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(Dorado’s POV)


Si and I were finally old enough to go to Hogwarts!!! Tomorrow is our birthday! I can't wait till the owls come! I hope, hope, HOPE that I’m not in Slytherin although I’m sure Mother will skin me alive if I’m not! 



Sorry! You probably have NO idea who I am and who ‘Si’ is! I am Dorado Walburga Black, from the Noble House of Blacks, twin sister to Sirius Orion Black (aka Si). Right now I am in potions class with Si and my younger brother Regulus Arcturus Black, but you can call him Reggie! Mr. Limonio is the worst possible teacher to teach potions! HE IS SO BORING! He just drones on and on about flobberworms and horpins.


Thank the Lord that’s over! Si and I are going out to ride brooms through the night sky! Shhh! Mother and Father can't find out! The only one who does know is Reggie! Reggie doesn't want to come though! I can't imagine why! 


Woooo! I just love the feeling of the crisp, cold air hitting my face while we glide through the midnight sky! Well, almost midnight! It's 11:20 right now. Ok, ok, down we gooooooo!!!! That was a smooth-ish landing. It's 12!!! I am officially 11 now! Crack… 




We are back home now, I'm sitting with Si and Reggie in my room. Something strange happened that made us come back nearly immediately. While Si and I were wishing each other a Happy Birthday, we heard a crack from between the trees. From behind a bush, a full-grown fox appeared!!! Si was freaking out for a few minutes telling me to jump back on my broom, but I was listening to what the fox was saying. Yes, that's right! I was talking and understanding the fox! I was talking in normal English, Si told me but the fox wasn't. I think I'm part fox maybe! My 2 clever (not) brothers are saying to try it out with a different animal. So now in the room, there is a Dora (Dorado, but you better NEVER call me that!) Black, Sirius Black, Regulus Black, and Mother’s owl. Here we go… 


After a while, judging by the amazed faces on my brother’s faces the same thing happened. I can apparently speak to animals!




It took long enough for September 1st to come! Now that we are FINALLY on the platform, it's time to say goodbye to Reggie! Mother and Father are not big fans of affection. Now time for the train! Hogwarts here we come!


Currently, I am in a compartment with Si, a boy with messy black hair and hazel eyes who seems nice enough, a boy with light brown hair and scars on his, he's nice, and a small, mousy boy with blond hair and beady blue eyes. Their names are James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. They all seem nice, though I like James the best, he's a troublemaker just like me and Si! Did I mention we LOVE to play pranks! 


Woah! The castle looks AH-MAZING! Just for the fun of it, I had decided to push Si off of the boats and into the water! He did the same to me! Soon, the friendly and kind half-giant called Hagrid helped us both in the boats again! 


Now my nerves are coming back! I look at Si, he doesn't even seem worried! Professor McGonagall or Minnie as Si and I have decided to call her doesn't seem like someone you want to mess with anytime soon! Now it's time for the sorting!


“Potter, James” 


I shoot James a supporting smile and nod.


“GRYFFINDOR!” Of course!


The other two boys in our compartment also become Gryffindors! 


Now, here it comes… “Black, Dorados”




“Hmm...interesting! Lots of ambition in you, plenty of smarts too. Wouldn't do too bad in any of the houses, but your bravery beats all. Better be…GRYFFINDOR!”



A/N: This is my very first time writing fanfiction! although I have dozens! Don't forget to review, it would mean a lot to me!

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