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    Alas, still in the seventies! Fred and George had ran into a difficulty. They needed a hide-out from James and Sirius where they could plot the prankster war. Unfortunately James and Sirius were co-creators of the Mauraders map, so they knew and had access to every hidden passage and room in the school. As they couldn't hide from them, they decided to go to the last place that James and Sirius would ever think to look for them; The Hufflepuff Common Room. Hufflepuff house was filled with slacker types too lazy to win any glory for their house. It was the perfect place to hatch their schemes in peace. Plus being the Christmas holidays the room was fairly deserted. Fred and George sat in squishy armchairs next to the cozy fire, heads bend low together as they hatched there plans to prove their worth over James and Sirius. A small cough was heard from behind them, and they looked up from their dumgbomb order forms to see what it was. Two girls were sitting on chairs a little distance away, looking curiosly at the twins. 'What are you doing?' one questioned them 'Nothing' George replied hurridly. 'Your plotting something aren't you' the other girl sniggered. 'What would make you think that?' asked Fred 'Cos that's what all us Hufflepuffs do. No one suspects the Hufflepuffs' The two girls broke into fits of laughter. Fred and George shared confused looks over this random interuption, and continued plotting. They had barely began discussions of non-explodable luminous ballons, before they were interrupted again, this time by the common room door swinging open. To their great surprise, their sister Ginny walked in. 'There you are!' she said relieved. 'I've been looking for you everywhere.' Her face was still flushed from anger at her and James' row. 'Ginny!' the twins exclaimed, 'What are you doing here.' Ginny began to explain the whole story to them, how she and the others had travelled back in time to find them, but got distracted and made new friends along the way. She explained why she had stormed out of the Gryffindor common room, furious with James 'Why did you guys follow us here?' Fred questioned her. 'We wanted to make up you didn't screw up future events.' 'Oh and telling James that Harry is his son won't do that?' George asked sarcasticly Ginny shrugged. James deserved to know the horrible truth. 'Y'know George,' said Fred thoughtfully, 'We may be able to use the others being here to our advantage. If we encourage them all to join us in the prankster war, we will outnumber James and Sirius, and be victorious.' Fred and George grinned wickedly. And then, with Ginny hobbeling after them (her shoes were starting to blister) they set off towards the Gryffindor common room. *** The reaction to Fred and George's arrival in the Gryffindor common room was mixed to say the least. Ron was relieved to see his brothers safe, despite his lack of activness in looking for them. Hermione and Lee said nothing although their faces revealed a trace of dissapointment. The Mauraders however, were outraged. 'There they are!' Sirius yelled, 'they're the guys that pushed me.' 'And re-crushed my ribs' Peter added Fred and George mearly shrugged. 'Yeah sorry about that. We are hear to lay down the rules of this prank war.' 'Wha prank war?' said James confused. You and Sirius have a reputation for being the biggest trouble makers Hogwarts has ever seen.' Fred explained. 'What about me?' sighed Peter weakly, and Hermione and Lee rushed to comfort him. 'Anyway,' continued Fred, 'We are tired of being compared to you, and so have jouneyed through time to settle this matter.' Sirius looked the twins up and down, from their bowl haircuts and snappy shirts. 'So what are you like, from the 50's?' he asked 'No' said George confused, 'The 90's! Anyway, we are here to challenge you to a war, winners take the crown of Ultimate Hogwarts Prankster. This wasn't a title James or Sirius were particularly concerned with having, but James was too competative to turn down a challenge, and Sirius had nothing better to do. So they agreed. 'When is this going to take place' spoke up Hermione, 'because we are due to be transported back to the future in two days time.' 'Well then, tomorrow night.' said Fred, 'come on George, we've gotta finish ordering those dungbombs.' 'Dumgbombs?' said Sirius in disbelief. 'That's how you plan to win this war...with dumgbombs. What an amateur.' James and Sirius laughed with the air of great superiority. 'No!' said George bashfully. 'We have luminous balloons as well.' James continued laughing at their supossed competition, but Sirius' eyes suddenly lit up. The word balloons had given him an idea. 'You keep your dungbombs.' Sirius said, 'Come on James, we need to visit dulex.com' 'One more thing.' Fred added. He indicated the other members of the room. 'They should join in the war too, they can pick which side they want to be on.' 'Agreed' chimed James and Sirius *** The rest of the day became a manic scrabble for both sides to recruit members. Remus immediately joined James and Sirius' side. The twins already had Ginny on there side, as she was still furious at James for his jibe about her shoes. Next they rounded on Ron. 'Sure I'll join your side, if my new friend can join too.' 'New friend?' said Fred confused, 'what's his name?' 'Um...Serverus, or Sneverus or something I can't rememer exactly.' said Ron. The twins exchanged looks, 'Er...maybe you should ask what his surname is' said George sympathetically. 'But yeah, if he wants to join, both of you are more than welcome, it may even make potions lessons more bearable in the future. 'Huh?' said Ron Fred and George ignored him, and continued around the common room to recruit other people. 'How about you Hermione, will you join our side' said George 'Well I would.' said Hermione, 'except' she lowered her voice so that only he could hear, 'I really don't like Fred.' 'What?' said George confused, 'how can you not like one of us, we are interchangable, even I admit that. There is no difference between us. Hermione shrugged. Maybe it was the name, 'Fred'. There was just something about him that annoyed her. Besides she had the other members of the 'Third Wheel club' to consult before deciding which side to take in the war. She turned to Peter and Lee. 'So what do you think?' she asked 'Definetely lets join James and Sirius' said Lee who was obviously still hurt about Fred and George's exculsion of him from their plans. Hermione nodded in agreement. 'Hey wait' said Peter, 'I want to go on the other side, I want to prove I am the better prankster than James and Sirius.' 'Well it's two against one.' said Lee simply. 'So I get no say!' said Peter, 'honestly it's like I am becoming a third wheel in this Third Wheel Club 'Whatever' said Hermione and Lee, who weren't really listenning Peter, looking hurt, stalked off to join Fred and George. This left only Harry. Fred and George ran over to him.'So' they said, 'will you join our side?' 'I think I'd like to go on my dad and godfather's side' said Harry thoughtfully James' eyes widenned in horror. 'No, no, really it's ok' James said. 'You guys take him' So with the sides decided, the groups set their sites towards tomorrow night, when the war would take place.It would be the war to end all wars, or at least Sirius thought, allow all these losers to go back to their own time and be done with it.

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