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    The seventies/ Eighties As quickly as it had come, the dizziness began to subside, and the blurred images surrounding the group began to take the familiar shape of the Hogwarts entrance hall. 'Did it work?' Ginny questioned. 'I'm not sure.' Hermione said. Everything looked the same as it did in their time. There was no easy way to tell what year it was. The group began to hear footsteps approaching, and a boy appeared at the opposite end of the corridor walking towards them. He was dressed in flared purple trousers which appeared to be made out of a velvet material, with a jacket to match, under which he wore a ruffled white shirt. 'Yes' said Hermione, as the boy walked passed them and down the corridor, 'yes it definitely worked.' Now confident that they had arrived in the right decade, the group became more focused on their mission. 'OK' said Ron, his face alight with enthusiasm, 'let's split up and search for clues.' 'Oh yes, and who ever finds the most clues gets a scooby snack!' said Hermione sarcastically. (Ron, with his ignorance of muggle television failed to get the joke). 'We aren't looking for clues,' Hermione continued. 'We are looking for Fred and George. Let's split up, me and Lee will go this way.' she said, indicating. 'Why do you and Lee get to go together?' questioned Ron bitterly. 'Well I just assumed you would want to go with Harry.' Hermione answered calmly. 'Well you assumed wrong!' said Ron angrily, to sulked off down the nearest staircase towards the dungeons. Hermione rolled her eyes in exasperation, and her and Lee turned on their heels and walked off in the opposite direction leaving Harry and Ginny alone in the corridor. 'Well I guess that leaves you and me' said Ginny, 'Where shall we look for Fred and George?' 'Forget them,' Harry said, 'let's look for my dad and Sirius.' The idea of looking for James didn't hold much appeal for Ginny, but she had heard that Sirius had been quite good looking as a teenager. Seeing Ginny agree to his plan Harry bounded up the stairs towards the Gryffindor common room. 'Wait' Ginny called after him, as she slowly wobbled up the stairs in her high heeled stiletto shoes. After being delayed extensively by Ginny's inappropriate choice in shoes, they arrived at the entrance to the Gryffindor common room. 'How do we get in?' Ginny questioned, as neither of them had the password. Luckily Harry was saved from having to admit he had no idea, as two Gryffindor students came up the corridor behind them towards the portrait hole. One was a girl, with a bobbed haircut, and was wearing a horrible yellow suit, with padded shoulders. She was clinging onto the arm of a boy, who had on an equally ugly, brightly coloured suit, and a haircut wouldn't have looked out of place at a WHAM! concert. Despite his bad fashion sense however, there was something familiar about this boy that Harry couldn't quite put his finger on. 'What's the password again?' the girl asked the boy 'Oh Marlene, you are always forgetting said the boy exasperated, 'It's 'conservative' I would've thought you of all people would remember that.' 'Oh sorry Remmie, I just keep forgetting,' said Marleene. Harry's eyes widened. Remmie? As in Remus Lupin? Harry couldn't believe his eyes. At yet despite the bad fashion sense it was unmistakable The portrait door had swung upon, and Lupin and his friend had gone inside. Harry and Ginny followed closely after them. Lupin had sat down at the far end of the room with two other people. Harry didn't need to ask to know who they were. He recognised the mirror image of himself in his father and the unmistakable good looks of Sirius. Ginny nudged Harry, 'Aren't you gonna go and talk to them?' she whispered. Harry nodded, but his feet remained firmly on the spot. He really wanted to go, but what would he say? *** Meanwhile, Ron still in a rage, was storming around the corridors of the dungeon. His anger was so strong that he barley even noticed were he was going let alone worry about where Fred and George were. It was hardly surprising then, in his blind rage that he didn't notice a boy, not much older than himself, coming down the corridor towards him, hunched over, his greasy hair covering his whole face. This boy also appeared to be in a trance, with no real knowledge of which way he was walking. It wasn't until both boys collided that they were knocked to their senses again. 'Oh I'm so sorry.' Ron said hastily 'No, no it's entirely my fault.' said the boy, although he was flinching as if he thought Ron might try and hex him. 'Are you okay?' Ron asked him. His bad mood had quickly evaporated as pity and concern began to settle in for this poor boy. 'I'm fine,' said the boy half heatedly, without much conviction. 'I'm....' 'What?' asked Ron sympathetically 'I'm just tired of being picked on.' 'Who would pick on you?' asked Ron 'Oh some boy named Potter.' said the boy bitterly Ron's eyes widened at this final statement, 'Oh my gosh!' he exclaimed. 'I know just how you feel!' *** Lee and Hermione had given up looking for Fred and George. Well... given up in the sense that they never started looking. Early dusk was settling in, and the pair were walking, through the Hogwarts grounds by the lake despite their time travelling taking them back to mid-December, so they were absolutely freezing in the Scottish weather. But it was either that, or return to the castle to resume looking for Fred and George. Frostbite was the lesser of two evils. 'Are you okay?' Hermione questioned Lee 'Yes I'll be fine,' said Lee earnestly, 'It's just this is so typical of Fred and George. They are always leaving me out. They go home during the summer, and have all these little in-jokes, and that bloody Weasley Wizard Wheezes thing...' Lee sighed, 'And where am I? Cleaning up the puke from their skiving snack boxes.' Hermione nodded with sympathy. She knew what it was like, having your supposed best friends leaving you out, and pushing you to one side. They continued to walk around the lake, bitching about there so called friends, until they came across a figure huddled beneath the trees. Someone else stupid enough to brave the freezing weather. As they got closer Hermione began to recognise the small rounded figure, and his rodent like features. She let out a small gasp. 'Holy Cricket! It's Wormtail' she whispered to Lee Hermione knew that as she got closer to Peter, that she should be feeling hate towards him, and anger for his betrayal of James, Lily, and of course most importantly Sirius. But as she saw the small figure shivering in the cold, looking lost and pathetic, she was only able to summon sympathy. 'Hey!' she called out to him as she approached him, and knelt down beside him, 'Whatcha doing way out here on your own?' Peter sighed, 'Oh my friends chucked me out of the common room, they said I was getting in their way.' 'You mean James and Sirius?' asked Hermione Peter's eyes narrowed, 'How did you know that?' he asked suspiciously '....do I even know you.' 'Not yet.' said Hermione, 'But we want to help you.' She turned to look at Lee, who nodded. 'We want you to join our group' Hermione said to Peter.

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