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Chapter 18:The Fabled Secrecy Harry and Ron were quickly out of breath, and were just on the point of giving up trying to find the two girls when they heard someone crying in a classroom next to them. Inching closer, they heard Hermione’s voice talking to Jessica, who was sobbing harder than they had ever heard. “Jessie, I think you need to talk to Sirius.” “How? He won’t come anymore! I try to make him, but all he did was give me the stupid particle, which that might not even be the truth anymore, and then he disappears forever!” “He gave you that mirror, didn’t he? And the apron?” “Big whoop.” Jessica grumbled. “He gives me a huge responsibility, and then my reward is to have a pink apron and a mirror that Harry has the other half of but I can’t even use it because Harry would flip if he knew I was talking to Sirius!” Jessica burst out crying again. “I just want that necklace. That’s all I need right now.” Hermione paused, and then asked hesitantly, “necklace? What necklace?” Harry and Ron leaned closer to the door as they heard Jessica answer. “In my vision just now, I was still in the hall, but everyone was gone. It was old and depressing too, there was no color. And in front of me, Voldemort was there, holding out a necklace. At first I was scared, but when I saw that necklace, every little piece of me yearned to go and grab it. I was about to, I was so close to making it mine, forever, but then something behind Voldemort flickered. It took a couple tries, and then it turned into a person, who said ‘Jessica, no!’ And I dunno, I just came to my senses on what I was doing and I ran, and that’s when Ron caught me. But there was something in that necklace that makes me want it, and I’m scared, but I so desperately want it I can’t concentrate. Even now, I picture it, and I get goose bumps.” Jessica said. “Why do you think?” Hermione seemed to be pondering the question. Finally, very slowly, she replied, “I don’t think it was some normal trick of Voldemort’s, to give an illusion of something or anything like that. My hunch, although I could be dead wrong, is that the positive particle was inside that pendant. You told me that in one dream Sirius told you the negative and positive will call for each other. It makes sense, because every single piece of matter on this Earth has an opposite charge that they are attracted to. I think Voldemort somehow got the positive into the book and if you had grabbed it, oh I don’t know, maybe somehow it would pull the negative out of you. But you wanting the necklace more than anything was probably the negative wanting the positive more than anything. But the thing I’m most confused on is the shadow person. Do you know who it was? “It was really hard to see; they kept flickering in and out, and the voice was faint. I wasn’t really paying attention to them; I was focused on that necklace.” “Do you think it might have been Sirius?” Jessica gasped. “No, no it wasn’t him, but I’ve just realized; I’ve heard that voice before! Did I ever tell you about when I was talking to Remus in the kitchen, and a voice started talking to me inside my head, and recited a poem?” “Maybe. I don’t remember everything perfectly.” “Well, yeah, that’s what happened, and it was the same voice there, in the vision. But it wasn’t Sirius; I have no idea who else it could be!” Jessica had stopped crying, but her voice was still a little shaky, and she would occasionally hiccup. “I’m sorry sweetie; I really don’t know what else to tell you. Just, try and get Sirius to talk to you again, but we better leave, because Ron and Harry will start to wonder.” Harry and Ron looked at each other in alarm. Harry then took a step forward. “I’m going to confront them,” he decided out loud. Ron hesitantly grabbed his arm. “You can’t do that!” Harry whipped around to face him. “And why not? Did you not listen to what they were saying? Jessica knows Sirius! She’s been talking to him! And they’re hiding something from us, from the Order! I want to know how she’s connected to Sirius!” he finished in anger. “Harry, what are you going to do? Jessica can’t control who she sees in her dreams. She’s different then us, maybe she just told Hermione how she was different? Maybe it’s a different Sirius? But if they knew we had been listening, they would never talk to us again! We have to pretend we don’t know!” Ron said reasonably. Inside his head he was having a conflict. He also wanted to know what exactly they were talking about. What was this particle thing that seemed to have taken over Jessica’s life? But he also knew that the girls already thought them untrustworthy because they were boys who acted like idiots at times. Ron decided to let them keep their secret. He pulled on Harry’s arm again, who hesitantly turned away from the door and walked down the hall with his shoulders slumped and a dejected look on his face. “I’m sorry, mate, but you know it’s for the best.” “I just don’t get why Sirius would talk to her, if he can talk to people from the dead. I was his godson. I loved him.” Harry’s voice started to crack. “Maybe that’s exactly it.” Ron said. Harry looked up at him, wonder in his eyes. “Maybe Sirius felt he was too close to you, to all of us in life, it would make it so much harder for us to see him in death and be able to live properly. Suppose he picked Jessica because he knew she was close to us, but didn’t know him in life, so she could have a nice dream relationship with him and still be able to live.” They turned the corner and went through a secret passageway up to the common room, still talking quietly about what they heard just as Jessica and Hermione walked out of the classroom. “Hey, Hermy, guess what,” Jessica said suddenly, as the girls had been walking in silence for a moment. “I don’t know. What?” Hermione asked. Jessica gave a little smile. “I think next year, I’m going to try out for Chaser on the Quidditch team. Got my broom yesterday! Want to see it?” “Wow! That’s awesome!! Harry and Ron would love that! What kind of broom?” “A pretty one.” Jessica answered in all honesty. Hermione laughed. “You don’t even know the model?” “Well, the store owner said it was one of the fastest brooms out there, and it was pretty expensive, so I think I’ll do okay.” The girls went through the same secret passage Harry and Ron had exited, talking about Quidditch and not having any idea the two boys were in on Jessica’s secret. * * * * * That night, Jessica wrote another poem, hoping against hope this one would call Sirius to her. She wrote in silence for a half hour, then looked at the page to see if it would be something that, if she were dead, she would come to dream world to talk to herself. She decided she would.
Tricks of the Trade The clouds above are a beautiful sight, Soft violins playing in the background. An image of innocence cloaked in white, But to this world of shadows I am bound. Scribbling words down to escape the pain, Although it does not help my heart at all. Polka dots, flowers, and a candy cane, They cannot help me as I stumble and fall. Some things take patience; I know that they do, However I think time has expired. It’s difficult, but I need to have the truth, Spells cloaked in lies make my brain feel tired. I beg you to teach me the tricks of the trade, Have some confidence; I won’t be afraid.
Hermione, Harry, Ron, and Jessica were sitting next to the fireplace studying for Transfiguration. Jessica kept the book open on her lap and glanced down at it often to look for the paw print, but no such luck. Jessica decided she was done studying and told Harry and Ron what she had told Hermione earlier. “I can’t believe you’re going to try out!” Ron said in awe. “You never even come to our games!” “Yeah, and you didn’t seem much into it when I tried to teach you a long while back,” Harry added, then immediately turned red. That had been the first time she had gotten evil eyes, and he had made a mistake bringing that day up. He looked at Jessica, but besides the sides of her mouth becoming a little tighter, she let it pass. “Well, after hearing everybody else in the whole school talk about all the exciting matches and hearing you guys speak with ecstasy after every game, I am going to come to the Cup game on Saturday to watch exactly how it’s played.” “Do you have a broom?” “Does she ever!” Hermione had also put down her book and was joining into the conversation, scratching Crookshanks behind the ears. She bought a FireJet 360. Came out half a year ago, do you remember? Not as fast as your Firebolt, but pretty darn close, I’d say!” Hermione said, watching the boys faces light up. “You’re kidding! Let’s go out right now and practice! That’s brilliant; I can’t believe you bought that one! Must have cost a fortune, though.” Ron said jealously. Hermione snorted. “She could have cared less what the name was. When I asked her which one she got, she said a pretty one!” Jessica blushed. “Well, I don’t know the first thing about broomsticks, but I wanted to surprise you two, so I didn’t ask you to come along! But I did a good job. Ron, thanks for the invite, but I’m exhausted. I think I’m going to go get an early rest and finish my homework tomorrow.” She picked up her poem book, and scanning the poem one last time before shutting it, she packed it in with all her other books and went upstairs. She quickly changed and got into bed. The miniature tiger was on her nightstand, and she pet his head. He turned around and gave her a play bite and tried to grab her finger before she shut her hangings and went to bed. Unknown to her, a tiny little paw print was growing in the lines of her poem book, but so was something else; an open book with two hands holding it on each side. Jessica was in for a very interesting night. **Don't ask about the chapter title, little joke between myself and Mooning Moony. I do hope I used the word fabled (which is not a word at all) in the right sense.**

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