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December 24th, 1967 Mother would like flowers on Christmas day, he told himself. She would even forgive him for sneaking into the forest if it meant she would receive a singular flower that never grew at any other time of the year. Imagining the look on her face, the boy ventured deeper into the tall, threatening trees. They spread their branches in menacing way, as though warning him for the dangers within. He pushed aside some of the thick brush, and for an instant forgot everything around him when he saw the monster at his feet. The boy felt as though a bucket of ice cubes had just been emptied over his head. Everything inside him was frozen, his mind numb as he stared into the eyes of the dark creature infront of him. It's pupils were like neverending pools, that pulled him inside and drowned him. There was no way to get free... Everything his father had ever told him, everything his instincts screamed at that moment... It was all overpowered by the darkness of the forest, and the mystery in those eyes. He couldn't move, he was rooted to the spot. And the creature didn't look as though it would harm him... It's head was bowed low, long ears drooped. As fierce as it's exterior might have been, only the eyes inspired fear. The boy dared not to move, or even breathe. He stood there, fixed in position, as snowflake upon snowflake piled onto his shoulders. There was nothing other than the two of them in that forest, the innocent and the beast. Their eyes were locked in a mutual agreement - the only way to break it was if one of them moved. Suddenly, and without warning, the bond was broken. The boy screamed as the dark creature lunged forwards, and his vision was blurred by a mass of grey fur. For a split second he felt the pain - deep and digging into his very bone - until everything went black.
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