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Chapter 23: Set me Free Jessica had enough of the black empty void to last her a lifetime. But here she was again, with a peculiar feeling in stomach of flying the speed of light and standing still at the same time. The figure of the girl was coming closer. Jessica knew who it would be before the vision even spoke. “Hi, Jessica. I’m Emorra.” The girl was beautiful, even if she was dead. Her soul, her energy or whatever was brining her to Jessica was beautiful. She had long, flowing golden blonde hair, a little wavy in places but not so much like ringlets. Her face was a perfect peach color, her eyes were a deep chocolate brown, and her lips were very full and pale pink. She looked like an angel in Jessica’s opinion. A minute later Jessica realized she probably was. “Hey. What are you doing?” Jessica was blunt. She wasn’t really in the mood to talk to someone who had made her life so complicated. Emorra smiled, knowing her thoughts. “I didn’t do this to you; you were born with the powers, as was I. I had hid the negative and positive in a place I never thought would be found. Unfortunately, they were, far earlier than I had hoped. I knew then that I had to find someone to help me, so I put a spell on my writing that only the persons like you and me could read it. And you were the first person, and now is as good of time as any!” “I was the first person in 350 years?” “Technically, yes. There have been trivial cases, but none where the person has had all five senses, and therefore wouldn’t be able to cope with the negative. You can though, and you can destroy the particles, yes both, once and for all. I will be helping you along, and so will the others who have guarded it with their lives.” Jessica raised her eyebrows. “Others?” And then around her, three swirls of dust appeared and started taking shape. Before they were fully formed, Jessica knew who they were. Sirius Black, James Potter, and Lily Potter were standing there along with Emorra, smiling and encouraging her on as always. “Hey, little fairy, did you miss me?” Sirius ran his fingers through his hair, throwing her a nonchalant smile as he did so. Lily gave him a look, and he returned it by sticking his tongue out at her. “Oh, very mature, Padfoot,” was her comment. “What? She hasn’t seen me in a while, and she’s sure to be going through some Sirius withdrawal, if you understand my meaning.” “Why do you think everyone is in love with you? Honestly you haven’t changed one bit since Hogwarts. Still arrogant and cocky.” “I’m not cocky; I just know that I’m irresistible.” James cut in. “I never thought I would be the one to say this, but will you two stop bickering? We have to tell Jessica some stuff before she leaves, and that’s actually not too far away.” They both instantly stopped fighting and returned to the matter at hand, cheeks a little flushed. Emorra gave them an exasperated look. “Right, Jessica, what I’m about to tell you is very grave. But you are the only person who can stop this, therefore I trust you. Before I continue though, you need to make a choice: Are you willing to sacrifice possible everything you’ve ever known to help better the wizarding world?” She didn’t hesitate. “Of course I am.” “Spoken like a true Senses girl--” “Not to mention a Gryffindor!” Sirius piped up. “SIRIUS!!” James and Lily yelled at the same time. He ducked his head slightly, and Jessica was reminded of a dog that had just been caught eating chocolate stored in his family’s pantry. “Anyway,” Emorra continued, raising her voice a little in agitation, “This is what is happening. As you know, Voldemort has the positive and is looking for the negative. However, he does not know that the particles can only be destroyed by each other. He is so consumed about the power within these that he hasn’t bothered to read up on their history, as I did in great detail. To get rid of them is tricky but not impossible. The circumstances of today are perfect for improving the lives of tomorrow. The particles must be owned by two different people who do battle with one another. One must perform the spell from within, one that you already have acquired due to The Senses.” “Hold on,” Jessica interrupted. “Is this the spell Lupin told me about in Sirius’s letter?” Emorra looked over at him, confused. “Uh…yeah. But I didn’t tell her what it was or how to use it or anything!” Sirius was blushing and talking really fast. Emorra gave him yet another stern look. “You didn’t tell me you wrote a letter…” she left the sentence hanging. He looked away. She turned back to Jessica, who saw amusement in Emorra’s eyes that contradicted the anger in her voice. “Anyway, this energy will protect the ones you love, even if they are so close to death it would take one more breathe before they left this world.” “Hang on…” Jessica still hadn’t figured out where she remembered that phrase from, and she was sure Emorra could tell her. However, it was Lily that put a hand on her shoulder and caused her memory jog. “Pro—protect the ones you love?” Jessica looked up into Lily’s face. She smiled, but Jessica saw sadness creeping into her eyes as well. Jessica wasn’t sure if she wanted to know why. “Yes, Jessica, protect the ones you love. All of us here believe in you, and you need to believe in yourself in order to complete the task at hand. Can you do it?” “Of course I can. But is that all the help you guys can give me?” “We will be there, always watching. You will never be alone. Dumbledore knows where you are heading, and no doubt he is getting everyone else to come rescue you and fight the Dark Lord, perhaps for the final time.” “Wouldn’t they already be there? We have been talking for a long time. If they were to Apparate or something, they could be wandering around looking for me, and I’m here!” “Dreams work in mysterious ways. We can make something grow until there is no more room for anything on Earth, or shrink until we were invisible to the naked eye. When you leave this place, not more than perhaps a second will have passed. They will follow you, as will we. “Are you ready?” Emorra took Jessica’s hand in hers. Jessica threw her shoulders back and had a look of determination in her eyes. “I am.” The two girls gathered speed, black nothingness whistling by them, heading light years away into the unforeseen future. The Cave of Vanderas loomed ever closer, and just as Jessica landed hard on the floor, she felt her hand grip nothing but the moist air of a forgotten dark tunnel where dreams were shattered and hopes crushed into a thousand pieces.

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