Get a load of me, get a load of you Walkin' down the street, and I hardly know you It's just like we were meant to be. Holding hands with you when we're out at night Got a girlfriend, you say it isn't right And I've got someone waiting too. ~ Liz Phair ~ Why Can’t I? THIS CHAPTER IS ALSO IN SAREN’S POINT OF VIEW. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When we pulled away, I had that feeling that I was being watched. I turned around, not wanting to see whom it was. WHY WAS HE ALWAYS HERE. “Harry…how DARE YOU!” His voice was full of hatred. “Ron, Don’t.” I said. “Saren. Hush.” He said. “Ron, what do you want?” Harry said. “For you to stop cheating on my sister with my girlfriend.” Ron replied. “YOUR GIRLFRIEND!?!” I yelled. He was really frustrating me. “Ron, don’t you get it, sometimes, people don’t like you, and you have to move on.” I continued. “Move on, no Saren, you know to much.” He said. That’s when I realized that all Ron’s attention was set on me. I didn’t turn to look at Harry because I knew Ron would focus his attention on him. Harry lunged for Ron and knocked him to the ground. “Ron. I don’t know what happened to you, but you changed. And it wasn’t for the good.” Harry said, holding Ron on the ground with his foot. “Harry, come on, let’s go.” I said. “No, I’m going to do something that someone should’ve done a long time ago.” He said. He picked Ron up by the collar of his shirt and slammed him on the wall. “Ron. What happened?” Harry asked. “Nothing happened, mate.” Ron replied. “Oh really? So then why does Saren here say that you’ve been abusing her?” Harry said. Ron’s eyes widened. I didn’t want to be here anymore. I ran. When I stopped, I realized it was because I had run into someone. I looked up from where I was on the ground. “Oh Saren! I’m sorry.” Hermione said. “Come on. We need to talk. NOW.” I said, grabbing her hand “Oh but Saren, its almost after hours!” She said, “Hermione. NOW.” I said, through gritted teeth. “Okay…” She said. I grabbed her arm and dragged her all the way outside. “Okay, so, what’s going on?” She asked. “I told him…and we kissed.” I said, I knew she had no idea who I was talking about but I was just to confused. “Told…who? And…kissed…who now?” She said, obviously confused. “Harry.” I said, very quietly. “WHO?!?!?!” She screamed. I looked at her with wide eyes. And then raised my left eyebrow “Harry…” I said, louder this time. “! That’s great!” She said, enthusiastically “…well…it was…until…Ron ‘mysteriously’ popped up.” I said “Oh no…what happened?” She asked. “Well, wait, before I told Harry, I was walking and I got suspiciously lost and of course, who was to come up behind me? Ron. And so it was like we were still together, so I told him that we really weren’t. So he slapped me twice, and on the third slap, before he actually slapped me, I went into premonition…but anyway, back to Harry.” I said “Okay, so what happened when you told Harry?” She asked “Well we kissed, and when we pulled away. I had the sense that someone was behind me. Right again. It was Ron. So he started ranting about Harry cheating on his sister with his girlfriend.” I said She scoffed, but nodded to let me go on. “And so Harry started yelling at him, and telling him that he had changed. And that’s about when I ran.” I said. “Oh no, do you think Harry is hurting Ron?” She asked. I nodded. She rubbed her head with her fingers, like she had a headache. “So what was your premonition?” She asked. I smiled, but at the same time, didn’t want to. “Uh…well..first it was you and Draco kissing, and then it flashed over to me, and I was holding a knife to my wrist.” I said. She put her hand to her mouth, and gasped. I nodded, I didn’t believe it myself. I mean, why in the world would I start doing something like that? “Saren we have to do something about this.” She said. I shook my head, and started to walk away. “Saren!” I heard a voice yell from in front of me. I looked up, it was Harry. I stopped walking and ran towards him. “Oh my, Harry, you’re bleeding.” I said, worriedly. “Yeah, but I don’t think Ron’s going to hurt you anymore.” He said with a smile. I smiled back and hugged him. “Well hey, we need to go, its getting really late.” He said, taking my hand and guiding me into the school. I looked behind me, and saw Hermione sitting at the edge of the lake. I stopped and turned around. I really hated seeing my friends alone. I noticed Harry beside me, and I reached over and touched his arm, going into premonition.
Like my previous premonition, I was in the bathroom, holding a knife to my wrist. “Rachel?” I heard a voice, I shifted my vision to the bathroom door and watched a girl with black hair scream and run to this girl named Rachel. “Rachel, why would you do something like this??!!?” The girl with black hair screamed. “Saren, just go.” Rachel said. My mind was reeling, so, this girl isn’t me. But the other girl, with black hair, is me. “No Rachel, you’re my sister, and I’m not letting you go like Maura did.” ‘I’ said. Rachel slowly put the knife down and lunged at ‘me’ for a hug.
When I pulled out of my premonition, I forgot all about Harry and started running to the lake, where Hermione was. When I got there, she was looking at me strangely. “Hermione, I’m not going to try to kill myself, my sister is!” I said, obviously out of breath. “Saren…your sister is already dead.” She said. “NO! Not Maura. Her name is Rachel, and she’s my…twin.” I said, still unable to understand it. “How do you know its not you?” She asked. “Because I had BLACK hair in this premonition and Rachel said my name. Hermione it’s confusing but please believe me.” I said. “Of course I believe you.” She replied. “Okay, well, oh no, I forgot about Harry, come on, lets go.” I said, reaching for her hand and helping her up. We walked back to the doors, and we walked inside with Harry in the middle of us. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A/N: Okay, what did you think of this one? Don’t worry, I think the next chapter is gonna be when Draco comes back, and it will probably be in Hermione’s Point of View. Argh, and the chapter name. I know its dumb. But I couldn't think of anything else. Disclaimer: I own Saren. Other characters, JKR. Song-Quote, Liz Phair.

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