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(Harry is minding his own business) HARRY - (Reading Quidditch through the Ages but secretly looking over the cover at everyone else) (Harry pauses and then takes a moment to write something down in his notebook) NOTEBOOK READS - Day 31 of spying on fellow students. I have this to report for today: I, Pickled Toad Eyes, am stationed in the library, where many students are reading books. Could this be an early warning sign of Hermione-Like bossyness? HARRY - (Looks around once more) NOTEBOOK READS - Small Kid's reading, "Most Potente Potions" Which makes no sense since it's a restricted book. I should go check it out. GINNY - (Peering over Harry's shoulder) Harry, you have no life. HARRY - (Jumps) ARGH! MADAME PINCE - OUT! OUT! NO SCREAMING IN THE LIBRARY! OUT! NO SCREAMING! OUT! OUT! NO SCREAMING IN HERE! AAAAAAAAAA! OUT! OUT! OUT! (Harry and Ginny tear out of the library) SMALL KID - (Takes off mask to reveal Voldemort) Phew, I thought he had me there! (Meanwhile) GINNY - You really need to stop spying on other students, Harry. Someone's going to report you. HARRY - It's not my fault! They're so young and innocent! GINNY - (Stares, alarmed, at Harry) Well... Stop, okay? Please, you already wrote about me and Dean snogging and if Ron had seen that... (Shudders) HARRY - Hey, you made me burn that page and now all that other information is gone, too. GINNY - Okay, fine, keep spying, I owe you one. But please, please don't spy on me! HARRY - Deal. (Ginny leaves) HARRY - (Writes: Weasley W Weasley #7 seems overly twitchy. Something's up, and not just that Thomas kid either...) (Suddenly) PINK AND BLACK PURSE - (Snarles and charges after Harry) HARRY - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Drops notebook and pen and runs away) (A dark and sinister looking man picks the notebook up) DRAK AND SINISTER LOOKING MAN - Well, well, well... We'll just see about this. *I know, it's dumb.*

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