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Chapter 20: Show and Tell Michelle and everyone else ended up leading Jessica to the Room of Requirement; the same place Harry led the D.A. When they walked in though, there were no books or cushions; instead there was a comfy atmosphere with a fireplace and chairs. It looked a lot like the Gryffindor common room. “So,” Jessica said as she sat down in one of the chairs, “How did you end up in my dream?” She was uncomfortable with having Harry and Ron there, since they knew nothing about what was going on, but she really couldn’t ask them to leave. Michelle looked at the ground and shook her head a little. The way she spoke next, her words were heavy and it seemed as if she was older just by thinking about the night. “I don’t really know what happened.” She started out. “I just was having a completely normal dream about—about something else.” Jessica saw her eyes glance up towards Ron before she looked down again, becoming red. “Then all of a sudden everything went black, and there was someone walking towards me. I didn’t know who it was, but something about them looked really familiar. A second later I realized it was almost an exact look-alike of Harry.” Jessica closed her eyes at this. Harry and Ron would be very interested to know how James was related to Jessica’s dream. “Well, he told me to take his hand, that one of my friends was in grave danger and I was the only one who could stop it. He had an echoing voice, but somehow he was very much alive. It wasn’t a normal dream. I had a hunch it had something to do with you, just because everything weird that happens in my life is connected to you. No offense,” she quickly added. “I’m getting used to it,” Jessica grumbled, uncomfortably aware of the two boys watching her and deliberately not meeting their eyes. “Okay, so I took his hand, and immediately the scenery changed. I found myself in that building, with the dog and the guy with black hair fighting. Something skidded across the floor and I saw you start to go for it. The man left me and grabbed you. He must have told you I was there or something, because you looked over at me. As soon as that happened, everything started to spin and moments later I was sitting up in my bed. I was shaking; I knew that was not a normal dream and you could be hurt. Immediately I rushed up to your room where Hermione was already awake because you were tossing and turning and screaming. A few moments later, you woke up, and your eyes…there was something different about them. But you became normal and now we ended up here.” Michelle looked hesitantly at Hermione, for some odd reason. Jessica was staring hard at the floor. Michelle had been another person who didn’t know James or Lily or Sirius, and somehow was dragged into the battle. Why were they picking people that were strangers to them in life? It made no sense, and every time she tried to think about it, it made her head pound. “Jessica?” She heard Ron say softly. Unwillingly, she looked up. “I guess I should tell you what’s been going on,” She finally said. Ron and Harry shared a look. “Um, well, don’t be really mad at us, but when you froze in the hallway then ran off, we kind of followed you, and heard…bits and pieces of what was happening.” Hermione instantly started scolding them. “You two are so immature. If someone wants to be left alone, you don’t go nosing around! You always get into trouble for that, and you still haven’t learned your lesson!” “Hermione, it’s okay. I should have told them, and you and Michelle too, what was going on as soon as Sirius gave me the book.” Jessica explained everything, for the third time, out loud. She also told them, in great detail, what exactly had just happened in her last dream, since Hermione hadn’t heard about that yet. “So, you can’t talk to Sirius anymore?” “Lily told me no, and I kind of figured that once Voldemort trapped us inside the building. That was probably one of the scariest moments of my life. But she said Sirius told Remus something—I don’t know what, or how; just that Remus knows some stuff Sirius still hasn’t told me.” Harry had a weird look on his face and hadn’t spoken at all. Jessica looked over at him and grabbed his hand. He seemed to wake up from a trance, but his eyes were still a little vacant. She knew he was remembering his godfather. “Harry, Sirius must have mentioned how much he loved you and missed you a million times. He told me to tell you hi before also, but I hadn’t told you what was going on because I didn’t know how you were going to take the news I was talking to your dead godfather. But for Christmas, he gave me a mirror, one of a pair that you have the other half. I guess if you say each other’s names into it, you can talk and see the other person. I don’t know if you saved it, but I think it would be pretty cool to use them.” Harry looked for a moment as if he hadn’t heard a word she said. Finally, he spoke up. “I threw the mirror across the room after Sirius died. But I just had this feeling if Sirius knew I had done that, he would have been disappointed in me. So I kept the pieces, waiting for the right time to repair the mirror. I guess I should do that now.” Hermoine stood up, yawning. “I think right now we should go to bed, and then tomorrow do two things; talk more about this when we’re all awake, and write to Lupin. He should have some news for us to use.” The group slowly got up from their seats, and Jessica turned around as they left to watch the door shrink back into the wall, invisible. It reminded her of her own life, she thought sadly. An invisible soul that few people knew was there and even less knew how to enter. * * * * * April was coming up, rainy and muggy at different times. This also meant the Quidditch final was coming up. Harry, Ginny and Ron were spending every free moment they had on the field, along with the rest of their teammates, and if Michelle, Hermione, and Jessica could, they would always come out to watch. Jessica was amazed at how easily they seemed to get along; it was as if they were really all one person, one heart and soul, split up into seven parts to dominate. The Saturday the match was supposed to be played was foggy and humid. Jessica wouldn’t let a stupid trifle like the weather interfere with her newfound obsession. Against their will, Hermione and Michelle came along too. The match was Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw. Slytherin had suffered a horrible defeat thanks to Ron not letting them score one single basket, Ginny performing some amazing moves, and Harry catching the Snitch 10 minutes into the game. The final score was 260 to 0. As the doors opened and both teams flew out, Jessica caught sight of Hagrid making his way up to them. She waved energetically but stopped when she saw who was with him. Looking tired and as shabby as ever, Remus Lupin was following behind Hagrid. “Budge up there, Ye can’t espect me ter fit into this lil spot, do ya?” Hagrid said, and immediately the people next to Jessica went down a row, shooting frightened looks up at Hagrid. Lupin came and sat next to Jessica. “Heard you had a pretty interesting night a few days ago.” He smiled. “Yeah,” She was distracted by the game beginning to take place. “Why are you here, anyway?” “After that letter you sent me, I realized how wrong Sirius was to tell me to keep the letter secret from you as long as possible. I thought it best if I showed you the letter and then helped explain some stuff in more detail. Don’t worry; you’ll be fine for now.” The statement caught Jessica off guard, but when she looked at Remus, he put a finger to his lips and pointed at Harry’s form in the sky. Jessica nodded and quickly paid attention to the game. After 25 minutes of some intense Chaser moves and a few very daring saves on both Keeper’s parts, Harry and Cho Chang went into dives right in the middle of the field. Everybody on the field and in the stands held their breath as the two Seekers quickly went upwards and veered left. Suddenly Harry swerved a little close to Cho, and she dropped down and to her right to avoid a collision. A second later, she zoomed off to the ground as Harry raised his fist in triumph. The Gryffindor stands exploded in a tidal wave of screams and cheers, and the team flew down to the ground in one big bundle of scarlet robes. “That boy is better than James, I think,” Lupin said softly, smiling down upon the scene. Jessica, Hermione, and Michelle ran down to the changing room, where they waited in joy for the team to come in. The team had long ago let them stay during their pre-game and post-game talks, realizing there was no way Jessica was going to leave anyway, and they would rather not have a fight right before an important match. “That was wonderful!” Jessica screamed as they came in and she jumped on Harry and gave him a kiss on the lips. Harry’s expression was priceless. It had been so long ago he had kissed her, and that Jessica had been replaced with someone else; someone enjoyable to have as a friend, but not the same person. But she was back, in his arms, smiling at him with tears in her eyes. She finally got down and gave Ron a congratulations hug as well before they all talked about the game. They were going over the finer points of the match when there was a knock on the door and Lupin walked in. Everybody stared. “Professor Lupin?” One of the beaters asked incredulously. “Yes, Bole, it’s me, but I’m afraid I can’t stay for long. I’m only up here for a day, visiting. I wanted to watch the match. You all did a fine job.” He paused for a second. “However, I wish to talk to Ron, Harry, Ginny, Michelle, Jessica, and Hermione in a private place, so if that would be okay…” “We’ll come.” Harry and Ginny answered at the same time. Ron seemed like he wanted to stay and talk over his amazing goal-keeping abilities, but Hermione grabbed him and pushed him out. “Ow! Hermione, you’re going to break my back!” “This is important! You guys talk about games for weeks afterwards. I think you can miss a half hour of it.” Ron opened his mouth to retaliate, but Jessica gave him a look and he immediately fell quiet. “So, what’s up?” Ginny asked him. “Well, when I got your letter, I realized how important it was that I talk to all of you, not just Jessica. And what I needed to tell you had to be done in person. It was not the kind of thing to put into writing. It’s too easy to intercept or become lost en route. But first things first; and this is specifically geared towards Jessica, but if she feels like sharing it, it’s fine by me.” He took a breath, straightening his back. He reached a hand inside his robes and pulled out a piece of paper. “Jessica, this is the note Sirius wrote me that one night in Grimmauld Place. At the time, Sirius said it would be better if you didn’t see the letter, as it might raise suspicions in you he didn’t want shared at that moment. He wanted the complete story to wait, but as usual his thinking was a little impaired. Luckily, everyone was okay, but I know he would want this time to be the time for you to find out the truth.” Jessica took the parchment he was holding out, a feeling of anticipation and dread filling her all at once as she took it, unraveled it, and started to read.

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