Waking up from this nightmare How's your life, what's it like there? Is it all what you want it to be? Does it hurt when you think about me And how broken my heart is? -Yellowcard ~ Empty Apartment. HERMIONE’S POINT OF VIEW. -------------------------------------------------------------------- “Me?” I said, pretending to be surprised. He raised an eyebrow. I winked. “Oh, nice one.” He said, in a sort of low growl that made me shiver. I turned my face away from him as he tried to kiss me. I turned back to face him. I was playing this game and I knew he knew it. “Why did you do that?” He said, growling again. I didn’t say anything, but grabbed his face and brought his lips to mine. This is the moment I had waited for since he asked me to the Christmas Ball. I felt his tongue in my mouth and I pulled away. I gave him a serious look, but couldn’t hold back the giggle that escaped my mouth. I was laughing really hard and I had no idea why. When I stopped I looked up at Draco and saw smile on his face. I let out a sigh and stepped closer to him and put my arms around his back and put my head in his chest. I felt his arms go around my waist and I knew that he was feeling the same thing as me. ~Later~ I walked into the Gryffindor common room, smiling. “Oh, I know that smile.” I heard Harry’s voice say. I looked over at him and smiled more. He waved me over. “So? What happened?” He asked. I sighed a dreamy sigh. “Oh! That!” He said. I laughed, I was still way too stunned to talk. I heard the portrait open and turned around to see Saren, she looked out of breath. “Phew, I was looking for you!” She said. She must of noticed my gleaming smile because she ran over to me and screamed “OH MY GOD. HE KISSED YOU?!!?” “Not exactly…” I said, all giggly. “…You kissed him?” She asked. I nodded and smiled. Her eyes went wide and she hugged me tightly. I laughed, and as she let go, I got up and told them I was going to leave. I walked out of the common room and kept walking for awhile. I heard a bit of a whimpering sound, like someone crying. I followed the sounds, which led me right to the source. I saw Saren and it confused me. “Saren? What’s wrong?” I asked “It’s Ron. He came back for me.” She said, slowly standing up and letting me see bruises. “WHERE IS HE?!!” I screamed, turning away from her for a few minutes to look around. “Right behind you.” I heard Ron say. I whirled back around to see Ron, instead of Saren. “Ron…what are you doing?” I managed to say. “This.” He said, grabbing me by the throat and throwing me against a wall. “Break up with him.” He said. I started to cry, big mistake. He slapped me. “Don’t cry Hermione, you’re not a child.” He said. I glared at him. Ready to scream. “HERMIONE!?!?!” I heard Saren’s voice. “Don’t say anything.” Ron said to me, knocking me to the ground. He walked away and left me there, in pain. “Saren.” I croaked. “Hermione? Where are you?!” She screamed. “He-.” I said, passing out from the pain. I woke up in the Hospital Wing, of course, it was like seeing this through Saren’s eyes. I tried to move but my whole body was in pain. “Hermione!” I heard Draco’s voice and winced. I nodded. “Who did this to you?” He asked, handing me a mirror. The reflection wasn’t me. I didn’t think he did this much damage. Bruises aligned my neck and chin. There was a cut along my right cheek. “Nobody.” I said quickly. “It was Weasley. Wasn’t it?” He said. I didn’t say anything. “WASN’T IT?” He yelled. I winced again and nodded slowly. He grabbed me in his arms as I started to cry. “I didn’t do anything Draco!” I said, quietly. “I know, love, I know.” He said. Madame Pomphrey let me leave after a bit of bribery. When I walked out of the Hospital Wing, I was bombarded with questions. “Who did it?” “Are you okay?” “Oh my god, you look terrible. Are you sure you can leave?” I felt someone grab my hand and pull me away from the crowd, I turned around and saw Harry, Saren, and Draco. I smiled at them, receiving three smiles. Saren hugged me, followed by Harry, and then Draco. I laughed and hugged them back. “So, it was Ron?” Harry asked. “Yeah, how’d you know?” I replied. “Draco told me.” He said. My eyes went wide, and there were a few moments of silence. Draco cleared his throat, breaking the deafening silence. I started laughing, causing Saren to giggle, Harry to smile, and for the first time (that I’ve heard) Draco to laugh. I looked at him, with a weird expression. “What?” He asked. “You laughed.” I said simply. He gave me a weird look, and a smile. We all started to walk away, Draco with his arm around my waist, and Harry’s around Saren’s. (Next Day) Saren and I walked to the Great Hall for breakfast, taking seats beside Harry. I heard the noise of owls and looked up, surprised to see one heading my way. It dropped the letter on my empty plate and flew away. I picked it up and opened it. “Hermione, I regret having to tell you this while you’re at school, having fun. But it needs to be said. Hermione…you’re parents are dead. I know, it’s hard to believe, and its hard to let go, but you have to understand it was their time. Please don’t do anything stupid. I’m really sorry. Love, Ani Granger “(A/N: Let’s pretend that’s her dad’s sister. The name is pronounced awnee.) I dropped the letter, got up with tears already streaming down my cheeks, and ran out of the Great Hall. I wasn’t looking where I was going, and ran into someone. Falling to the ground, I sat there, and cried. “Hermione?” I looked up, and saw Draco. He held out his hand to help me up but I slapped it away. He kneeled down beside me, with a look of pure concern and wrapped his arms around me. It takes a lot to do that for someone you’ve hated for five years of your life, but that’s now how my body reacted. I pushed him away and got up. I threw my fist at his chest over and over. It didn’t seem to hurt him because he just kept trying to pull me into his arms. I finally gave up and broke down, falling into his arms and crying my eyes out. It’s times like these. ------------------------------------------------------------------ A/N: OKAY. RETARDED CHAPTER. DON’T ASK. I NEEDED SOMETHING TO VENT MY ANGER ON. Haha. So, tell me watcha think!!! DISCLAIMER: I OWN SAREN. OTHER CHARACTERS, JKR. AND SONG QUOTE, YELLOWCARD

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