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Chapter 19: Trying to Fly Jessica was running down a road. There were no houses on either side, just a road with flat land stretching out in all miles. She was running towards the horizon; she knew there was something there that would help explain everything she was confused about. She needed to reach that place otherwise terrible things would happen to her and people she loved. Finally a building grew out of nowhere on Jessica’s right. She sighed with exhaustion and relief and hurried through the doors. She walked in a couple of steps, and then she froze. Apparently she was in some sort of hospital or doctor’s office, because there were many people waiting around and a desk where people were making appointments. Cautiously, she approached the desk. “Name?” the wizard asked from behind the desk. He appeared to be around Jessica’s age and had black hair. Something in his look reminded her of Harry just a little bit. “Uh, Jessica Mauring? Where am I?” she responded. “The hospital,” he said, and left it at that. Suddenly, the door behind her was thrown open with such force everyone around her screamed in surprise. Looking to see who had done it, she gaped as she saw Sirius running towards her, already clearly out of breath. He looked really angry and confused about something, but Jessica couldn’t imagine what that could be since she figured this was one of his clever ideas to spice up her dreams. “About time you come and talk to me!” She exclaimed and put her hands on her hips. “Jessica, this isn’t my dreamland. It’s Voldemort’s; we need to get out of here as quickly as possible.” Sirius started pulling her arm towards the doors, but suddenly there was only a brick wall in front of her: all the doors and windows seemed to have vanished. “And where, exactly, were you two planning to go?” The boy with black hair stood up, a look of triumph on his face. “You haven’t been in to see the doctor yet.” Jessica’s breath caught in her throat. That voice was evil. She had heard it many times before, but never from a person with his appearance. Still, it was clear; that was Lord Voldemort’s voice. “Jessica, I see you are confused. This is my old, school-boy appearance. My name is Tom Riddle; I was an orphan and Head-Boy during my time at Hogwarts. I am a blood descendant of Salazar Slytherin. And I am the most powerful wizard in the world.” Sirius took a step forward. “You scum, Dumbledore is much greater than you, and you know it!” A soft smile played on Tom Riddle’s lips. “Yes, but he can’t do much help in this-dream world, as you call it.” “Oh, God,” Jessica whispered. She was becoming faint, and could barely stand up. “Sirius, help me!” she cried out before falling down. She was still able to look through her eyes and think, but her very body seemed paralyzed. No matter what she tried to do, she couldn’t move a muscle. Tom Riddle laughed. She saw Sirius whip out his wand to try and help wear off the spell that was coursing through her veins. A second later, he was thrown backwards into the wall where the doors used to be. Tom started to move towards Jessica’s limp form when Sirius stumbled back up, a thin line of blood left on the wall behind him. “Finite Incantatem!” He shouted before he was again thrown many feet away, this time knocked unconscious. But no matter. Jessica could again move, and she quickly scrambled up and ran to a corner, pulling out her wand as she went. “You’re going to use that worthless stick of wood against me?” “You’re using the exact same thing!” “But I don’t have a special gift like you, Jessica. Just use it against me, and it’ll all be over. You will never see me again.” Tom Riddle’s eyes flashed as he mentioned Jessica’s powers and Jessica knew he was lying. He took another couple of steps towards her, and she just realized she was trapped. Frantically, she looked around. How stupid was she to run into a corner? How stupid was she to walk into the building in the first place? She had seen the graying look of the building and people, but since she thought it was something of Sirius’s, she hadn’t thought about it at the time. Now, a heavy brick was settling in her stomach as Tom moved closer. Then a soft voice echoed inside her head, the one that belonged to the shadow. Don’t worry. You will be fine. I’m scared. I know that. I’m coming to help you. Can you move a little faster? Jessica screamed and shouted ‘Protego!’ as she saw Voldemort shoot a jet of light at her. He turned around, and immediately disappeared, appearing a second later at his desk. Where are you? She asked the shadow. But she got no reply. “Jessica, look. Come closer,” Tom held up something in his hand. The necklace. Oh, shit, Jessica thought inside her head. Here comes the particle taking over me. And sure enough, her feet started walking against her will towards the desk. She glanced over at Sirius’s limp form against the wall, but then did a double take. Sirius was gone. He was nowhere to be found. Thinking if Tom Riddle noticed this nothing good would come out of it, she quickly focused her attention back on the desk and the necklace. She was a few feet away from grabbing the necklace when several things happened. A black dog came charging out of nowhere and bit Tom’s arm-the one that had the necklace in it. Tom gave a cry, and as Sirius dragged his arm, Tom’s hand opened up and the necklace was thrown on the floor, skidding several feet to a place close to Jessica. No! The necklace! Jessica cried out in desperation and lunged for the necklace, but something grabbed her and pinned her so she couldn’t move. She struggled for a second, and then relaxed. Boo. Guess who. There you are! Look over there, by the cubicles. It will save you. We can’t keep fighting this battle and expect to win. Jessica was confused by what he meant, but she looked over anyway. There, standing with an alarmed look on her face, was Michelle Canddet. Jessica also noticed she didn’t have the graying color as most of the people in here, but she was full of normal colors. As soon as Jessica locked eyes with Michelle, Michelle started to spin and fade into nothingness. A yelp jerked Jessica back to the battle. She looked back at the desk to find Sirius on the table, on his side but rolling off. Tom got out his wand, panting, and bleeding from Sirius’s bite. Padfoot! Wait, don’t leave! Jessica was flying into the cubicle, her shadow form going to rescue Sirius. And as she watched the shadow transform into an animal, she suddenly realized who the shadow was. James Potter was transforming into a stag to continue the battle that Sirius had started. He reared up and caught Tom right in the back just as he was about to perform some curse on Sirius. Jessica tried to stand up, and was surprised to find two hands other than her own helping her up. Stumbling to her feet, Jessica looked up. There was a woman with a kind face, with reddish hair and eyes that seemed very familiar. A second later, she placed them with Harry’s eyes. The women smiled. “Unlike James, I am not going to play silly mind games with you to make you guess who I am. I’m Lily, Harry’s mother. You will be leaving shortly, but I just wanted to say nice to meet you.” Bewildered, Jessica shook the hand Lily was extending. Out of all places to meet Harry’s dead parents, she had to do it while they were fighting Voldemort and she was hiding in a cubicle. “Lily, it’s time!” Jessica heard Sirius shout. Apparently he was back in human form. Lily grabbed Jessica’s hands. “Be careful of that necklace; Hermione was right—Voldemort stored that particle in there and it will only bring you into greater danger. Do not use your powers at all in the school, you never know who might be watching. And finally, dream land, as you and Sirius call it, is not safe anymore.” “Yeah, I figured that out.” Jessica muttered, suddenly sleepy again. Everything was starting to go out of focus. “I’ll be quick. If you need to talk to someone, right to Remus Lupin. He can help you understand more, Sirius explained everything to him. Be safe, and help your friends…” The world was slowly spinning into black, and Jessica started shaking violently. “Cut it out,” she muttered angrily. “Jessica, wake up! We need you to wake up!!” Hermione’s voice was full of worry. Jessica sat up instantly, not quite awake yet, but glad to be out of that building. She looked around to see everybody staring at her from their beds. She sighed. She really was awake. Voldemort was gone, she had escaped, yet again. Michelle was there too, standing next to Hermione and looking just as worried, but was also shaking and crying. When she noticed she was awake, she gave a little squeak and began to drag her downstairs. “What happened—Michelle?” “I’m not sure; but please come here, we need to talk about this somewhere private,” Michelle whispered as they walked down the stairs. At the bottom Harry and Ron were groggy but had worry on their faces. Jessica made to go sit down in her chair, but Michelle kept pulling. “Not here, people could still come down. We know the perfect place.” And they all walked out of the common room door, Jessica still being pulled along by the skinny first year who had just saved her life. **sorry about last time, with the few letters. The site kept not taking my real chapters, so I got mad and just tried something to see if it was even working. Apparently, they took that and I didn't realize it until eva_potter told me!! I would have just told you this in the review, but for your's and padfoot89 it wont let me respond to the last two becuase its notmystory! well thats what it says anyway but i can respond to any of my old ones! I don't know whats happening with that but well, thanks for the reviews! i always respond so don't think I'm ignoring you guys or something!

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