Don't blink, everyone's watching. They'll think you're up to something. They need for you to be everything that they cannot be themselves. -Dashboard Confessional - Morning Calls THIS CHAPTER IS IN HERMIONE’S POINT OF VIEW. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’ve started to notice that Saren and I are drifting apart, with the ball in two weeks and all her plans, I’ve noticed a change in her. One day, I didn’t see her at lunch, I decided to go outside to see if she was out there. I really wish I hadn’t, because I saw something that I never wanted to see. I found Saren, but there was one problem, she was…. kissing…Draco. I walked over to where they were, and I guess they still didn’t notice me. So I tapped her on the back, and she stopped and turned around, and winced when she saw that it was me. “Hi Saren, Malfoy.” I said, in mock happiness. “Let me explain Hermio-“ Saren said, or tried to. “No, I don’t think there is an explanation for this, bye.” I said, simply, though inside, I wanted to scream. I started to walk away, but then turned back around, and said. “Oh and Draco, don’t bother trying to get me back, it won’t work.” I turned around, then left. As I was walking to my class, Potions, I was thinking things that haven’t gone through my head yet… ‘Whoa, what happened to me? Last year, if someone had told me I was going to become best friends with a girl with supernatural abilities and fall in ‘love’ with Draco Malfoy, and then actually get asked to a ball by him, then find out that he’s kissing my best friends with supernatural powers, I think I would've hexed that person into oblivion for being so completely utterly daft.' While I continued to walk, an idea, I have no clue how, popped into my head, and my eyes lit up, and that’s when I realized, that it was time to get revenge. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Two Weeks later.) Saren has tried to talk to me, and so has Draco, and in the past two weeks, my plan for revenge has come together. I had to get permission from Dumbledore to do it, but he agreed anyway. Draco and Saren decided to go to the ball together. Harry is going with Ginny, and Ron tried to ask me, but now that I think about it, I’m afraid of him. (Before the Ball) I came early, so I could get things ready with the rest of the prefects. When they excused us to go get ready, I looked at the Great Hall, it looked wonderful, with the enchanted ceiling, and Dumbledore had conjured a stage in the front of the room where the head table would be. So I left, and went to go get ready for the ball, and get the things I needed for my revenge. I waited till all the girls had left the dorm to get into Saren’s trunk. I pulled out a plaid miniskirt and a black tank top. I knew I was breaking majour rules with her but she had to understand that I needed these things. I searched deeper in the trunk, and found her Converse, I pulled them out. I changed into this outfit, and walked downstairs. I had made sure that I had a way to get to the Great Hall without anyone seeing me, and while I watched everyone dancing from ‘backstage’, I looked around for Draco and Saren, ha, they weren’t dancing like everyone else, the seemed to be moping. That’s odd, normally when you go to a ball, you dance with the person that asked you… Just then, I heard my cue, and I walked onto the stage, and a microphone popped in front of me, I waved my hand and the music started…. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A/N: Woo! Okay, this chapter wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, but I think I’m gonna have to carry this off into a sequel because I’m ending this one soon, but don’t worry, it ends up Draco/Hermione in the end. I PROMISE! Disclaimer: I own nothing but Saren, the other characters belong to J.K. Rowling and the Song-Quote, belongs to Dashboard Confessional. P.S.: During the sequel, there are going to be majour image changes. I'm working on, or contemplating on working on, a background story about Saren called Autobiography, so I dunno when I'll start it, or if I will, but if you think its a good idea, let me know.

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