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Me: Hi-


Anxiety Fiona (AF and yes I know what that means .-.): AAAAAA HOW DID I GET HERE WHAT THE HECK


Me: You're in the Ravenclaw Cafe? We talked about this boi


AF: mmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggggh


Me: smh


Waitress: hey yall what would you like


Me: I'll take a BLT, hold the mayonnaise, and a Butterbeer pls ^---^


AF's inner thoughts: okay, don't panic, it's just a restaurant order, it's not a big deal


AF: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Me: .-.


Waitress: .-.


AF: I, uh, grilled cheese, lemonade strawberry, I mean strawberry lemonade, and, uh, Jelly worms, I mean Jelly Slugs, thanks


Waitress: I- ok


AF's inner thoughts: dANG IT


Me: sOoOoOoOo


Me: we're here to talk about AnXiEtY today

AF: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ye


Me: sooooo anything you want to share


AF: uhhhhh


AF: welp uh


AF: this is kinda what I think


(ok so dis part includes talking about God cause I'm a christian but if you're not that's fine you can just skip dis if you want)


AF: it's kinda like God was like


AF: Ok so this girl is okay-ish pretty, pretty enough to get by


AF: she's HiGhLy InTeLLiGeNt


AF: and she's nice to everyone


AF: how can we balance dat out


AF: i KnOw


AF: sEvErE aNxIeTy


AF: separation anxiety aND social anxiety


AF: ooh and mild depression



Me: qwq


AF: so uh ye


Me: I mean like you're me so I kinda knew that already


AF: oh yeah hehe


Waitress: here's your food lol also I heard everything






Me: ok leave pls


AF: ok lol I'm talking my food with me tho


Me: k


AF: bai


Me: bai

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