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“So what you’re saying is I-I’m fired? Am I that bad at my job? I-is this because of what’s going on with George?” I asked.


“Oh god, I really am bad at this.” Sin groaned. “No, Vice, you are not losing your job. It’s the opposite! A promotion. We want you to be the manager.”


I sighed in relief. “Oh thank god. Oh Sin you scared the shit out of me!” 


“I’m so sorry, I told you I’ve never done this before, I should have led with a promotion.”


“It’s okay. I’m just glad I don’t have to look for a new job. Now can we go back to the part about you wanting me to be a manager?” I asked.


“Vice, you’ve been doing an incredible job here. You know almost as much as we do about this shop. We want to have a bridge between owner and employee and you are the perfect bridge.” Sin smiled. 


“And everyone agrees on this?”


“If you’re asking about George, yes he did. I know you guys don’t exactly get along, but I think he still recognizes how great you are at this job. It’s undeniable. So a promotion was the only option. And that comes with a raise too. So you’ll definitely pay for your parent’s house in time.”


“Sin…” I whispered. “Thank you. Really. This means a lot to me. I’m um, I’m not good at a lot of things, but it feels good to know you guys think I’m good at this.”


“You’re not good at this, Vice. You’re amazing.” Sin got up and hugged me. “We’re so glad you’re a part of this.”


“Thank you, so am I.” I blinked back tears. Something about being here felt like home. Sin and Fred felt almost like siblings. And George felt like something else entirely. He made everything feel like it makes sense.


“Alright.” Sin wiped her eyes. “Let’s go meet our new employee, Ms. Manager.”


“So did she accept?” Fred grinned. 


“I did.” I smiled back. “You are looking at Vice Richardson: Manager.”


“Congrats, Vice.” George said. “You deserve this.”




The bell to the front door opened and in walked a girl about my height with straight black hair and light brown eyes. “Hi. Sorry I’m late!”


“You’re good.” Fred assured her. “Everyone, this is Annie. Our new employee!”


“Hi!” She waved as she approached us. “I’m really excited to start working here.”


“We’re excited for you.” Sin smiled. “I’m Sinthia.”


“Great to meet you.” She shook her hand. 


“And I’m George.”


“Telling you two apart is going to be kind of hard.”


“You get used to it pretty easily. Fred is easy to get along with and George is not.” I laughed. “I’m Vice, the manager.”


Wow I could really get used to saying that. I can’t believe how proud I am of this title. I never thought I’d actually find personal satisfaction in a job, and yet here I am.


“Nice to meet you. I love your name.” Annie grinned.


“Thanks.” I already really liked Annie. 


“Vice, why don’t you give Annie the tour?” Sin suggested. 


“ want me to give her the tour?” I asked. 


“You are the manager.” Fred grinned. 


“Um, yeah okay. Let’s go Annie.” I led her to the back where she could drop her bag off and then the tour started. 


“So, how is it working here?” She asked. “Honestly?”


“It’s amazing.” I assured her. “They are literally the best bosses in the world and this is so much fun. You’ll love it here.”


“Good, I’m glad. I was a little skeptical, but you’ve made me feel better.”


“I’m glad. So who did you interview with?” 


“Fred. He’s really funny.”


“Yeah the twins are hilarious. Sin too.”


“So what’s the deal with Sin? She’s not related to them, so how does she fit in with the Weasley of it all?” Annie questioned.


“Oh her and Fred are completely and totally in love. They’re engaged.” I informed her.


“I see. What a shame. Fred is so cute. Not that I’d ever go after my boss, but you know.”


Yes I, the girl currently sleeping with her boss most definitely get it. “Yeah, for sure.”


“What about George, is he seeing anyone?” Annie questioned. “Just curious.”


“Yep.” I said quickly. “He’s most definitely seeing someone.”


“All the good ones are taken. What about you? Boyfriend?”


“Um, kind of. It’s really complicated.” I admitted. 


“Oh, believe me, I get it. Me and my ex had this big dramatic break up, yet we still love each other, so it’s like are we together, are we not? It’s a total mess. That’s why I got a job here, I needed a distraction.”


“Well this place is a wonderful distraction. And if you ever need a male distraction, I know a really cute bartender.”


“Tell me more.”


I had a feeling Annie and I were going to get along just fine.


Twenty minutes til opening on my first day as manager! I have a shiny new name badge and a great attitude. Why the hell am I so nervous? I mean this shift probably won’t really be that different. I guess I just never really saw myself as management material and I’m anxious about if I’ll do well.


“Vice what the hell?” George stormed up to me.


“What?” I asked. 


“The way you stacked The Haunted Deck is atrocious! Is that really how a manager does it?”


“Excuse me, I stacked them to perfection!”


“We must have different meanings of that word. Get back here right now so I can show you the proper way.” He demanded. 


“Make sure you have your keys so we don’t locked in there again!” I followed him.


“Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal.” Sin assured Annie.


“Yeah, they fight all the time.” Fred shook his head. 


We got to the storage closet and I let the door close. The moment we hear the click, George kisses me. He pressed me against the shelf. I should be worried about something falling on me but my focus is all on George and how worked up he’s making me.


“What is this for?” I whispered. 


“Because you are so hot and I’m so proud of you.” He grinned. “You deserved that promotion.”


“Seriously? You don’t just think that because of what’s going on between us?” 


George paused. “Of course that’s not the reason. You got it because you earned it, Vicelia. Oh...sorry. I know you don’t like to be called that.”


“No, it’s okay...I actually kind of liked it when you said it.” I admitted.


“Oh yeah?” He grinned before kissing me again. He unbuckled his pants as he lifted me up.


“George, are we going to shag in here?”


“Just a quick one. I’m sure Fred and Sin do it all the time.”


“We might get caught.” I whispered. 


“Isn’t that the fun in it?”


I’ve shagged in many places I shouldn’t, but this is definitely the first time in a storage closet at work. I know it’s kind of wrong, but it feels so right. George is correct, the danger is definitely thrilling. 


“You have to keep wearing dresses to work.” George breathed. “It makes it easier, so we can do this every day.”


“You want to have sex with me in a closet every day?”


“I want to have sex with you every minute of the day. If it has to be in a closet, so be it. Though we should try my office some time.”


God what is happening? George and I really do have some sort of relationship. How in the world did this happen?


“Sounds good to me. I should go, don’t want them getting suspicious.” I straightened out my dress.


“Hey.” George put his hands on my face. “I really am proud of you, babe. You’re gonna do great.” He kissed me before I left.


I had to force myself not to smile as I walked back out front. It was harder than ever considering George Weasley makes me smile more than anyone else.


So far the day is going great! I feel a new sense of purpose with my manager badge and I swear people are even being nicer to me. I can definitely get used to this.


“Hello Vice.”


“Rue!” I smiled. “Notice anything different?”


“You’re wearing your hair down today.” She stated.


“Oh that’s true, but anything else? Something shiny?”


It took her a moment and then she gasped. “You were promoted? You’re a manager now? Oh sweetie, that’s amazing!” She hugged me. “I am so proud of you.”


“Thank you! I’m really shocked and excited.”


“Oh I’m sure your parents will be thrilled.”


“I’m telling them tonight so I hope so.” I laughed. 


“Well it will be nice to have a manager taking care of me today.” Rue said happily.


As always we looked through the muggle products. Today’s purchase was Eduardo’s Unbreakable Eggs.


“Thank you for your help honey.” Rue grinned. “I see that boy is still staring at you.”


I looked up and sure enough George was staring. I waved at him and he waved back. “Yeah I guess he is.”


“Did something happen? Did you go after him like I told you to?”


“Actually he kind of came after me.” I admitted. “We’re testing things out for now.”


“Do you like him?” She asked.


“Yeah, I really do. More than I ever thought I would.”


“He treats you nicely?”


“Definitely. He believes in me. I’ve never really had that before.”


Rue nodded. “Good. That’s what matters most. And he seems like a good boy to bring home to your mother.”


“Yeah, we’ll see about that.” I chuckled. 


“Well, I’ll see you in a few days, darling. Congratulations again.”


“Thanks, Rue. I’ll see you soon.” I waved. I really like her. 


George and I go to my place for lunch, though no real eating occurs. “Sex in the middle of the day is so satisfying.” He sighed. 


“More than satisfying I’d say.” I laid my head on his chest.


“I told you I could do better than satisfactory.”


“You proved me right Georgie.”


“Do you want to have dinner with my family tonight?” George asked. “Mum and Dad have been talking about you non stop.”


“Oh, I want to so bad, but I have dinner with my parents tonight. I want to tell them about the promotion and all of that.”


“That makes sense. Another night.”


“Yes, definitely. I really like your family.” I admitted. “I think they get me more than my own do.”


“Yeah, I do have a pretty great family. You’d fit right in. I mean not that we’re that serious or even like talking about anything like that, but you know.”


“I get what you mean Weasley, don’t freak out.”


“I just don’t want to scare you away by being too serious.” He whispered. 


“I’m a hard girl to scare away, George. I’m not trying to go anywhere.”


“Good, because I like having you right here in my arms.”


“If you could stay here I would never want to leave this bed.” I smiled up at him before kissing him. “This is perfect.”


George kissed me again. “You’re perfect.”



Mum looks disappointed when she sees me. “You’re not wearing a ring.”


“Why would I be?” I asked. 


“Well didn’t Lucian ask you to marry him?”


“Yeah, he did um...but I don’t think I’m going to.” I quickly walked past her.


“What do you mean?”


“Vice, what did you say to Lucian?” Cece asked as I sat down.


“No.” I said. 


“I knew it!” Chris laughed. “Ten Galleons from you both.”


“Ugh, why couldn’t you say yes?” Charlie asked.


“Because it was too much.” I shrugged. 


“What do you mean too much?” Dad asked. “You’ve been with him for two years.”


“Look, I have to be honest about something. Luc and I weren’t actually dating for real. I mean we definitely had relations, but not  a relationship.”


Cece laughed. “What did I tell you boys? I owe you nothing now, Chris. Charlie, ten Galleons.”


“Enough with the bets!” I snapped. 


“Vicelia, what is wrong with you?” Mum asked. “Lucian is a good boy who loves you. Why are you tossing him aside?”


“I just don’t want to marry him. Besides, I’m seeing someone new.”


“Already?” Charlie asked. “That’s kind of fast.”


“Yeah, that’s what happens when a relationship isn’t real.” I shrugged. “Anyways, I have amazing news.”


“You’re going to marry Lucian?” Dad asked. 


“No, Dad. I got promoted at work. I’m officially a manager!”


I was not met with excitement. “Why are you furthering your career at a joke shop?” Chris asked. “Do you really want to be trapped there?”


“What? I’m not trapped. I’m happy. I love working there. It’s my favorite place in the world. What’s wrong with being a manager?”


“I’m sorry, Vice but it’s weird to be so serious about a job like that.” Cece shook her head. “I thought by now you’d realize this shouldn’t be a long term thing.”


“And why not?”


“Because you’ve pretty much reached your peak there.” Charlie stated. “You can’t go any higher than manager, and now you’ll be stuck at one point.”


I could not believe they weren’t happy for me. After all the hard work I did, it still meant nothing to them.


“Mum, Dad, y-you think it’s a good thing right?” I asked. 


“Honestly, Vicelia, I don’t think I like you at the joke shop.” Mum admitted. “Since you’ve started there, you’ve been different.”


“It’s clearly turning you away from Lucian.” Dad pointed out.


“This isn’t about Lucian, this is about me!”


“Well darling, maybe you should work somewhere else. Somewhere you won’t be wasting your time.”


I sighed. “I think I’m gonna go.” 


“Where?” Mum asked.


“There’s a family dinner going on right now with people who believe in me and are proud of me. I think I’d rather be there right now.” I got up and walked out before Apparating to the place that actually felt like home.


I knocked on the door. George answered. He smiled when he saw me. “Vice, you’re here. I thought you’d be with your family.”


“Change of plans.” I shrugged. “Am I too late?”


“You’re right on time.” He kissed me quickly before letting me in. “Look who’s here.”


“Vice!” Sin smiled. “Oh I’m so glad you made it!”


“Oh Vice, you’re back!” Molly smiled. “And I heard we have some celebrating to do in your honor.”


“Yes, you’re a manager now!” Arthur smiled. “Very prestigious.”


“Thank you.” I smiled. 


George pulled my chair out for me and then took  a seat next to me. Everyone was staring at him weirdly. “What? I can be a gentleman.”


“Miracles happen every day.” I giggled.


“Congrats on making manager.” Ginny smiled. “Honestly I’m shocked you’re even still working there. Thought George would have scared you off.”


“George is all bark and no bite. He doesn’t scare me.”


“Yeah, you’re not that scary either Vicelia.” He chuckled. 


“George stop calling her that, she doesn’t like it.” Sin scolded him.


“Um, it’s alright.” I assured her. “I mean it is my name.” And it sounds so amazing coming out of his mouth.


Fred squinted at me for a moment and then shook his head. “So, how did your parents take the news?”


“They’re not thrilled.”


“Why not?” Ron asked. “I mean a higher paying job is a good thing. How much do you make now by the way?”

“Ronald, really?” Hermione asked. “Don’t you know it’s rude to ask that?”


“Is it?”


“I make enough.” I laughed. “And my parents don’t think it’s a particularly practical job. They want me to grow up or whatever.”


“But you are grown up.” Harry said. “You have a steady job. I’m confused.”


“Me too.” I laughed slightly. “I mean in some aspects they’re right. But I think I’ll grow up next year. That seems like a good time.”


“Don’t.” George stated. “You’re already perfect.”


“I’m sorry was that a compliment?” Sin asked in shock.


“A genuine one too.” Fred said in amusement. “Are you guys over your arguing phase?”


“He said one good thing about me out of the fifty-seven awful things he’s said.” I shook my head. “But I suppose some progress is being made.”


“Exactly. Gotta keep Vice on her toes.” George shrugged. That’ll be a change of pace from him keeping me on my back.


“Well, Vice, if your parents won’t celebrate you, we will.” Molly announced. “I have a cake for dessert.”


“I love cake, thank you.”


“So since Vice was promoted, you have a new person right?” Charlie asked. “How are they?”


“Annie is great.” Sin said. “A little shy and odd, but I think she’ll do fine.”


“Shy?” Fred asked. “Annie is not shy at all, that’s why I hired her.”


“Well, she’s shy around me. Maybe I make her nervous or something?”


“Well, you are an intimidating boss.” I teased. 


“Is that why Fred is the best boss and I’m not?” She grinned. 


“Never gonna live that down.” I shook my head. “I can’t believe you told her, Fred.”


“Oh come on, I had to. Sin is better at everything, I wanted to one up her on one thing.” Fred kissed her cheek. “And I’ll forever be the best boss.”


“As long as you remember who’s really the boss.” She raised her eyebrows.


“Well, of course. I’ll do anything you want me to.” Fred kissed her on the lips as the younger kids booed. 


“Here I thought I wouldn’t have to endure meals with them snogging once they graduated.” Ron rolled his eyes. 


“Don’t be jealous because you know nothing of romancing a girl.” Sin shrugged.


“I romance the hell out of Hermione, thank you!”


“The one time you romanced me, you got advice from someone who gave his girlfriend a love potion.” Hermione shook her head. “That’s just sad, Ron.”


“Hey, say what you want about Cedric Diggory, but he made me some money.” Harry smiled. 


“How?” I asked.


“The four of us like to do some betting.” Ginny informed me. “Mostly on Sinthia and Fred’s love life considering it was so damn messy, but we’re not allowed to bet on them anymore.”


“So what are you betting on now?”


“Someone else.” Hermione smiled deviously.


“Yeah someone at this table.” Ron grinned. “But that’s all we’ll say, as not to dictate the outcome.”


“I’m sorry they’re so obnoxious.” George shook his head.


“It’s okay, my siblings make bets about my life all the time.” I laughed. 


“Do you also have a messy love life?” Ron asked. 


“Most definitely. Especially right now.”


“You’re seeing someone Vice?” Sin asked. “Is it that hot bartender?”


“Hot bartender?” Fred asked. “And since when is my fiancee in contact with a hot bartender?”


“I’m not, Vice has just told me about him.”


“Has she?” George asked. “Why?”


“I assume because they’re seeing each other. I mean don’t you go see him after work all the time?” Sin asked. 


“No. I mean, yeah I go get a drink, but we’re not seeing each other like that. At all. I’m seeing someone else.” I insisted, mostly for George’s sake. I didn’t want him thinking there was anyone else, because there definitely wasn’t.


“Well tell us about him.” Molly urged. 


“Um...he’s really cute. V-very funny and adventurous. He has a great family.”


“Oh, you already met his family?” Fred asked. “That’s kind of fast.”


“Yeah, it really is, but it works for us.” I said. 


“You should bring this young man here some time. We’d love to meet him.” Arthur said.


“Um, yeah okay...I um I’ll see if he can some time.”


“Great, now my family wants to meet me.” George whispered. 


I couldn’t help but laugh. “What’s so funny?” Sin asked. 


“Sorry I just thought of a muggle joke.” 


“Speaking of muggle things, George tells me of this intricate sphere you have?” Arthur asked.


“Yeah, it’s this kind of projection light thing. It makes it look like the night sky and it changes colors. It’s amazing.” I explained.


“I’d never seen anything like it. Her whole room was like being in space.” George said. 


“You’ve been in her room?”  Harry asked. “When?”


George and I looked at each other. “At my party that he unknowingly came to. I show everyone my sphere.”


“I bet you do.” Ron muttered. 


“Anyways it’s my little party trick. Georgie was the only one who really appreciated it.”


I think Sin noticed that I had called him Georgie. She squinted the way Fred had earlier. We’re kind of bad about this whole sneaking around thing. 


“Well that just sounds fascinating! I’d love to see that!” Arthur announced.


“I’ll bring it by next time.” I smiled. “And I’ve been on the lookout for that blender too.”


“How do you know so much about muggle things?” Charlie asked. 


“I spend a decent amount of time in the muggle world. I find them very interesting.”


No way was I going to admit that I used to steal from them. They would be so disappointed in me and somehow that would feel even worse than my own family being disappointed in me.


As the night goes on, I find more things to love about the Weasleys. They’re such a warm family. George holds my hand under the table and it’s strange, but I don’t think anyone else’s hand has ever fit so perfectly in mine. I do notice that Molly keeps giving me strange looks, but I have no idea why.


I decided to help clear the table before the cake. I figured it was the least I could do. 


I ended up alone in the kitchen with Molly. “George is a nice boy.” She stated. 


“Oh I know. We just like to get on each other’s nerves. I don’t hate him or anything.” I assured her.


“Fred says George is seeing someone. Do you know the girl?” 


“George doesn’t talk about her much.”


“Well, I just hope she knows how wonderful he is. And that he loves very powerfully. And I hope that doesn’t scare her away. He might seem intense at times, but he can’t help it. He just has so much love to give a person.” Molly said looking me right in the eye.


Oh she knows. She definitely knows about me and George. 


I nodded. “And you should know that she’s aware of that. She’s a little scared of intensity, but she cares deeply for George and she knows she’s safe with him. She’ to the love that George has to give.”


Molly smiled. “I’m glad to hear that. I have a good feeling about this girl.”


“And she has a good feeling about your son."


Molly hugged me. “What’s going on here?” George asked. 


“Oh nothing. I’m going to take this out and give you two some time...alone.” Molly hurried out with the cake.


“What was that about?”


“I’m pretty sure your mum knows about us.”  I informed him. 


“It’s been like two days.” He groaned. “She’s not going to say anything is she?”


“I don’t think so. Hey, after this do you want to go to my place?”


“Nothing could keep me away.” He grinned before kissing me. “How long do you think we can keep this a secret?”


“Not very long.”


There’s a simplicity to just kissing. I can’t describe it. It’s almost innocent, even though it leads to less innocent things. It’s amazing what kissing can make you feel. It’s just lips on lips and yet there’s so much more under the surface. It is one of the most intimate acts.


I’m on my couch, straddling George as we kiss and do nothing else. I mean sure there’s a little touching, but every article of clothing that we were wearing when we entered my place is still on.


“I don’t get it.” George whispered as he pulled away. “Why don’t I need to do more than just this?”


“I don’t know.” I laughed. “I mean later I’ll definitely want more, but just kissing is giving me everything.”


“I’ve never felt this way kissing anyone else.”


“Me neither. There’s always something missing. I don’t feel that way with you, Georgie.” I smiled. 


“You’re making this hard Vicelia.”


“What do you mean?”


“I told myself I was going to manage my expectations with you. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that you like me. So I told myself that we wouldn’t get in deep and certainly not do it so fast. But every minute I’m with you I fall harder for you.” George said gently touching my cheek. “How do I stop it?”


“I’d tell you, only I’m kind of in the same situation.” I breathed. “That voice in my head that said this can only go so far is barely a whisper anymore. Are we mad? I mean this can’t right?”


“I’m willing to find out.” He kissed me again and that voice altogether disappeared. 


God this was terrifying. I didn’t know I was capable of feeling so much for one person. I thought I was broken and these feelings just weren’t for me, but I guess Megan was right. I just needed to find the right person. I think it’s George Weasley.


“Vice are you home?” Cece had just walked in. “Oh, sorry.”


“Cece, what are you doing here?” I asked, getting off of George.


“I just wanted to check on you, but you seem fine.”


“Um, George, this is my sister Cece.” They shook hands.


“Nice to meet you.” George smiled. 


“George Weasley?” Cece asked. 


“The one and only.”


“Um, George could you wait in my room for one moment?” I asked. 


“Of course babe.” 


“Your boss, Vice? Really, you’re sleeping with your boss? Why am I not surprised?”


“What the hell does that mean?”


“I mean it makes sense why don’t want to leave that stupid job! And I definitely understand why you got a promotion now.” Cece shook her head.


“Y-you think I only got promoted because I’m sleeping with George?” I asked. “ know I used to think it was my fault that you guys were so disappointed in me, but now I see it’s just how you think of me. Because I’m the odd one out right? I’m not like you guys.”


“Well none of us would sleep with our bosses! Vicelia you’re being foolish. George doesn’t care about you. You’re a piece of ass that he gets to control. He has power over your career. Why do you think this is okay?”


“I was getting a promotion before we even slept together.”


“Yeah sure. This is what you dumped Lucian for? So you could fuck your way to the top at work?”


“How can you say that to me, Cece? You think I would do that?” I cried. 


“Yes, I do. You would do anything to not actually work hard and be an adult. Honestly I don’t know who’s being taken advantage of more; you or George.” She sighed. 


“You don't know what you’re talking about.” 


“Just quit the job, Vice. Stop sleeping with your boss, quit the job and I will pay what you don’t have for the house. But this has to end.”






“No, Cece. You don’t tell me what to do. I’m sick of you all acting like I’m some fucking screw up. I’m finally doing good and working hard and you’re not going to take that from me. Now get out.”


“I wish you were smarter.” She scoffed.


“And I wish I hadn’t been adopted.” I whispered. 


“Grow up Vicelia.” She stomped out.


My door opened slowly. “She’s wrong.” George said as he walked over to me. “You’re not stupid or a fool and I’m not trying to have control over you.”


“I’m not trying to fuck my way to the top.” I said.


“I know that.” He hugged me tightly. “I’m sorry babe.”


“It’s okay. Things have always been this way. I don’t know why I thought they’d change.”



I have decided to ignore the negativity in my life. My family would not make me feel like shit for actually doing a good job. And Cece would not make me out to be some tramp just because I have feelings for George. I’m the fucking manger at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. I’m doing great.


“So how are you liking the job?” I asked Annie.


“Good. You were right, it’s a lot of fun. And Fred makes training actually enjoyable. And of course George is the nicest. I think Sinthia just needs to warm up to me.”


“What do you mean?”


“I don’t know I get this weird feeling that she doesn’t like me. But it’s probably just me being weird. I mean you and Sin get along really well right?”


“Oh yeah, we’re super close. She’s like a big sister, only I’m older.” I laughed. “I’m sure you guys will connect soon enough.”


Honestly, I kind of hope they don’t. I like having this close connection to Sin that no one else has. She was more of a sister to me lately than Cece had been.



“Why do you come here so often?” I asked Rue. “I mean who are these products for?”


“I come here for my daughter. She’s really into all of this stuff. I’m just trying to connect with her.”


“Wow, that must be nice.” I sighed.


“You seem a little down today, hun.” Rue pointed out as I rang her up.


“Just family stuff.” 


“What’s going on?”


“My parents and siblings can't seem to grasp that I’m actually doing something really well and I just want them to be proud of me, but they still see me as a screw up.” I explained. 


“I’m sorry, Vice. If it’s any consolation, I’m proud of you.” She smiled. 


“Thanks. I just wish I wasn’t so different from them in every way. There’s barely anything that connects us.”


“What do you mean by that?” 


“I’m adopted, so I don’t look like my family and I’m obviously very different from them.” I shook my head. “I wish I knew who my biological parents were.”


“I’m sure they want to know you too.” Rue said quietly.


“Guess I’ll never know.” I shrugged. “Anyways you’re all set. Tell your daughter I said hi. You should bring her in, I’d love to meet her.”


“She’s actually already here.” 


“Oh where?”


“I’m looking at her.” Rue whispered. 


“What?” I breathed. 


“Vicelia...I’m your mother.”



A/N: So much happened in this chapter! Our darling Vice was promoted as all of you guessed and things are getting quite serious with George. Vice's family kind of sucks, but as usual the Weasleys do not. And we've reached our first big reveal of the story! Rue is Vice's biological mother! How did she find her? Where has she been? Who is her father? We shall see! Thanks so much for reading!

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