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Disclaimer: Anything that you recognize belongs to JK Rowling! I only own Dorado and the plots!


(Dorado’s POV)


I am loving it here at Hogwarts! I already made more than 10 friends! I already told you about Lils, Al, and Mar, but I also became friends with Si’s dorm mates! They are the same people I was sitting with on the train ride! I knew we would be friends! Jamesie, Remmy, and Pete are all really nice! Oh, I also met Frank Longbottom! He’s so nice! He’s one year above us but I’m still friends with him! I think everyone is, honestly! There’s also a Slytherin boy called Severus Snape, he’s Lily’s friend. He’s nice, but Si doesn’t seem to like him much! I became friends with two 4th year twins called Fabian and Gideon Prewett! They are pranksters just like me and Si! Hey, that rhymes! A 3rd year called Molly Prewett is also really friendly and sweet! She’s brothers with the twins!


Oh, breakfast! The best meal of the day! But they all are amazing! We got our schedules! Minnie passed them to us at breakfast today! Guess what we have first! Potions with Slytherins!!! Could anything be worse! Actually, missing a meal is worse! Yeah definitely worse! 




During potions, I wanted to be partnered with Si or one of the girls, but I was with James! He’s nice so I might just survive!


“Umm, have you ever made a Strengthening potion before, James?”


“Uhh, I think maybe once or twice.”


“Ok...I’ve made it a couple of times as well, so I think we should be able to do it right?”


“Yeah! I’m sure it won’t end well though!”


“Be positive, you idiot!”


“Hey, you are calling idiot, egghead!”






And that is how James and I spent our potions lesson!




After all our classes we were sitting by the lake, we meaning me and the boys. For some reason, Lily hates Si and James! Remus is reading a book, booooring! Peter is God knows where! And James and Si are bickering over which team is better! Obviously, Holyhead Harpies rule! Not Puddlemere United or Chudley Cannons! 


I decide to play my first prank! I tell the boys, I’m going to the girls’ dorm to get ‘something’. When I get there, I quickly grab the Liquorice Wands I had kept from the train ride! I sprinkle them with salt and hair-switching potions! I skip back and give one to each of the three boys! Keeping the normal one for myself! I control my laughter just barely as the boys make disgusted faces at the sour candies! But… when Si’s hair becomes silver and James’ yellow! I can’t control myself anymore! I roll around on the ground shrieking with laughter! I laugh so much I cry! Then I see Remus! His bright pink hair throws me into another burst of laughter!


This obviously means war! The whole year is filled with pranks and jokes all around! I am NOT looking forward to going home! The next morning after the sorting ceremony, Si and I got a howler from home! And a letter from Reggie! Reggie was saying how happy he is that we are Gryffindor while Mother was saying that we are disgraces to the family name and whatnot! Oh well! At least I have friends at Hogwarts! They are my true family!




AN: As much as I had fun writing the first year, the more interesting stuff will happen once they reach 5th year! After the boys become animagi! Don’t forget to review!

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