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HARRY – (Sitting on the floor of the Girl’s Washroom… Well… One of them…) CHO – (Walks in) Um… Harry? This is a Girl’s Washroom. HARRY – (Slams new notebook) Fine, be sexist! CHO – (Stares after Harry… Starts crying) GINNY – (Comes out of stall) Oh, don’t cry, Cho. Harry’s been in a bad mood since someone stole his old notebook and fluffy pink pen. CHO – (Heaves great sobs) It’s – all – my – fault! GINNY – YOU stole the notebook? CHO – No – I – ate – the – mushrooms – (Balls her eyes out, screaming in anguish) GINNY – Riiiiiight… I’ll just… Leave now. (Leaves) DOBBY – (Comes out of stall) Weasley W Weasley seems to be obsessed with Potter P Potter… I should check it out. FUDGE – (Comes out of other stall) Dobby D Dobby seems to be obsessed with people spying on Potter P Potter… I should check it out. MAD EYE MOODY – (Comes out of stall) Fudge F Fudge seems to be obsessed with everyone obsessed with spying on Potter P Potter. I should check it out. SIR CADAGON – (Comes out of… Er… Side of Frame) People seem to be popping out of nowhere… I should check it out. CHO – (Sobs in agony) This is a GIRL’S Washroom! AHHHHHHHHHH! (Runs out of room, smashes into wall because she’s blinded by tears) (The men/male creatures leave, muttering to themselves) PROFESSOR UMBRIDGE – (Comes out of stall, pulls off mask to reveal Voldemort) Phew, I thought I was done for… (Meanwhile…) HARRY – If only my old notebook was around! (Sobs) Whoa, resemblance to Cho… Freaky. GINNY – Hey, Harry! DOBBY – (Speaks to readers directly) Don’t you see? She’s everywhere! HARRY – What’s – AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Pink and Black Purse attacks out of nowhere and chases both Ginny and Harry out of the hall way) VOLDEMORT – (Casually strolls through hallway…) La la la la la! Potter can’t know that I’m here… He’s being chased by a purse! DUMBLEDORE – (Joins millions of other people in the hallway) A HAH! Voldemort. VOLDEMORT – (Starts in surprise) Crap! I forgot about you! Oh well. Tra la la la la! DUMBLEDORE – (Joins in singing) HALL – (Joins in singing) ERM – THIS IS NOT A MUSICAL! (Everyone stops and runs in terror) ERM – Okay, that’s it for this chappa.

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