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Lifestyles of The Witch and Famous Chapter 7 **Previous Chapter** ‘Why don’t you care? You won’t be able to marry your perfect Potter or his Weasel? You won’t graduate! How can you not care about your life?’ Draco yelled in her head frustrated with her simple answer. ‘Because I am a mudblood.’ Hermione sighed. Her breathing was so shallow now it was barely there. Her energy was gone. She could no longer think. She could no longer feel the pain. She was just there lying on the pavement, her two best friends by her side trying to reassure her. Her former enemy in her head giving her death threats. Her only regret in this life was not finding her one true love. ‘Don’t die.’ Malfoy’s voice sounded through her head just before she took her final breath…… A/N – Yeah last chapter was a definitely cliffy, lol yeah that was very mean of me! Ah well there mite be a few answers in this chapter to all your questions. What do you think? Please review!!!! Oh n I suggest listening to music weneva u read my stories, they seem to have more effect with your emotions wen u do…) “Hermione! No come back!” Ron screamed as he noticed she was no longer breathing. “Move Ron! I’ll do CPR! We have to get her back!” Harry screamed as he lowered down to Hermione. He opened her mouth with his hands and blew air into her mouth. He moved away from her lips and began to push on her heart, in a rythemic pattern. Then he moved again to blow more air into her system. She was still not breathing. Tears were rolling down Ron’s cheeks as he watched his friend try to revive his secret crush. A sudden crack alerted them of company. “What the fuck are you doing here?! Get lost!” Ron screamed as Harry turned briefly to see who it was before turning back to Hermione. “Shove off WEASLEY! WHERE IS SHE?!” Draco asked trying to move around Ron’s sturdy form. After belting him in the stomach he rushed to Hermione’s side. “Is she...dead?” Draco asked, a sudden pain shot through his heart as Harry finally backed off and nodded. “She’s gone.” Harry whispered as he began to cry openly. Draco gazed at Hermione’s face. It was not peaceful nor was it full of agony it just looked sad. He knew exactly why. It was his fault that she was dead and he would have to live with it. No matter how much he’d hated her he hadn’t really wanted her to die. He had only wanted to give her a taste of what his father had given him his whole life. Just to feel how it was like to be a rich snob and have a father who was as evil as they come. A man from the hospital had arrived on the scene. He was questioning Ron and Harry who were very stunned, tears staining their face. They could not believe that their know-it-all friend was dead. ‘There must be something to bring her back. She can’t just die like this. Think!’ Draco slapped his head numerous times. ‘Think! That’s it!’ Draco smiled broadly as an idea came to him. ‘Hermione? Hermione! Please hear me. I didn’t mean all that stuff Hermione. I was just trying to make you see how hard my life is. I wanted to share that with you. Oh please don’t do this. Can you hear Ron and Harry? They are scared. They think you’re dead. But you’re not are you? You’re just trying to scare me.’ Draco was trying to convince himself. ‘Please bethink me. I know you wanted me to stay away but I couldn’t. You were right in saying that we should stop bickering. You were right. I can’t help being a bad person. It’s who I am Granger. It really is. My father made me into the person I am. Please Hermione. Come back!!’ Draco tried again desperately. Leaning closer to her face. “I’m sorry.” Draco whispered before planting his lips onto her own. Suddenly a pink, strawberry scented mist fell over them and they began to float upwards. Hermione and Draco turned over to a standing position, he grabbed hold of her pinky white hands which were as soft as a pillow. Her hair was blowing everywhere and then something unexpected happened. She opened her eyes and began to breathe in air. She was alive! (A/N – Think of the scenes in Shrek wen fiona transforms or in shrek 2 wen both shrek n fiona transform together) They floated back to the ground. Harry, Ron and the medical man gazing at them in wonder. It took them a few minutes before they rushed over to them. Harry nudged Draco over grabbing hold of Hermione and hugging her happily. “We thought you were dead ‘Mione. We thought you were gone!” Harry sobbed through tears. He let go so Ron could give her a hug as well. “Don’t ever do that again!” Ron scolded as he kissed her head, hugging her tightly. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t even look to her friends. She gazed at Malfoy as if she had never seen him before. “So everything’s alright here?” the medical person asked, still in shock. “Yeah thanks.” Ron and Harry said in union. Hermione and Draco didn’t respond they just stared at each other. Once the man left, Ron and Harry finally noticed the attention Hermione seemed to giving to their enemy. “Erm…Hermione?” Harry asked awkwardly, trying to get Hermione’s attention. But alas she just kept on staring. **What was really going on while they were staring** ‘What was that mist thing?’ Hermione asked in her mind. ‘I don’t know. Are you all right…I mean you just died…’ Draco bethought her. ‘Um…I think I am. Did you really mean what you said? Because if you did you can kill me now.’ Hermione said sadly. Draco stayed silent for awhile as he gazed into her beautiful auburn eyes. ‘No. I didn’t mean it. I was just really angry…besides I think I already killed you once, why should I do it again?’ Draco asked. Hermione sighed, ‘You were right it really did hurt.’ Draco’s mouth turned downwards into a frown, ‘I’m sorry.’ Hermione cocked her head sideward, ‘A Malfoy? Saying sorry! Now that has to be a phenomenon!’ Draco’s eyes twinkled yet he didn’t smile, ‘But…I killed you! Aren’t you mad? I mean I am your enemy and well…’ Hermione intervened, ‘No. You’re not my enemy. You stopped being my enemy when you saved me from that barbarian rapist. You nearly killed me, well you sort of did not because it was you because it was your father. You said it yourself…well thought it.’ Draco’s mouth slightly dropped open, ‘You heard me?’ Hermione smiled weakly, ‘Every word.’ Draco frowned once again, ‘But…um…’ Hermione took in a deep breath and began to think again, ‘You are a different person inside Draco Malfoy. Why don’t you stand up to your father? Act like a man. It is your life purpose to get rid of him, I know it.’ ‘Let’s talk about it another time. Right now, you’re dear friends are trying to get your attention.’ Draco bethought her as he turned to look at Ron and Harry, finally breaking the trance. **Back to normal Talking** Hermione also looked to them giving them a warm smile. “Ron, Harry! I’m alive!” Her arms were wide open in welcome. “Yeah we can see that but how?” Harry asked as they moved closer, ignoring Malfoy completely. Hermione turned to Draco. “It was something to do with Malfoy here.” Hermione smiled. Ron and Harry gave each other a worried glance before looking back to their friend. “No, it must have been some sort of spell. It had nothing to do with me.” Draco refused to accept the fact that he had saved her again. Hermione shook her head, “No. You kissed me and then we went in that misty thing and then I was alive! It sounds an awful lot like Sleeping Beauty doesn’t it?” Hermione giggled. “He kissed you!” Ron roared as he stormed over to Draco of mind to belt him to his death. “Calm yourself Weasley.” Malfoy cautioned as he looked back to Hermione, “What’s Sleeping Beauty?” Hermione sighed, “A muggle fairytale story.” Malfoy went slightly red as he remembered her words before she died. She had blamed the fact of her death on being a mudblood. ‘You’re not a mudblood Granger. You’re just a muggleborn.” Draco bethought her guiltily. Hermione grinned, ‘Glad to hear you finally say that.” “Anyway, I want to know why when I had to do mouth-to-mouth you didn’t suddenly spring to life.” Harry asked curiously, looking from Hermione to Draco. “You’re guess is as good as mine.”Draco answered sadly. “Maybe it has to do something with true love?” Hermione laughed hysterically. Harry and Ron glared at her joke but Malfoy smirked. ‘Hmm…maybe I can have some fun here…’ Malfoy thought to himself. “Mmm…that’s probably it.” Draco said with a grin planted firmly on his face. Hermione rolled her eyes, ‘Taunting them is your fun? Have a little respect for my friends oh high and mighty Slytherin King.’ ‘Did you hear me? Can’t I even think without having you in my head?’ Malfoy’s voice cried angrily through her head. Hermione grinned, ‘Obviously not.’ “Hermione, we have to go now. Mr and Mrs Weasley wanted us to have dinner together at the Leaky Cauldron.” Harry informed her, giving Malfoy a side way glance. Hermione sighed, “Oh I see…um well I better go…” Hermione looked to Draco who nodded. Ron and Harry moved forward to take her under their arms. “Yeah see you!” Draco said before he vanished. “You don’t like that prick do you?” Ron asked nervously as they walked to the Leaky Cauldron quickly, Hermione grinned, “No way!” ‘Meet me tomorrow at the ice-cream parlor at eight in the morning. Don’t bring the sidekicks.’ Draco’s voice echoed through her head. Hermione smiled, ‘What for?’ ‘You’ll see…’ (A.N - Yer okay...this took me 2 days to write coz I wasn’t sure wat I could do. I kno I haven’t explained wat Ron n harry were looking at before Hermione died but it’ll cum…eventually…till then plz read n review! Luv S4H)

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