and the Light Part 2 Disclaimer: Characters belong to the great J.K Rowling. The plot is mine and mine alone. There is no profit being made here, we’re just a bunch of fans having fun. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you know. Archive: Please read previous postings/stories for the answer to this. Please read and review! Spoilers: Alice Cooper’s song, “Poison” and Evanescence’s “Haunted”. There is no profit being made from the songs, either. As with my other songfic, references to the song(s) may be subtle. Part one of my story by the same title. Summary: It’s year six at Hogwarts. Hermione has been sneaking around with Draco. She thinks that she doesn’t deserve any better, will Ron change her mind? Hermione didn’t know how or if Draco had gone back to the class unnoticed once he was through with her; she didn’t care. She just wanted to get out of the woods and into a hot shower so she could wash him off of her. As she finally made it to her feet and began to take a few steps, she noticed that she was feeling some pain in her lower regions. Not just because he had not bothered to make sure she was ready yet again, but it was also because he had somehow managed to hold her legs down with his while he had sex with her to keep her from moving. She ambled as best she could to the edge of the forest until she could see a sure sign of Hagrid’s hut-he was growing pumpkins again this year and he had already managed to grow some that were half his size. She saw that the coast was clear and managed to make it to the pumpkin patch unnoticed, behind one of Hagrid’s bigger pumpkins. As she sank to the ground, she noticed for the first time just how sore she really was. Her wrists from the night before didn’t show any signs of being better any time really soon, her legs and pelvic region ached so badly that it was hurting her to stand; nevermind walk. This is insane, she thought to herself, holding back tears for the fifth time that day, no one person should be made to walk around in this much pain! This wasn’t her, she knew. This was not who she was at all. The Hermione that she knew she was was vibrant, tough, and full of life; not this weak and aching mess that she was becoming. She blamed Malfoy for this; she wouldn’t be this way if not for him. She needed to make a change for the better that was clear. Whether it be to get the courage to get free of Malfoy or to talk to him and try to change him, something had to change. All she wanted was someone to love her and if she couldn’t have Ron then Draco would have to be the next best thing to that someone. Finally, she gingerly stood up and brushed the dirt off of her robes. “I won’t let you pull me down,” she vowed.
When Ron and Harry didn’t see Hermione in Arithmacy or in Potions, their last class of the day, they got a little concerned. It wasn’t at all like Hermione to miss a class; for any reason. They had noticed that Hermione was becoming someone different lately, though and who know just exactly what it was that she was capable of? One outside of Potions, Harry told Ron that he would go searching about the castle for Hermione; Ron had nodded and leaned himself against the wall beside the doorway, secretly waiting for Malfoy. It just so happened that he was the very last one out of the classroom and when Ron saw him, he grabbed the neck of his robes and proceeded to slam him against the opposite wall. “Weaslby? What the hell…?” “Shut up, Malfoy,” Ron growled as he tightened his grip on Malfoy’s collar. “I’m going to talk and you’re going to listen.” He kept his forearm across Draco’s collar bone and used it to slam him against the wall again for emphasis. “Know that after what I saw lastnight, anytime something comes up with Hermione, I’m going to look to you for answers. Now, where is she?” Malfoy began laughing at Ron, amused at his anger. “What makes you think I would know that, Weaslby?” he tried to loosen Ron’s grip but to no avail. “Let me go!” “You know, I can turn you into a ferret just as easily as Professor Moody can, and that’s exactly what I’ll do if you don’t tell me why Hermione missed her last two classes!” Draco wriggled a bit, still trying to free himself from Ron. The reminder of being turned into a ferret his fourth year at Hogwarts seemed to make him uneasy, but it didn’t quite have the effect that Ron had hoped for. It looked as though Draco thought Ron was funny when he was mad. “I don’t know, Weaslby! Why don’t you find her and ask her yourself?” Ron’s grip tightened yet again on Draco’s collar and he made a small choking noise. “The hell you don’t know, Malfoy! I noticed that both of you were missing from Care of Magical Creatures! I saw you return…” Ron suddenly became lost in his own thoughts as he remembered that he had seen Draco return to class from the woods. He took his arm off of Draco’s collarbone and slightly loosened his grip on his collar. “I swear to Merlin,” he warned, “if I find out that she was in the woods with you, you will pay.” He let go and as he walked away, he heard Draco clear his throat and walk off in the opposite direction.
Ron had gotten as far as the outside of the second floor boys’ bathroom when he ran into Harry who had yet to find Hermione. Together they ventured around the castle some more until they finally went outside and found Hermione straddling a bench by Hogwarts Lake. Ron began to walk towards her but Harry stopped him; Ron gave him a funny look. “Are you sure you’re ready to talk to her?” “I can’t avoid her, Harry. I’ll have to talk to her eventually,” he paused and took a moment to stare at Hermione, who was pouring over a book. He thought she looked beautiful just sitting there peacefully while the sun shone through the leaves on the tree that she was sitting under and onto her hair. He looked back at Harry, “She takes notes for me in Divination. You might not be around when I need to ask her for them.” He began to walk towards her again and Harry decided to stay back for a moment, to give Ron a chance to talk to her. “Hi,” Ron said, barely audible, once he reached Hermione. She looked up from her book. “Hi,” she said. Ron motioned to the space on the bench in front of her and awkwardly asked if he could sit down. “Go ahead,” she told him as she closed her book and gave him her full attention. The awkwardness wasn’t getting any better; it was only getting worse. He wanted to talk to her about the night he and Harry walked in on her and Draco, he wanted to ask her why she had missed classes, he wanted to ask her if she was really ok because he had taken quite a notice in her decreased attitude and he was constantly worried about her, he wanted to say so much more but didn’t know where to begin. “So, uh,” he timidly began, clearing his throat, “the other night…Hermione, I guess I just wanted to say that I don’t understand…,” he looked at her, waiting for her to say something, anything, perhaps even explain herself. “It isn’t for you to understand, Ron,” she said haughtily and then she nodded in Harry’s general direction. “You can tell Harry that goes for him, too.” He stared back at her, a little bit shocked by her retort. “Maybe it isn’t, but it’s our place to be concerned about you, ‘Mione. We’re your best friends. If there’s something wrong, you can tell us.” “What makes you think there’s something wrong?” Hermione asked, getting defensive. “There has to be. I mean, why else would we have caught you with Draco? Is there something going on with him or was he hurting you and we were too dumb to see that?” Hermione let out a heavy sigh; she still wasn’t going to explain anything to Ron. He was the last person she could talk to. “All I’m telling you, Ronald,” she said shorty, “is this: I have been sneaking around with Draco for a month now. We need to keep it under wraps, so please don’t say anything. Please?” Ron nodded and looked down at the book that lay in front of Hermione as if he thought it would speak to him and tell him what to say next because he certainly felt at a loss. He didn’t want this for Hermione, she was too good for a creep like Draco Malfoy, and she needed to be with someone other than him. She needs to be with me, Ron thought to himself. Why can’t I just TELL her? Why don’t I just say it here and now? Because, replied a new voice inside his head, you’re scared of so much, too much. “Will you atleast tell me one thing?” asked Ron. “What?” “Is he good to you?” he finally looked at her, making direct eye contact. Hermione was quick to drop her gaze from his, afraid that if she held contact with her much longer, he would see the truth in her eyes. “Y-yeah,” she stammered as she brought up a hand to tuck some hair behind her ear. The sleeve of her robes slid down her wrist a few inches when she did this. “He…,” she was interrupted by Ron suddenly grabbing her wrist and pulling up her sleeve some more to get a better look. He stared at her wide-eyed in horror.

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