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    HARRY – (Looks around pillar) Ummmm… I think it’s gone. GINNY – (Looks around pillar) Hey, I think you’re right. TROLL – (Peers passed Ginny and Harry) I hope you are, because I’m frightened! (Harry and Ginny stare at troll) TROLL – (Clears throat) I mean… UHHHHHHHHHHH! (Troll attacks them with club) HARRY & GINNY – AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (They run away from troll) PURSE – (Snarles) HARRY & GINNY – AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! TROLL – UG!!! (They’re surrounded by a purse and a troll) (Someone grabs the back of their robes and pulls them into a secret corridor) HARRY – Whoa… I didn’t know Hogwarts had a secret corridor! GINNY – This is no secret corridor! This is the hallway we take to get to the Great Hall! HARRY – But that’s the entrance hall! GINNY – Yes, Harry, we’re in the entrance hall. SNAPE – Yes you are. HARRY – YOU saved us? SNAPE – Well, sure, I understood your predicament and I made it my responsibility to be sure that you – HARRY – I thought you loathed my father, and then you loathed me! SNAPE – Well, ever since I got my first cat, I decided that a grudge against you father, God rest his soul, would be entirely and utterly pointless. HARRY – Riiiiight. GINNY – Cat? SNAPE – My new obsession. I have many of them… I named one Salamander Blood after the potion ingredient… And I’ve got Expecto Patronum after the spell… And Flobberworm after… Flobberworms. HARRY – Three? SNAPE – Oh, no, I’ve got thirty. GINNY – THIRTY? SNAPE – I believe that’s what I said, is it not? HARRY – This is too weird. SNAPE – And anyway, Potter, I discovered your notebook on the floor and took it in for safe keeping. HARRY – And my fluffy pen? SNAPE – Yes, although I’m not altogether sure as to where that is… Cats love to bat pens around… HARRY – That’s okay, I have three. SNAPE – Excellenté! I'll go retrieve it for you. GINNY – (Whispers) Harry, I don’t think we should trust him. HARRY – I want my notebook. GINNY – Harry! HARRY – No, Ginny, I have to. You don’t understand, but there are some things worth dying for! GINNY – Ummm, right. (Snape retrieves Harry's notebook) GINNY – Okay, can we leave now? (They leave the Entrance Hall) SNAPE - Bye, now. (Hermione and Ron and leaving the Great Hall) HERMIONE – (Looking surprised) Ginny! Harry! RON – What are you two doing here? HARRY – Nothing. Listen – (And he tells them of Snape’s sudden outbreak of friendliness) RON – Great, but, I don’t care. (He and Hermione leave) HARRY – What’s up with them? GINNY – (Sighs) They don’t care about anything we say anymore. HARRY – Why? GINNY – Because they’re snobs. Okay, let’s go to the Library, you can spy quietly in there! HARRY – Great! D’you wanna be my accomplice? GINNY – Sure! HARRY – You need a code name. (They enter the Library) RON – (From behind some pillar) Hah! They think we’re snobs! HERMIONE – This plan to make Harry and Ginny think we’re snobs is excellent! RON – I know! It’s such a great way to use time wisely! VOLDEMORT – I know, eh? RON AND HERMIONE – EEEEEEEEEEK! I mean… Uh… I’m not scared! HERMIONE – Were you scared? RON – No! Were you? HERMIONE – No! RON – Good, we’re not wimps. HERMIONE – Yeah, we’re like… The unafraid friends. RON – Yeah, we are! VOLDEMORT – I’d kill them, but they’re so entertaining. *More later*

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