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“You’re my-like my fuck!” I exclaimed. “Shit, I’m sorry I said fuck! Oh God, I swear I’m a good person! I’m just nervous because it’s you and...are you sure?”


“Of course I am, honey. I’ve been looking for you for so long.”


“Really? Y-you wanted to find me?”


“More than anything in this world, Vicelia. It was harder than I thought it would be, even though I gave you such a unique name.” Rue (or Mum?) laughed. 


“Oh, you gave me this name. Suddenly I love it.” I laughed nervously. “Um, I don’ I don’t know what I’m supposed to do right now. I-I’m in the middle of a shift and even though I’m sleeping with my boss, I don’t get special treatment. And oh goodness, you must think I’m awful for sleeping with George. I-it’s not what it sounds like at all, I really like him, I do. A-and it’s not to like to further my career or anything like that. Um-”


“Vice, honey...breathe.” She said. “You have your lunch break soon, right?”


“Yes Mom-I mean ma’am.” 


“Why don’t we sit down for lunch or something? Would that be okay?”


“Yes! Yes, that would be perfect. I get a break in half an hour. Is that too long or-”


“It’s perfectly fine, Vice. I’ll see you in  half an hour okay?”


“Sure of course. I’ll see you then. Real soon. Bye!” I waved awkwardly and then practically ran over to George.


“Can I talk to you?” I whispered. 


“Is something wrong?” He asked. 


“I just really need to talk to you.” 


“Yeah, of course babe.” He said before turning to Fred. “Um, I just need to talk to Vice in my office real quick. You guys okay?”


“Yeah, we’ll be fine.” Fred assured us. “Don’t yell too loudly at her. We like her working here, remember?”


“I’ll try.” George chuckled, before leading me to the back. “What’s going on?”


“We can’t have sex during our break. I just...I don’t know how to say this.”


“Are you breaking up with me?” He asked almost hysterically. “Oh I knew it! I knew I was moving too fast with you.  I tried to slow down, but it’s so hard when I feel so powerfully for you. I couldn’t help myself. I just...I care about you a lot Vice. I-I have such strong feelings for you. W-will you give me another chance?”


“Georgie, calm down.”  I said. “This isn't about you.”


“Oh no, the whole ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ thing! God, Vice, what was it that turned you off? I mean you were all over me this morning. Oh was the thing I did in the storage closet right? I know it was a little different but you seemed to really like it in the moment. I-I won’t do it again!”


“George, I’m not breaking up with you!”


He paused. “Really? You’re not? You still like me?”


“George, I’m fucking crazy about you!” I laughed. “It’s just I was hoping we could do something else during lunch. I really need you.”


“Whatever you want babe.”


“So, um...I’m supposed to meet up with my...biological mum, who you may know I had no knowledge of roughly ten minutes ago and you can imagine I’m freaking out just a little bit. Anyways she wants to have lunch and I know we’ve only been together like two weeks, but I really would like it if you came with me because this is very scary and you’re the safest place in the world.”


“Wow.” George whispered. “Um, of course I’ll go with are you babe, are you okay?”


“I’m nervous and I can’t believe this is happening. I have been waiting for this moment all my life, but I guess I thought I’d be doing it on my terms? Like I would find her, not the other way around. This is all so overwhelming.”


“Remember, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, Vice. This is still on your terms. If it’s too fast or too soon, you can tell her that. You deserve time to process.”


“I know. I just...I want to know her so badly. I want to know everything about her. Where she's been, what she’s like, why  I was adopted. Is it too much to ask that today?” I asked. 


“No, of course not. Like I said, this is on your terms.” George grabbed my hand. “And I will support you, whatever you choose. I’m here for you Vicelia.”


I sighed in relief as he hugged me. “I knew I could count on  you.”


“Always.” George kissed me. “I do have a question though.”




“You said you’re not breaking up with me. Does that mean I’m your boyfriend?”


Rue (Mum?) was waiting for me outside the shop. “Hi!” I said nervously. “I invited George to come with us, I hope that’s okay. I’m just a nervous wreck and he really grounds me you know?”


“It’s fine sweetheart.” She assured me. “Nice to meet you George. I’m Rue, Vicelia’s biological mother.”


“Great to meet you. I’m George. I’ your daughter.”  He smiled. 


“So I hear. Is the Leaky Cauldron okay?” We nodded. 


Once we’re seated we don’t say anything. We just stare at each other. “I um...I don’t know what to say.” I admitted. 


“Ask me anything, darling.”


“Why did you give me up?” I asked. 


She takes a deep breath. “I was about your age when I got pregnant with you. I was not suited to be a mother. I was partying, stealing, doing all kinds of illegal things. I was bad news, like you couldn’t even imagine.”


Only I kind of can imagine. She sounds like what I am now.


“You were just a baby when I got caught doing magic in front of muggles. It was stupid. Me and my friends just loved messing with them. Doing magic tricks without them realizing it was real magic. We used to scam and prank them all the time. It finally caught up to us...well me anyways. My friend left me behind. She got away with it and I took the consequences. Ten years in prison.”


“Oh my god.” I whispered. I never thought it would be this bad.


“My parents were supposed to take care of you while I was gone, but I think they were just so disappointed in me that they couldn’t even bear to look at you. So while I was locked away, they gave you up for adoption. They didn’t even tell me until it was too late. There was nothing I could do. I lost everything while I was in prison.”


“So what happened when you got out?” George asked. 


“My parents claimed they knew nothing about Vice. Said it was a closed adoption and that she had been taken to America...So that’s where I went. I searched for her everywhere there.”


“I've never been there.” I stated.


“I know that now. After I failed to find you, I came back. My parents were sick and I had to take care of them, even though they couldn't do that for you. And then finally, right before they died they gave me something. An address. Your parents address. I used to walk by every single day, until I finally saw you.” Her eyes filled with tears. “You were so beautiful. You look just like I did when I was your age.”


“So Vice is gonna look like you in about twenty years?” George chuckled. “Good to know she'll always be beautiful.”


Rue laughed. “Oh you’ve got a good one here, Vicelia.”


“I do.” I smiled. 


“So my parents passed away and I just kept walking by your house. Then I found out you worked here. I thought I could get to know you as a friend. I was so proud seeing you work at the shop. You looked so happy and you were so good at it. You’re doing so much better than I was at your age.”


“Why didn't you want to know me as a mother?”


“I did sweetie. I just didn't know if you wanted that. I didn't know what your life was like or how much your parents told you. If you even wanted anything to do with me. It didn't feel right to completely alter your life like that if it wasn't something you wanted. But I promised myself the first hint that I got that it is what you wanted I would say something. And that came today.”


“I guess that does make sense. So...what about my father? Do you know him?”


“I do. He's the first person I went to see when I got out of prison. I thought maybe you were with him. He has a family. A wife, a daughter-”


“So I have a sister?” I asked hopefully. “Like a blood sister?”


She nodded. “A half sister, yes. But...she doesn't know a thing about you, Vice.”


“Oh. Does my father not want me?”


“It's not that. He tried to find you after you were adopted, but my parents told him the same lie. I get it. At the time he wasn't exactly on the right track. But he's so different now. He got his life together and seems to be a great father and husband. I think he just gave up all hope that he would ever find you. So he moved on.”


“I guess that's understandable.” I muttered. “Do you think he’d want to meet me?”


“Maybe. But I’m worried. I don't want him to break your heart if he finds he doesn't want a place in your life.”


I couldn't help but smile. I can just feel how much she loves and cares about me. She’s known me for less than two months and she's already thinking about what's best for me. 


“That’s fair.” I said. “And I don't want to rush this at all. I mean we basically just met. I want to get to know you. Everything about you. A-and I hope you want to know everything about me.”


“Of course I do, Vice. I have for nineteen years. I’m sorry we were separated for so long. I swear it will never happen again.”


I smiled. “That’s all I want. I’ve been waiting for this moment all of my life. You have completely exceeded all expectations. Um, can you Mum? Or is that kind of weird?’


Her eyes filled with tears again. “If you want. I would love that Vicelia.”




She grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “This is all I’ve ever wanted. After everything I’ve been through to be holding my daughter’s hand right now means everything.”


“It means everything to me too. I just can’t believe this is happening. It almost feels like a dream.”


“That’s because it is darling.” 


My heart sank. “Wait, really?”


Mum laughed. “No, sweetie. I’m joking. This is real life.”


“Wow, she really is like you.” George smiled. “Um, also, I want you to know, what’s going on between me and Vicelia is completely innocent. I’m not trying to take control of her career or anything, I just really adore her. Your daughter is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me and I care about her more than anything.”


“I can tell. She told me she really likes you.”


“Mum!” I exclaimed. “Oh my god. You’re embarrassing me like a parent does. This is so amazing!” I gushed.


“Oh, I have another question.” George spoke up. “Do you have a husband or a family or anything like that?”

Mum shook her head. “No, nothing like that. My life’s goal has been to find Vice and I haven’t really had time for other things.”


“I’m that important to you?” I asked. “You...put your life on hold for me?”


“Honey, I would do anything for you. Other people don’t matter. You do.”


I was fighting back tears at this point. I just can’t believe I spent all my life feeling like I was unloved and all along there she was loving me and trying to find me. How incredible is that?


“Would you two like to have dinner with me? On Friday night?”


“That sounds wonderful.” I smiled. “George is that okay?”


“I would love to go, thank you for inviting me.” George said sincerely. 


“Oh of course.” Mum smiled. “Anyone who means a lot to my daughter means a lot to me.”



“What the fuck!” Megan screamed the next night at Matty’s party. “Your biological mum found you, how fucking insane!”


“Um I’m more caught up on the fact that you’re cheating on my best friend!” Matty pointed out.


“I’m not cheating on Lucian.” I said defensively. “We’re not actually together, therefore his proposal was completely out of left field. I said I’d think about it and I did. I don’t want that with him.”


“So what is so special about your boss?”


“Can you not call him that? George is so much more than my boss.” 


“Wait, Vice, you actually went for it?” Rick asked, coming up from behind me and giving me a kiss on the cheek. He had integrated into our friend group pretty well. “You’re shagging your boss?”


“What did I just say? When we shag, George is not my boss. He’s just the guy I really like.” I explained. 


“Back to important things, did you tell your family about Rue?” Megan questioned. “Cece says you haven’t talked to them in over a week? What’s up with that?”


“Cece also called me a slut and accused me of sleeping with George to further my career, so no I’m not really talking to my family right now. I don’t know how to tell them about Rue.” I admitted. “I think I’ll keep it to myself.”


“Yeah, I can’t think of how that could go wrong.” Rick joked. 


“Oh shut up.”


“I’m just saying Vice, it’s hard to keep that kind of stuff from your family.”


“I know. I just don’t feel close to them at all right now. I don’t know how to tell them all that’s going on with me. I mean I told them I wasn’t marrying Lucian and they flipped. They said the shop was making me different or whatever. And they hate that I’m seeing George.”


“So start seeing me instead.” Rick grinned. “You can take me home and your parents will love me.” He leaned in to kiss me and I pushed his face away, laughing.


“Very funny Rick.”


“What’s wrong with me Vice? Why won’t you date me? Am I not your type?”


“You’re too much my type.” I smiled. “I fear if I had sex with you, I’d completely fall in love with you.”


“And that’s a bad thing?” He laughed. 




“Is George making an appearance tonight?” Megan asked. “I really want to meet this guy.”


“He should be here any minute.” I smiled. “Please don’t embarrass me, I really like this guy.”


“Well, I’m going to be on my worst behavior.” Rick stated. 


“Oh me too, mate.” Matty laughed, clinking his cup into his.


“You guys suck.” I shook my head as I spotted Monica. Oh shit. I didn’t think she would be here. “Who invited Monica?”


“What’s wrong with having Monica here?” Matty asked. 


“Um, I’m kind of shagging the guy she was dating...again.”


“Why do you torture Monica like this?” Megan giggled. 


“I don’t mean to.”


“Um, what the hell are you doing here?” Monica asked, her anger directed at Rick. “You dumped me years ago and now you’re hanging out with my friends? What the fuck?”


“Can we talk, Monica?” Rick questioned. “Come on.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her away. 


“Hopefully Rick will distract her so she won’t notice you and George.”  Matty shrugged. “Speak of the Devil.”


We looked at the door and George had just walked in. I got up and ran over to him, jumping in his arms. “Hi, babe. I missed you.”


“Missed you more.” He smiled. “Am I allowed to kiss you in front of your friends o-” I kissed him instead. I knew everyone was looking at us and were confused about why I’m wrapped around George when I’m supposed to be with Lucian. But I don’t care. It’s none of their business.


“Come meet my friends.” I whispered, hopping off of him and pulling him to my friends. “Everyone, this is George.”


“Yeah, we met when you were with Monica.” Matty laughed, before Megan elbowed him.


“I’m Megan, Vice’s best friend.” She shook his hand. “Vice talks about you all the time.”


“That’s not true.” I said. “I barely mention you. You’re so unimportant to me.”


“Yeah, I’m sure.” He kissed me. 


“Um, what is the meaning of this?” We broke apart and saw Monica. “Vice, I told you to put in a good word for me, not yourself.”


“I did put a good word in.” I insisted. “I told you he wouldn’t listen to me.”


“Monica, you’re  a nice...ish girl, really. It’s just Vice and I have a connection. I really do wish you the best though.” George said sincerely. 


“And I wish you both the worst.” Monica snapped. “You’re such a slut Vicelia.”


She stomped away. “That went well.” I laughed. 


“She’s really mad.” George commented. 


“She’ll get over it. She always does.”


“Can I ask you something?” Annie whispered. 


“Sure of course.” I said. 


“How serious are Fred and Sinthia?”


“Pretty damn serious from what I know. I mean they are planning a wedding. Why?”


“I don’t know, I get these vibe off of Fred sometimes. He’s kinda flirty with me. Is he like that with you?”


I shook my head. “No, I don’t think so. I think it’s just his personality. He’s just really friendly is all.”


“Okay, that’s what I thought.” Annie sighed in relief. “I don’t want to cause any problems with them.”


“I’m sure you won’t. Fred and Sin are the most solid couple that I know. They’re crazy about each other. They’ll be fine.”


“Good, good. I thought maybe that’s why Sinthia doesn’t like me.”


“You still think she doesn’t like you?” I asked. 


“She just seems so much warmer with everyone else and not with me.” Annie sighed. 


“Maybe you guys just need to hang out outside of work?” I suggested. “We can all do something at my place maybe? Break the ice a little bit.”


“That would be nice I think.”


“Great, we should do something this weekend. Just the employees here. It’ll be fun.”


“Yeah, that sounds great to me.” Annie smiled. “I’m excited.”


“For what?” Fred asked.


“Oh, Vice is going to have a little get together this weekend.” 

“Ooh, that sounds like fun. The bosses are invited right?”


“Of course. It’s not a party without you guys.” I smiled. 


“Great. Maybe you can introduce us to that guy you’re seeing?” Fred nudged me. “Wanna see if that bloke is good enough for you.”


“This is supposed to be a work people only thing. Just the five of us.”


“Boo.” He pouted. “I’m starting to think you don’t want this guy to meet us Vice. Are you ashamed of me?”


“Yes, yes I am.” I laughed, shoving him lightly. 


“Yeah, you and Sin both.” He shook his head before walking to the back.


Annie’s eyes widened. “He was totally flirting with you.”


“Oh he was not.” I laughed. “Fred and I are like siblings, really.”


“If you say so.”


“So I hear there’s  a party?” Sin asked eagerly. “Are you going to teach me how to do that keg stand thing, Vice?”


“Ooh, yes. I’ll have my friend Steven get me one.”


“I’m sorry, what is a keg stand?” Annie asked. 


“Oh it’s this where you drink beer upside down from a keg. It’s a lot of fun.” I laughed. 


“Another time we should just have a girl’s night.” Sin suggested. “We can have a sleepover and drink and gossip about boys.”


“Won’t it be kind of weird to gossip about Fred with us?” Annie asked. “I mean he is our boss. We shouldn’t think about him like that.”


I looked down and said nothing. If only they knew the things I do to my boss.


“I don’t think so. I mean Fred is more than just a boss. He’s also a boy who does stupid things and I want to vent about them. What do you think Vice?”


“Oh I’m all about that. I have so much to gossip about. Boys and family.” I chuckled. 


“Right, aren’t you seeing your biological mum tonight for dinner?”




“It’s gonna just be you two?”


“No, I’m also taking Geo-just um the guy I’m seeing. He’s going too.”


“Wow, Vice, that’s kind of serious!” Sin smiled. “You really like this guy huh?”


“So much.” I sighed happily. “He’s really special.”


“I cannot wait to meet him.”


“Meet who?” George asked. 


“Vice’s boyfriend.” Sin grinned.


“Oh boyfriend? Is that what you’re calling him?”


“I never said that.” I laughed. “Though, he has been quite boyfriend-y lately. Always at my place, meeting my Mum. I think it’s getting kind of serious.”


“That’s not moving too fast for you is it?” George asked, trying to sound casual.


“No, it’s perfect.” 


“So what are you doing tonight, George?” Sin asked. “Are you going to be at dinner?”


“Um, no I have a date.” He stated. 


“You have been dating like crazy lately.” Fred said. “You have a date for every night.”


“What can I say I’m a hot commodity.” George shrugged. “Anyways I gotta go, can’t be late.”


“Oh yeah, me too.” I said. “See you guys later.”



Dinner was going wonderfully. I could tell Mum was really nervous, but so was I. George was making jokes and keeping things light. I was so grateful for him.


“Vice, have you told your parents about me?” Mum asked.


“Um, no. We’re not really talking right now, and I kind of want to keep you to myself for now. Well to myself and George I guess. Did you want to meet them?”


“I don’t know if they’d want to meet me. I can’t imagine what my parents told them about me.  I don’t want to ruin any relationship you have with them. That’s not what I’m here to do.”


“I know that. My relationship with my family has always been less than great. I’m just so different from them and we don’t always see eye to eye or get along. You being in my life won’t make that worse. And I know it sounds bad, but I think I’d choose a relationship with you any day.”


“I would never make you choose between me and your family, love.” Mum assured me. “I’m grateful for how they’ve raised you. You’re an amazing young woman.”


“Oh, don’t tell her that. Then she’s going to realize she’s much too good for me.” George grinned. 


“Oh, please, Georgie. You’re the one who’s too good for me.” I smiled. “But I don’t mind you slumming it.”



“Take me to the muggle world tonight.” George whispered. 




“I want to go on a date. Is the carnival still there?”


“I think so.” I said. “If you’re nice maybe I’ll win you a stuffed animal.”


“And if you’re nice maybe I’ll kiss you at the top on the Ferris Wheel.” 


“Why don’t you kiss me now?” I whispered. 


George obliged, slowly sitting in his chair and pulling me into his lap. “Can I ask you something?”


“Of course.”


“Is there anyone else?”


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“I know relationships aren’t your thing, so I just want to know if you’re seeing anyone other than me.” George refused to look me in the eye.


“No, of course not. You are literally the only boy I can think about.”


“So you’re not also dating some Lucian guy?” 


“Who told you about Lucian?” I questioned. 


“Some of your friends at the party mentioned him. So you’re not with him anymore?”


I shook my head. “I never really was. Not the way I feel like I’m with you.”


“So does that mean we’re like boyfriend and girlfriend?” George asked hopefully.


“What happened to no labels?” I teased as I kissed him. 


“Same thing that happened to taking this slow. It’s out the window. So what do you think? Can I be your boyfriend?”


I looked at him for a moment. I was still so terrified of getting serious, but maybe it was time to let that go. I now know I was never unloved. I wasn’t abandoned or left behind. Someone has wanted me my whole life. And now George does. And I trust him.


“Um, okay...boyfriend.” I smiled before kissing him again. 


“Okay, George we’re gonna go-oh!” Sin exclaimed. 


George and I pulled apart and saw her and Fred in the doorway.


Fred raised his eyebrows. “You two sure have some explaining to do.”



A/N: Well this was kind of a crazy chapter for me to write since it's so personal! I like Vice was adopted so this hits close to home. It feels good to finally have her Mom in her life! In other news, Vice and George are official! She's finally letting him in for real, but now they're not so much a  secret anymore! Rick seems to have a bit of a crush on Vice and Annie seems to have some feelings towards Fred. That of course cannot be good! How will Fred and Sin take Vorgie being together? We shall see!

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