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Disclaimer: None of the things you recognize are mine! :( I wish they were! Only Dorado and the plot are mine!


Dorado’s POV:


Si and I were in my room, I was nursing both of our wounds. After we had come home, Father had been furious that we were put in Gryffindor! We got a few hard slaps and punches thrown our now here we are. Si has a broken nose and a bruised eye. I have a split lip and a deep gash on my cheek. As apply ointment to Si’s eye, I remember the day we became Gryffindor’s. I remember how welcomed we were for ourselves not our family name. I thought of James, Remmy, and Pete. I thought about Lils, Mar, and Al. And frank, and Fab and Gid. I thought of Molly, Sev, all of them! And right then and there, I made the decision that I would NEVER forget about my true family! 


After we were done cleaning our wounds, Reg came inside as well. We just sat and talked like we used to. Bringing back old memories of old days before Mother and Father partially disowned us! 




Reg just got his Hogwarts letter! Si and I got our lists as well! We will go to Diagon Alley later today! I cant wait to see Reg at Hoggy Woggy Hogwarts!!! 


Reg is getting his robes fitted while I and Si are getting all the books (ours and Reg’s). Then we will head off to OLLIVANDERSSS!!!! 


We meet Reg and Mother outside the wand shop, so we all enter together! I give Reg an encouraging smile as he steps forward. While Reg is trying out different wands, looking for the wand that chooses him, I think back to one year ago when I first entered this shop for my own wand.




I grabbed Si’s hand as we stepped into the wand shop. The room was dark and dusty. Out of nowhere, someone says, “Ah, Mr and Miss Black! I was wondering when I would be seeing you two. Now, shall we get started with you, young Mr. Black? Si goes through 2 wands until he finds the right one. Then it's my turn! After about 12 tries, I STILL haven't found my wand! I start worrying, what if I don't have a wand? What if I'm not even a witch? Mr. Ollivanders tells me to see if I could feel anything while walking around in the room. So, I do that. I walk to the shelves filled with wands. Then, I feel it! I feel a pull! I walk towards it and right there is a dark purple, velvet box! I take it to the front again and show it to Mr. Ollivanders. He looks surprised and tells me that is the wand of Helga Hufflepuff with a hair Godric Gryffindor as one of the cores. Si’s eyes are as big as galleons and Mother looks disgusted! The wand itself looks beautiful! It has the Hogwarts symbol on the bottom and all the founders’ names! I find out that the core has Godric Gryffindor’s hair, Salazar Slytherin’s skin, Rowena Ravenclaw’s eyelash, and Helga Hufflepuff’s tear!!! I am beyond amazed! It turns out that i am the true descendant of Helga Hufflepuff!


As I come back to Earth, I am still impressed that I am a Gryffindor and not a Hufflepuff! I find out that Reg just got his wand! I have a smile on my face as I watch Reg run his fingers on the smooth wood!


I can't wait to show reg around the school!




A/N: I loved writing this chapter! I wanted to make her wand special as well so that it matches what happens later! Oops! No spoilers! I hope you guys liked the chapter! Please review! It really makes me happy!


Love u!

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