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I jumped out of George’s lap. “Hi! This’s…”


“Not what it looks like?” Sin asked. 


“No. I mean yes, it is but no it’s not? G-Georgie, a little help?”


“Uh, yeah. So you just caught us snogging. And that wasn’t supposed to happen.” George stated.


“Can one of you just explain what’s going on?” Fred asked. “Why are you two snogging?”


“Because Vice is my girlfriend!” George blurted out.


“Oh my god.” I sighed, looking over at him. “I love the way that sounds coming out of your mouth.”


He grinned. “Yeah, me too. Girlfriend.”




“I’m mad for you.” George wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.


“Um, hello? An explanation?” Sin demanded. 


We broke apart again. “Right.” I giggled. “Well George and I are boyfriend and girlfriend.”


“But George has been on a bunch of dates.” Fred pointed out. 


“I am the dates.” 


“And Sin you’ve been seeing a guy.” Sin said.


“That would be me.” George grinned. 


“How long has this been going on then?” Fred asked. 


“About three weeks or so.” I answered.


“And what, you’ve been sneaking around all this time?” Sin asked. “George, you’ve been staying at her place?”


“Yes, I’m very welcome there.” He chuckled. 


“Always, babe.” I smiled. 


“This is mad!” Fred shook his head. “You two hate each other!”


“Well, there is a fine line between hate and you know, the other thing.”


“I can’t believe this.” Sin shook her head. “I can’t believe you guys didn’t tell us!”


“That’s my fault.” I said. “I’m not great with this shit and I was nervous about this relationship and I didn’t want you guys to think I was some tramp shagging her boss to get ahead, because that’s completely not the case.”


“And George?” Fred questioned. 


“I just like having Vice to myself.” George shrugged. “I liked sneaking around with her.”


“We’re sorry for lying though.” I offered. 


Sin sighed. “Well, Vice I hope you know I’ll never forgive you.” My stomach dropped. “How could you let me find out at the same time as Fred? You and I are like best friends, I’m supposed to be more important than him!”


I smiled in relief. “Oh, I almost told you a bunch of times.”


“You should have. I’m so excited George finally has a girlfriend! Now I have someone to complain about the twins to and you’ll completely understand where I’m coming from.”


“Oh, thank goodness, I have so much to complain about.” I grinned. 


“Hey, stop that!” Fred commanded. “None of that. You know I don’t think I approve of this relationship.”


“Too late!” Sin giggled as she hugged me tightly. “Oh you have to tell me everything! Sleepover tonight?”

“No.” George whined. “She was gonna take me on a date tonight!”


“Oh he’s a clingy one isn't he?” Sin smirked. “Sleepover tomorrow night Vice, promise me?”


“Yes, absolutely.” I smiled.  “George and Fred you two should have a sleepover and discuss us.”


“Oh, don’t think we won’t. I’m sure we have much to complain about with you two.” Fred said. 


“Oh is that right, George?” I asked. “Do you have things to complain about?”


“Oh, no!” George said quickly. “You’re perfect, Vicelia. I have nothing at all to complain about. I’m sure we’ll just talk about how barking mad Sin is.” 


“Hey!” Sin smacked his arm. “I guess long gone are the days of me being perfect, huh?”


“Sorry Sin, but someone else has my heart now. You said I’d find her and you were right.” 


The way George was looking at me made my knees weak. The absolute adoration in his eyes made my heart race. He really liked me. 


“Stop looking at me like that Georgie.” I whispered. 


“Like what?” He asked, dreamily.


“Like you’re gonna fall in love with me or something.”


“But I think I am.”


I grabbed him by his shirt and kissed him hard. He put his hands on my face as I securely wrapped my arms around his torso.


“Okay, I think we’re gonna go.” Sin laughed. “Super happy for you two though. Really, I’m thrilled.”


“Thanks.” I muttered before kissing George again. 


“See you tomorrow.” Fred said.


“You guys are gonna wanna get out of here right now.” George said as he picked me up and placed me on the desk. “I am about to ravage Vice.”


“Alright we’re gone!” Sin pulled Fred out. “Love you both!”


“That went well.” I giggled. “Do you still want to go to the carnival?”


“Yeah, but after I ravage you.” George grinned. “Something about you calling me your boyfriend really put me in the mood.”


“Oh did it, boyfriend?”



“Oh my!” Annie exclaimed the next morning. She was walking by George’s office and caught us snogging. “Are you two…”


“Boyfriend and girlfriend, yes.” George grinned. “Vice is my girlfriend.”


“Oh. Congrats.” She forced a smile and walked away. 


“Do you have to tell everyone I’m your girlfriend?” I smiled. 


“I’ve barely told anyone.”


“You’re right. You’ve only told Sin, Fred, Bones, the guy at the ring toss, the beer guy, the funnel cake guy, the Ferris Wheel guy, the bloke at the muggle shop, and the cashier at Leaky Cauldron. And of course Annie.”


“I’m just a little bit excited.”  George shrugged. “It almost feels like you’re my first girlfriend.”


“Well, you’re my first real boyfriend and I’m not trying to shout it from the rooftops.”


“That’s because I like you way more than you like me.”


I grinned. “Oh, you’re right about that.” I kissed him. “It’s cute how excited you are about us.”


“It's not too much?”


“No George, it’s not. I want you to stop worrying that you’re scaring me away. You’re not. I’m insane for you, babe. That’s not going to change.”


“You promise?” He whispered. 


“I swear. I mean, I would be lying if I said this wasn’t the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but at the same time, you are the safest place in the world to me. So the fear is worth it as long as I have you.”


George gulped hard. “Vice, I...adore you.”


“I feel the exact same way.” I said. 


“No, I don’t think you do.”


“Are you two gonna do this all day?” Sin asked. “The sooner we do inventory, the sooner we can get out of here.”


“But that’s also the sooner you take my girlfriend from me for a night.” George pointed out. 


“You’ll live, now come on!”


“Coming.” I laughed, before kissing George. “Let’s get out there and be helpful.”


“Oh fine.” He let me pull him out of his office.


The store was closed today so that we could do inventory. The goal was to get done very early and then the girls would come to my place for a sleepover. Sin is very excited and Annie seems more curious than anything. Like she thinks we have deep dark secrets or something. 


We laughed and joked as we went through inventory, most of the jokes centered around mine and George’s relationship.  I was actually glad that people knew now. We weren’t very good at hiding it anyways. 


I went to the back to get my lip balm from my bag and saw Annie was there too, sipping from a flask. 


“I knew you knew how to party.” I commented, causing her to jump.


“Oh, my god, Vice. This isn’t what it looks like! Just something to take the edge off.”


“You’re good.” I assured her. “I’ve come to work drunk before. Not exactly on purpose, but drunk from the previous night. It happens. And yeah sometimes a little whiskey during the day keeps the headache away.”


“You’re not gonna tell the others? Not even George?” Annie asked with wide eyes.


I shook my head. “No. Just because George and I are dating doesn’t mean I’m going to tell him every little thing. Besides they’re the owners and we’re the employees. They outnumber us, you and me gotta stick together Annie.”


Annie smiled at me, looking surprised that this was my reaction. “Thank you, Vice. That means a lot to me. You’re great.”


“No problem. What you got in there by the way?” I asked.


“Um, vodka and wormwood.”


“Yikes, that sounds horrible. But to each their own.” 


“Thanks again, Vice.”





“So where’s your roommate?” Sin asked.


“She’s with her boyfriend Matty. Meg is more than willing to give me the place when I need it.”


“Do you need it a lot now that you’re with George?”


I giggled. “Yeah I guess. He is over like all the time.”


“So I see.” Sin gestured to his jumper draped over my couch. 


“Oh that’s my favorite one.” I smiled. “I’m gonna change into something comfy and open some wine, you get comfortable yourselves!”


I went to put on my comfiest black velvet shorts and one of George’s shirts. The one he wore the night we first made love. I always gave it back to him to wash so that it would have his smell on it. I took my curly hair down from it’s bun and went back to the living room. Sin and Annie had changed into pajamas too.


I grabbed my wand and waved it, making all the covers I had set up unfold on the floor and the pillows arranged themselves on top. It looked incredibly comfy. I quickly grabbed the glasses and poured the wine.


“To girls night! May we all get closer and vent about boys!” I laughed as we clinked our glasses together.


This was gonna be fun!


“Okay, Annie, tell us more about you!” Sin insisted. “I feel like I know nothing about you.”


“Well, what do you want to know?” Annie questioned. There was a strange sharpness in her voice. 


“Um, everything. Do you have a boyfriend?”


“Not exactly.”


“I’ve been trying to set her up with Rick the hot bartender.” I informed them. “At this point, mostly to get him off me.”


“What do you mean?” Sin questioned. “Does he have a crush on you?”


“Yeah, but I told him I’m crazy about George though. Anyways, Annie, what’s your boy trouble?”


“I think me and my ex are getting back together. We had a totally messy break up, but I think we’ve both grown now and we’re ready to get back together.”


“What happened?” I asked.


“We were torturing each other. Games, lies, using other people as pawns. It was awful! We were horrible to each other! And then finally he had enough. Got himself a new girlfriend and so I moved on too. But we still see each other all the time.”


“Are you shagging?” I asked eagerly. 


She shook her head. “Just a kiss here and there. A little touching. He doesn’t want to cheat on his new girlfriend. But every time I try to move on, he won’t let me. He insists he wants me back and we can work it out.”


“Annie that doesn’t sound very healthy.” Sin pointed out. “He’s stringing you along.”


“You don’t know that.” Annie said. “H-he’s gonna leave her at some point, I know it.”


Sin and I exchanged looks, but said nothing more on the matter. I didn’t want to be the person to tell Annie she’s being played by her ex and neither did Sin.


“Okay.” Sin stated before taking a drink.


“Sinthia, I’m curious about all the boys you were with before Freddie.” Annie cocked her head to the side.


I could see in Sin’s eyes that she was not thrilled about Annie using that nickname for Fred. No one else called him that except for her.


She forced a laugh. “Um, there weren’t a lot, just two. Lee and Cedric. I’m still good friends with Lee.”


“And Freddie is okay with you being so close to someone you were passionate and intimate with?”


“Oh, I wouldn’t say Lee and I were passionate at all. And Lee is Freddie’s friend too. There’s no feelings between me and Lee at all. We were never right for each other.”


“And what about this Cedric boy?” Annie pressed. 


I cleared my throat and finished my glass before pouring myself and Sin another one. 


“Cedric was wildly toxic.” Sin informed her. “He lied to me and put me under a love potion so that I wouldn’t be with Fred. Honestly it was kind of traumatic.”


“Holy shit. So you didn’t love Cedric at all?”


“No, I did. A lot, but after what he did I just couldn’t forgive him. Besides I’m completely in love with Fred.”


“Why aren’t you two married yet?” I asked, curiously. “I mean Fred is always saying how he already wants to be married, so why aren’t you guys?”


Sin bit her lip. “This doesn’t leave the room?” I nodded. “I’m scared. I love Freddie more than anything in this entire world, but I’m still worried I love him more than he loves me.”


“Why would you think that?”


“Fred is such a thrill seeker. He’s always looking for the next exciting thing and I’m worried that’s all I am. I mean we had to go through a bunch of obstacles to be together and it was all exciting, but what if he gets bored? What if just being together isn't enough for him?”


“That does make sense.” Annie stated. “I can see Fred thinking that.”


I looked at her with wide eyes before turning to Sin. “No, it doesn’t. Fred is crazy about you, Sin. Not the excitement, or the obstacles. You. You should hear how he talks about you when you’re not around. I don’t see him moving on from you at all. You’re all he cares about.”


“Really?” Sin asked. “So I should stop putting off the wedding?”


“Absolutely. You’re killing the poor boy! Marry him already!” I laughed. 


“Alright, I’ll think about it.”


“Your turn, Vice.” Annie said. “How did you and George come to be?” 


“Totally unexpectedly.” I smiled. “I just kept learning these little things about him that made me like him so much. And then when I kissed him I felt things I never had before. He makes me want to forget all my fears about relationships.”


“So what were your relationships like before him?”


“Not real. I didn’t believe in the whole boyfriend thing. It seemed like a  way to get attached to someone who would leave me.  I thought I was supposed to settle down with the guy I was seeing before George, but it felt wrong. Everything feels right with George. I’m still scared though.”


“Of what?” Sin questioned. “George is mad for you.”


“Exactly. I guess I just don’t understand that, so in my mind at any time he can decide he’s no longer mad for me and then leave. I don’t know what I would do. I’ve kind of given him my heart.” I admitted. 


“What and you don’t think his heart isn’t your hands too? I’ve never seen George like this about a girl.”


“Wasn’t he like this about you?”


Sin sighed. “I guess. But it was different. I never reciprocated those feelings. It’s not like it was a relationship. And George is way over me. He was even before you, I swear, Vice. You have nothing to worry about.”


“Is it weird watching George fall out of love with you and fall in love with Vice?” Annie wondered. “Does it hurt your feelings a little bit?”


Sin scoffed. “Of course not. I want George to be happy and I’m more than thrilled it’s Vice that makes him that way. I never wanted him pining after me.”


“Oh. Seems like something you’d enjoy.” Annie shrugged. “Gotta go to the loo.”


Sin waited a moment and then leaned over. “Is it me or is she being really aggressive towards me?”


“I think maybe she doesn’t know how to act around you since you’re her boss?” I asked. 


“She’s basically called me a tramp who isn’t exciting enough for Fred and likes reveling in George’s misery. And why is she calling my fiance ‘Freddie’?”


“I have no idea.” I shook my head. “She’s a little off, but I don’t think she means to be. Let’s just give her a chance, hm?”


“Yeah, alright. Honestly she’s always a little weird with me. I was hoping tonight would ease the tension.”


“I’m sure it will. Maybe we just need more drinks?”


Sin sighed. “Then keep pouring.”


Annie continued to be kind of weird throughout the night. She got drunker faster than the rest of us and at around midnight she’s out like a light.


“Is it wrong that I’m glad she’s asleep?” Sin snorted. 


“No.” I giggled. “She was kind of intense tonight.”


“Thank you for this Vice. I um, since what happened with my ex best friend, I haven’t really had any girl friends. I feel really close to you and I’m grateful for our friendship.”


“I feel the same way.” I smiled. “I promise I will never pretend to be pregnant with Fred’s baby or try to ruin your life.”


“It’s really all I ask.” She laughed. 


We heard a noise from my room. “What the hell was that?” I whispered. 


“Are there ghosts here?” Sin questioned. 


“Not that I’ve known of.”


We heard a small crash from my room followed by a “Shit!”


“Someone is in there.” Sin tugged on my shirt.


“We can take them.”  I said confidently. 


We stood up and it felt like all the alcohol hit me. I was no longer sure we could take them, but we had to try. We crept to my room, holding on to each other. I saw blue light appeared under my door. What the hell?


We pressed our ears to the door. “See how cool this shit is?” A familiar voice slurred. “My girlfriend has the coolest shit.”


“The colors are so pretty.” 


Sin laughed. “Freddie?” 


We opened the door and there were Fred and George in my room, sitting on either side of my bed with the color sphere between them. 


“What are you two doing here?” I asked. 


“Vicelia!” George exclaimed. “You look beautiful! I just had to show Fred your magic sphere. He didn’t believe how cool it was.”


“Have you been drinking love?”


“So much!”


“Sinthia, I have to ask you something really important.” Fred said, grabbing her hands. “Will you marry me?”


“You already asked me that, Frederick. I said yes.”  Sin smiled.


“Right. We’re getting married.”


“We are. You guys aren’t supposed to be here.”


“But we missed you two.” George pouted. “I hate being away from Vice.”


“I hate being away from you too.” I said, wrapping my arms around him. 


“You’re wearing my shirt. Guys I gave Vicelia this shirt after I made love to her for the first time.”


“That’s so sweet!” Sin sighed. “They’re so cute together.”


“So are we.” Fred insisted. 


“I guess.”


“You guys have to go.” I said. “It’s still girls night.”


“Do we have to?” George asked. 


“Yes, George.” Sin said firmly. “We’ll see you guys in the morning.”


“Okay, but you have to kiss us.” Fred demanded. “It’s only fair.”


I had no complaints about that. I put my hands on George's face and kissed him. I could taste whiskey on his breath, but I didn’t care. 


“I’ll miss you.” George smiled drunkenly.


“I’ll miss you too Georgie.” I kissed him once more and then let him go. Sin and Fred were snogging something fierce. “Okay, that’s enough. You boys gotta go.”


“We’re having dinner tomorrow night,” George started. “You have to come so my family can know you’re my girlfriend.”


I laughed. “Alright. Now go!”


We watched as the boys Apparated out of my room. Sin sighed. “I’m so in love with Fred.”


“I really like George.” I smiled. 


“Can we take this sphere thing to the living room?” 




We set up the sphere in the living room and wrapped ourselves in covers. We stayed up for another two hours talking and laughing and sharing our deepest secrets with each other.


George was incredibly excited when we entered his parent’s house hand in hand. “Hello everyone. You all know Vice, she’s my girlfriend.” He announced. 


“Did you think they forgot me?”  I laughed. 


“No, but it was the only way I could think to tell them that you’re my girlfriend.”


“Oh!” Molly exclaimed. “Such wonderful news!” She hugged me tightly before letting us sit down.


“So did you break up with the other young man to start dating George?” Arthur asked. 


George laughed. “Dad, I am the guy she was seeing. We were just keeping things a secret. So now you’ve gotten what you wanted. You get to meet Vice’s boyfriend.”


“Damn!” Hermione shouted. We looked at her in shock. “I’m sorry.”


“I told you babe!” Ron laughed. “Should have listened to me and Harry.”


“I just couldn’t believe Vice would actually like George.” Ginny shook her head. “I can’t believe I lost this bet.”


“When are you going to learn that I’m always right?” Harry laughed. 


“Did you guys make a bet on us?” I asked in amusement.


“Yeah. Harry and I swore you two were secretly hooking up, but the girls didn’t believe us.” Ron informed me. 


“I love winning.” Harry sighed. 


“Hey what was that thing about not believing Vice could like me?” George asked. “I’m very appealing you know?”


“Whatever helps you sleep at night.” Ginny snorted. “Vice is way out of your league.” 


“That’s what I said.” Fred laughed. 


“Sin is out of your league, Fred, you don’t really have room to talk.” Hermione pointed out. 


“Well, Sin, here’s to us being out of the Weasley twin’s leagues.” I giggled, clinking my glass with hers.


“Oh definitely worth a toast.” She smiled. “And while we’re all making announcements, Freddie and I have decided to get serious about planning our wedding.”


“That being said, George, I would love for you to be my Best Man.” Fred said seriously. “You’re my best friend and I want you next to me up there.”


“Of course Fred.” George smiled, looking touched. “I’d be honored.”


“And as for my Maid of Honor,” Sin started. “You can definitely say no, seeing as we haven't known each other long, but Vice would you consider doing it? You’re my closest friend and I really would love it if you could be up there with me.”


I paused and just looked at her. Was she serious? Not even Cece wanted me to be her Maid of Honor. She asked one of her friends to do it instead. She said it wasn’t something I’d be interested in. Too much responsibility.


“Is this a prank?” I asked. “You’re joking?”


“Of course not, Vice. I’m serious.” Sin insisted. 


“Oh.” I quickly blinked back tears. “Yeah, yes I’d love to be your Maid of Honor. I um, thank you for trusting me with something like this.”


“I trust you with everything. I’m so glad you accept!” She hugged me tightly. “And you get a plus one, so you can bring your Mum. I’d love to meet her officially.”


“I’m sure she’d love to meet you too.” 


“Oh this is just wonderful!” Molly clapped. “Finally we can have this wedding!”


“And maybe we’ll be planning another one soon enough?”  Charlie asked, raising his eyebrows. 


“Charlie!” George scolded. “Don’t scare her away. He’s just kidding babe. I mean that’s not even on the table.”


“Like at all?” I asked.


“I mean, of course it is. And I’ve thought about it, not seriously though! Like just-” I kissed him and cut him off.


“You talk so much babe.” I smiled. 


“Wow, she really does like you, George.” Ron commented. “That was some snog.”


“You guys are so cute.” Hermione smiled. “I have a good feeling about you.”


“Yeah, me too.” I smiled. “Oh! Before I forget, Arthur, I have a present for you!”


I handed him a bag as he looked excited. He pulled the present out. “Is this a blender?!”


“It is!” I exclaimed. “Georgie and I found it the other day.”


“Thanks Vice! Want to help me figure out how to use it?” 


“Of course I do!”


“George, hold on to this one.” Arthur told him. “She’s one of a kind.”


George kissed me. “She sure is.”



Although the girl’s night didn’t go completely as planned, I still hosted a little work party so we could all get to know each other. I feel bad that Annie is kind of a fifth wheel, but the goal is that she doesn’t feel that way by the end of the night.


We’re doing a bunch of ice breakers. “Um, who was everyone’s first crush?” I asked. 


“Sin.” George and Fred chorused.


“But you are my biggest crush.” George informed me before kissing me. “What about yours darling?”


“Graham Montague, I think.” I answered. 


“Oh he was such a prick!” Fred rolled his eyes. 


“He really was.” Sin shook her head. “I think my first crush was Cedric Diggory.”


“An even bigger prick.” Fred commented. “What about you Annie?”


“My ex boyfriend.” She said. “I’ve liked him forever.”


“Um, favorite drink?”  George asked. 


“Wine.” Annie said, taking a sip.


“Whiskey for me.”  I grinned. 


“A pint will do for me.” Fred shrugged. 


“I like whiskey too.” George grinned. “Oh Sin?”


“Anything that doesn’t have a love potion in it!” She laughed. 


“I thought you said that was kind of traumatic?" Annie asked. “But you joke about it?”


“It’s all I can do at this point. It was so out of my control, but how I cope with it isn’t. Laughter is the best the medicine.”


“Hm. Um...has anyone here ever cheated on someone?”


“Not me. George is the only boyfriend I’ve had.” I answered.


“Never cheated.” George said. “Though I did have a wandering eye in Sin’s direction.”


“Does it bother you that George brings up his crush on Sinthia so much Vice?”  Annie pondered. We all looked at her. “Sorry, I guess it would kind of bother me.”


“Uh, no not really. They clearly don’t have feelings for each other. I mean George is over her.” I answered. 


“Let’s hope.” Annie said. “Fred, Sin? Ever cheated?”


“Hm...I guess?” Sin said uncertainly. “I mean I guess we did kiss while you were with Angelina.”


“Who’s that?” Annie sounded intrigued. 


“The bane of my existence.” Fred informed her. “My ex who tried to ruin our lives. Glad that nutter is away from us.”


“Honestly, she was the worst.” Sin sighed. “Can’t believe I stayed friends with her for so long.”


“Wait you guys went behind her back, but she’s the bad one? Am I missing something?” Annie asked. 


“Apparently this Angelina was awful.” I said. “Lied about being pregnant, hated Sin, just a complete menace.”


“I think if I was on the verge of losing someone like Fred, I’d act out a little too.” Annie giggled. 


Sin does not look happy about that statement. “Okay, next question. What’s something you’ll never do again?”


“Lose you.” Fred said before kissing her. 


“I will never take a drink from another man. Unless they’re Fred or George.” Sin said. 


“Hide my feelings.” George said looking at me.


“Be afraid to open myself up to the right person.” I smiled.


“Let anything get in the way of what I want.” Annie said, her eyes flicking towards Fred. 


Okay, this girl is a little weird. I knew she kind of had a crush on Fred, but she’s not going to try to get him, right?


We continued our game of questions. Annie had stopped being so damn weird and I felt like we were all really getting on well.


I went to the kitchen to open another bottle of wine. I heard a knock on the front door. “Could one of you guys get that?” I called. 


“Got it babe!” George called back.


I entered the living room again and nearly dropped the bottle. It was Lucian with a huge bouquet of flowers. 


“Luc?” I whispered. “What um...what are you doing here?”


“I’m back, babe.” He smiled. “Sorry, I didn’t think you’d have guests.”


“Yeah, right. These are my friends from work. Um, Annie, Sin, Fred. And um…”


“George.” George waved. “More than just a friend though. I’m her boyfriend.”


Lucian looked confused. “Um, well that can’t be.” He said.


Now George looked confused. “And why not?”


“You can’t be her boyfriend because I’m her fiance.”


Oh shit.



A/N: Lucian is baaack! Things are about to get complicated for our girl Vice! How will George react to this false news? How will Lucian react to Vice's relationship with George? What is up with Annie? Are there more bets to be won by Harry? We shall see!

Also, I know these updates have been a little slow, and I'm sorry. I'm going through a lot right now and barely keeping my head above water, but I'm working really hard on all my stories, I promise! Thanks for hanging in there with me, you guys are the best!

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