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“Mr. Potter.” Professor McGonagall, said very straight forward, as she always did. “The head master requests a word with you.” The entire class stopped stirring their potion and looked between Harry, McGonagall, and Snape. Harry flowed suit and looked at Snape. He stared at Harry with his usual scowl, before nodding to him. “You as well, Mr. Malfoy.” McGonagall added. The class was now taking turns glancing between the two professors, and the two boys clearing their tables. There were a few whispers at Harry and Draco left the classroom. “Excuse me, Professor, but what is all of this about?” Harry asked gingerly. “Ask, Mr. Malfoy, it is his doing.” She said with an unsure tone, and an expression to match. Harry turned to Malfoy, but he had already begun to speak. “I asked the head master for some advice, as well as some assistance.” Draco stated, in a tone, which sounded very much like the Malfoy the Harry hated. But the flash of a charming smile lightened the mood, as they walked to Dumbledore’s office. There were two large arm chairs sitting at Dumbledore’s desk, with two steaming mugs of butter beer, sitting in front of them. “Please sit down.” Dumbledore said, and motioned to the chairs. They did. “Don’t worry Minerva. It is for the best. I assure you.” He said softly, glancing over his half moon spectacles at the professor, who still had the same expression on her face. She nodded and left. “Mr. Malfoy has come to me Harry, with some wonderful news, but I’m sure you know all about it already, so I will skip that and go straight to the answers you two seek.” The head master spoke, sitting himself down across from them. Harry looked at Malfoy, who only grinned back. “Mr. Malfoy, you have requested my assistance in a very pertinent mater which you need to deal with right away.” Dumbledore spoke, getting Harry attention back. “Madam Hooch, has offer her day to help you with it, and you will be going as well Harry.” “Going? Going where?” Harry asked. “Diagon Alley.” The head master replied. “Why?” Harry asked again. “It’s a surprise; you’ll see when we get there.” Draco said, adding a raised eyebrow. “The three of you will leave as soon as we are finished here. Now as for the other reason you two are here. I think it is wise, Mr. Malfoy, to do what you asked about earlier, for I do feel your safety may be a little weak in the coming weeks. But we shall wait until a later date.” Dumbledore stated. Harry turned his head back and forth between Dumbledore and Draco, wanting one of them to tell him what was going on, but couldn’t find the words to ask. “Professor, I have another question?” Draco mentioned, “You said, before, that you were aware of what Granger was doing. So why didn’t you stop her?” “Ah, yes I was waiting for that question to arise.” He announced taking his glasses off. “I only interfere with the student lives if they are in danger, Mr. Malfoy. I don’t call myself a seer, yet I do see things occasional, and I saw that there would be a certain out come to all of this. One which I’m sure is clear to both of you by now. However, there is more to Miss. Granger then she has enlightened. That too will be clearer in time, and I must advise you two not to pry. She will let you know, when the time is right.” “Thank you Professor.” Draco said, sipping his butter beer, which was still far too hot to drink. “Now if that is all, you two should be on your way.” Dumbledore said, standing up and leading them out of his office. Harry followed Draco down the stairs, with a million questions running through his head. “Are we ready boys?” Madam hooch called out. “Just a minute, please.” Harry said abruptly and pulled Draco into the great hall and shut the doors. “What the hell is going on?” he asked. “You’re kidding right. We don’t have time right now.” Draco replied with a smile. Harry stared back at him with a flat expression. “I have no clue what just happened, Draco. Mind filling me in?” He answered. “Harry, I’m not going to be a death eater. You know that.” Draco said. The smile falling from his face. “We talked about this, on the cliff.” “But…” “What did you think I was going on about up there?” Draco hissed. “But so soon? I mean we just talked about it, aren’t you going to think about it?” Harry said, still confused. “What you don’t want me to be with you? You would rather me follow my father, following Voldemort?” Draco bit back, in tone that Harry hadn’t heard in a while. “No, no. that’s not what I mean.” Harry replied shakily. Draco walked forward, pushing Harry back into the wall. There was a fierce fire burning in his eyes, and his face was very pink. “I decide to do this, and when I need you the most, you decide it’s time to run. I can’t believe you Harry Potter. I knew you were like me but I never realized you were like my father.” Draco growled. He was shaking, he was so angry, and his breathes were very rapid. Harry wasn’t sure what to say, he didn’t know what was going on, everything’s been happening so fast lately. The only thing he could think of to do, he did. He reached up and grabbed Draco by the back of the neck and kissed him. It was an attempt to calm the blonde down, however it didn’t work. Draco kissed Harry back, very roughly, tugging at his raven lock, tossing them up even more then they already were. Harry felt Draco’s teeth dig into his lower lip. He grunted in pain, and shoved him back. Harry bent over a little and ran his finger over his lip, to catch some of the blood that he could already taste. He looked up at Draco, who was licking his lips. He sat down and began to laugh. Harry stared at him for a while, before getting a grin on his own face. “You know Malfoy; some times I think you are a vampire.” He said with a chuckle. Draco calmed himself, and looked back at Harry, who was still running his tongue over his lip. “Sorry about that, I can’t control myself too well when I’m angry.” “No shit, Draco. Remember, I was the one at the receiving end of the beater bat.” Harry said with a grin. “Yeah sorry about that too.” “Draco, I’m here for you, you know that. I will be always. It’s just that everything has happened so fast.” Harry said sitting down next to the blonde. “But it really hasn’t, I’ve been thinking about it all year.” He said looked down at the floor. “Why didn’t you say anything before now?” Harry asked. Draco took in a deep breath. “Because I wasn’t sure that I was strong enough to go through with it. I didn’t want to let you down, when I was weak. At this very moment, I’m feel rather strong and if I’m going to do this I have to do it now.” Draco said looking up into the jade eyes looking back. “But why are we going to Diagon Alley, and what was Dumbledore talking about your safety.” Harry raised an eyebrow. “I told you, it’s a secret, and there is something I have to do. I sort of need you there for well, lets say moral support, to make sure I actually do it. And what do you think my father is going to do, when I tell him my decision? Pat me on the back?” Draco said with a grin. “Now can we please go, so we are not gone all day?” Madam Hooch and the two boys walk across the grounds until they reached the gate. She turned around and looked at them. “It’s so nice to see you two finally getting along with each other.” She grinned at them. “This could make for a quite interesting Quidditch match, but well have to wait for that one.” The three of them walked across the bridge, over the Hogwarts express tracks, and into Hogsmeade. Madam Hooch pulled out a small package, wrapped in gold paper. It was a small figurine of a seeker, with his arm out reached as if he was grabbing the snitch. “Ok on three.” She called out. “1…2…3!” The three of them all placed a finger on the seeker, and everything began to twirl around them. It all was still strange to Harry who tried to keep his eyes open. He saw how Draco’s face scrunched all up and his eyes were closed very tightly, before he himself couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer. They appeared in the back of The Leakey Cauldron and Madam Hooch wrapped the tiny seeker back up and placed it in her pocket. “Ok boys I’ll be waiting here for you, don’t take too long.” She said leaving through the back door. “I hate that.” Draco said with a grin, replacing his hair back to its usual neat state. “although I don’t think you enjoy it too much either.” “What do you mean?” Harry asked. “Well, I’ve never take a port key straight to the dark lord.” Draco replied, taking out his wand and opening the entrance to Diagon alley. Harry just rolled his eyes and followed the blonde through. ***A/N these next few chapters all came out so fast in my head, they do take the story in a different way then I had planned, but I think it is better then what I had original thought to do. The only thing I am a little wary about is how extremely out of character Draco has become, but oh well I guess. So I hope you all do enjoy them. Maybe I will write up what I had originally planned on doing, as sort of an alternate ending or something. That’s not a promises thought. I think it would be a challenge for me to go back and rewrite everything, tho. Well see. What do you guys think? It would be drastically different mind you, and I know that most of you, who review anyway most likely wouldn’t like it too much. Anyway, thanks again for sticking with my. And hope you all have a few seconds for a review!!!

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