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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything that is recognizable! Only Dorado and plot!




Dorado’s POV:


As August dripped by day by day, Si and I were getting little ‘lectures’ nearly every day about how we better not be brainwashing Reg into the little blood traitors we are! 


Finally! September 1st is here! I can finally get out of Grimmauld Place and be where I truly call home! 


After an EXTREMELY long but fun train ride, with Reg sitting with us in the compartment with the boys, we finally reached Hogwarts! Now,it’ss time for… Reggie’s sorting!!! I can’t decide if I want him to be in Gryffindor or not! But that would mean he would also be beaten by Mother and Father for not being in Slytherin!


Then I hear…”GRYF-SLYTHERIN!!!!”


People start grumbling snd shouting at the hat’s joke. He grumbles about no one being able to take a joke.


While Si was being a jerk and scowling at Reg, I throw at him a supportive smile and a thumbs-up because he needed it!




After Reg is settled in, Si, Jamesie, Petey, and I come together when Remmy has disappeared yet again!!!! I have some suspicions of why he always ends up in the hospital, or why he always has hundreds of new scratches! Ok, ok, ok...shhh, the boys shouldn’t know this yet! I think he’s a werewolf! Ahh, shhhhhhh! See, he always leaves on the full-moon as well!!! I am quite sure he’s a werewolf and he’s not telling us because he’s afraid we will hate him! 


So, now that Remmy has come back, let's go and see how he reacts when I tell him I know!!! Here goes nothing! 


(Dora’s lines are in bold, Remmy’s lines are normal)


“Hey, Rems! Whatcha doing?”


“Oh hey, Dora! Reading, you?”


“I need to talk to you, privately…”

“Umm..ok. You’re scaring me, Dora! What’s wrong?”


“Remus, I know. There I said it I know!”


“Sorry, Dora, you know what?”


“Rem, I know that you’re a werewolf!”


“...I understand if you don’t want to be friends with me anymore! *Sniffs* *Sobs* With a monster like me!”


“No Remus! It’s nothing like that! You are just as special to me as you were before! And I’m sure the boys think the same!”


“Wait, you haven’t told them yet?!”


“No, of course not! I wanted to be sure first!”




After I made sure Remmy knew that I didn't have a problem with me knowing, I started to leave out hints for the other boys as well! I told them that I found a really interesting book about werewolves! Oh, the face on Remmy’s face was priceless!!!


Now, time for the biggest hint yet! I’m going to tell the boys something that SHOULD make them understand! I’m going to just ask the boys while Remmy was gone for his transformation!


“Oh hey, boys!”


“Umm, hey!”




“ I was wondering, did you guys ever think about the possibility that Rems is not going to his mum’s house?”


“What do you mean?”


“I’m just saying, what if he has some condition, like uhhh...a werewolf?”


“Pfffttt!! What!??!!”


“What?! I’m just saying…”


“Wait, wait… she’s right actually!”


“I am?”


“Think about it..he goes on every full moon, he has scars, gets tired a few days before the moon!”








“Oh, uhhh...I have known since like the past 2 months actually…”


“What?! And you didn't think to tell us!”


“He asked me not to!”




The boys are back from telling Remmy about their new knowledge and the first thing Rems did was give me a bear hug! He said thank you for giving him a family! That’s when I knew, I didn't need anyone else! I was with my family!




A/N: There we go! Lots of dialogue in this chapter! I just wanted them to finally found out! Now we can move onto the 5th year! Also, just in case you guys didn't understand who was talking in the second conversation piece, the underlined was Peter,  italics and underlined was Sirius, italics was James, and normal was Dora. Credit for my cover goes to xx0_myheart! Thank you for an amzing cover! Dont forget review!!!

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