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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognize! That all belongs to JK Rowling! I only own Dorado and the plot!


A/N: Now that the main event of the 2nd year has happened, I am going to skip ahead to the 5th year. Also, just so you all know, although she is friends with the Marauders, they don’t include her in their adventures. Sometimes they play pranks but usually no. Now, on with the story!




Dorado’s POV:


Si and I raced through the barrier, receiving stern looks from Mother and Father and a shout of “WAIT UP!” from Reggie. We stopped and caught our breaths as the others came towards us. Mother told us to behave..bla bla bla… Father said the same...finally we all got our trunks onto the trains and boarded muttering goodbyes to our parents! Once on the train, I went and sat with Lils, Marly, and Al. On the way I met Fab and Gid, now in their last years, they were honestly the only pranksters who actually pranked with me or on me. Not like the ‘Marauders’ as they were calling themselves...who ignore me in all their adventures. Ever since 2nd year’s end, the boys are always together, and when I try joining in, they tell me to go read or something! Like, am I not your friend!!!


After lots of joking around, harmless pranks, exploding snap games, and a bunch of other things, we arrived at Hogwarts!!! As we sat in the carriage and slowly reached our home, I thought of how in just 3 years, we would be leaving. I made it my mission right there and then to make the most of these years. Not by studying, no, never! But by pranking the school and enjoying every moment here! 




It's been almost 1 month since we arrived at Hogwarts and I have done nearly 5 pranks so far. 3 of those were on the ‘Marauders’! I didn't do anything TOO bad, just a few hair switches on Si and James. Oh, and one prank included a bunch of their socks following them around everywhere! Otherwise, I'm mostly invisible to the oh, so famous Marauders! Yup, even to my own flesh and blood!




Christmas break passed and now, the pranks are getting a bit more...intense! I have sent a couple of finger-biting owls to some of the Slytherins who bully Peter in the corridors and sometimes muggle-borns. Actually, scratch that, who ALWAYS bully muggle-borns like dearest Lily! I have always loved full moons and tonight was no different. The boys snuck out to probably play some prank on an unsuspecting Slytherin, Lily and the girls went up to our dorm, I stayed down waiting for the Common Room to empty. When it finally did, I snuck out and ran out into the grass! I loved being outside at night, I felt free! Something that I rarely felt at home and at Hogwarts, I felt like I didn't belong, no matter how many people I cared about! But outside, I felt like I was at home! Anyways, it was near midnight and the moon was out, I slowly walk to the edge of the forbidden forest, when suddenly I see a black dog and a stag standing a little away from me! I'm surprised because dogs aren't allowed at Hogwarts and I didn't think stags were found in the forbidden forest! I tiptoe closer to them and whisper a hello. I know it's weird, but I can talk to animals! The animals are surprised when they hear my voice, but quickly calm down. However, when they don't respond, I start walking away, when I hear a soft “Come back, please, don't go!”! I quickly walk back and say “Alright then, I won't. At least not for now! I have to go back inside soon!’’. I soon start telling them different things. I tell them how I can talk to animals and how my brother himself ignores me along with his friends. I tell the two animals everything about how my parents sometimes abuse me when my brothers aren't there! I'm in the middle of telling them about a prank I played on some Slytherins when I hear a crack! I stiffen up and so the animals! Then out of the bushes appears a werewolf!!!




A/N: As much as I want to make this chapter longer, I want to leave it at a cliffhanger! What do you think about her newly-found power! What about the Marauders ignoring her! Please review!

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