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    Present Day Ron and Harry were perplexed. Where had Hermione got to? They had been discussing Quidditch while she listened with great interest but when they turned to ask a question she was gone. Strange. Glancing about the common room they saw Seamus and dean playing chess while Parvati and Lavender curled each others hair. Although there were plenty of other people in their house they didn’t really notice them and for the last several years they had remained nameless and faceless. Fred and George were also no where to be seen and neither was their friend Lee Jordan. In fact the common room was very very quiet considering it was the last day of term. Those people who were there lounged about in casual muggle clothes sweltering in the early morning heat. Ron was wearing his favourite crop trousers and Harry had on a rather dashing pair of Bermuda shorts that Dudley had worn back in the eighties. Slightly worried about their friend the boys decided they should start looking for her. They were worried because it was summer the time when evil plots were always revealed, usually to the misfortune of Harry’s nearest and dearest. “Hey Lavender! Have you seen Hermione?” Bellowed Ron across the silent common room. Lavender looked up, half her hair was curly and half was dead straight. “Erm…yeah I think she was with Lee Jordan earlier.” Ron and Harry stared at each other stunned. Hermione and Lee Jordan? Had Hermione made new friends? Or perhaps something else was going on? Ron glowered sourly but followed Harry into the corridor to find Hermione. Meanwhile Hermione and Lee sat sunning themselves by the lake. Every so often Lee or Hermione would say something and the other would laugh cheerfully. People, mainly girls, kept on giving them suspicious looks but no one felt the need to comment. The grass was beautifully soft and Hermione lay back happily. What a beautiful day and finally she had someone to share the time with. Lee too was happy, who cares if Fred and George always excluded him? Who needed them anyway? Neville looked on sadly. Just under an hour ago he had tried to sit with them but had been turned away for reasons he could not properly understand, something about not being a wheel. Harry and Ron made there way slowly across the grass. Ahead of them Hermione and Lee were sitting by the lake and splashing each other with water. Ron was jealous he had always wanted to splash Hermione with water although in his fantasy she had been wearing white. Harry glancing at Ron noticed he had a strange dreamy expression but he wasn’t to worried Ron had always been rather vague in the brains department. “Hey!” Harry shouted and waved. Reluctantly Hermione and Lee stood up and moved to meet them. Water ran across their skin and their clothes dripped slightly. Hermione looked like a beautiful mermaid thought Ron longingly if only he could swim but they had bee to poor for swimming lessons and as he hadn’t gone to muggle primary school he had never learned. “Ron what are you thinking about?” “Swimming” “Riiiiight.” “Anyway.” Said Harry moving the conversation along to something that interested him. “What are you guys up to? Is there some evil afoot?” Lee and Hermione shared a confused look. “No why would there be?” “Well I figured you two must be planning something and then Me and Ron would blunder in and fix everything coz we are unbelievably lucky in bad situations.” Hermione tried to hide her anger and in fact did a pretty good job when she replied. “Well there is nothing going on so you don’t need to blunder do you. I mean god did you ever consider I might just have made a friend is that so impossible?!” She began to storm away with Lee in tow but she was cut off by Ginny who came running up looking worried. “Hermione, Lee, Harry, Ron its terrible look I just found this letter.” She fluttered a piece of white paper in front of them till Lee took it from her and read aloud. “Dear Ginny, We have gone back in time to challenge Sirius and James to a pranksters war. We are fed up of being considered inferior to them and want to settle the issue once and for all. Please tell Lee and the others where we are. Fred and George.” Lee was fuming. This was the last bloody straw. Every time they did something like this he felt rejected anew. Hermione squeezed his hand understanding what he must be feeling. He smiled his thanks at her before crushing the note in his other hand. Fine let them go he hoped Sirius and James beat them badly. Harry and Ron however did not seem to share his opinion in fact they seemed to be on Ginny side. Fine whatever. “This is awful they could get hurt, you remember what Sirius was like as a kid he almost got Snape killed for a joke!” Everyone nodded at Ginny’s words but Lee and Hermione on his behalf felt they didn’t really care too much. “We have to do something we have to go back in time!” Said Ron. Hermione rolled her eyes. “And how do you suggest we do that genius?” “Well…erm…we could you know steal the time turner thing.” Said Ron grinning at his great idea. “No we couldn’t.” Said Hermione firmly already picturing the trouble that would ensue after Harry and Ron’s inevitable capture. Seeing their determination Hermione groaned and relented. “Fine look if we are going to do this we are gonna do it right. Everyone meet me in ten minutes in Harry and Ron’s room I think I have a spell we can use except there is a catch.” They all waited so she continued. “We have to stay in the past for a set period of time no longer and no shorter.” Everyone shrugged and nodded. Great. Hermione walked away with Lee as the others went to collect luggage. “I’m sorry Lee I know this must be hard for you.” “That’s ok Hermione who needs them I have you now.” Ron glared jealously after them not realising how badly he had misunderstood. Twenty minutes later Hermione stood tapping her foot as the others slowly assembled. Late. Together they held hands and said the words of the spell. With a dizzying jerk the world dissolved around them.

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