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“L-Lucian. What-um I don’t know what to say.” I whispered. 


“Say yes, Vice.”


“It’s just...this is a lot and it’s very fast and I mean we’re not even dating.”


“Vice...we’ve been doing this thing for like two years. I’ve only been with you since we started this. I don’t see other girls or even think about them. I love you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. A-and even you mentioned we should get more serious.”


“I-I know I guess I just didn’t think it would be so soon. Lucian I don’t think I’m ready for this, it’’s too much too soon.” I said. 


“Will you just think about it babe? I-I’m gonna be gone for  awhile. Think about it. While I’m gone do whatever you have to do, get whatever you need to get out of your system and then be my fiancee. I will take care of you Vicelia. Forever. You’ll never have to feel unloved or alone. That’s all you’ve ever wanted right?”


“Um...yeah. Yeah, I guess that’s true. I’ll think about it, I promise.” I meant that. Maybe it really was time to settle down and let Lucian love me for real. 


“Good.” Lucian smiled. “I promise this is a really good thing and we’re going to continue to be really good together. We’re meant to be, Vice. We always have been, I know it.”



“You’re marrying Lucian?” Megan almost screamed.


“No, I’m just thinking about it.”


“Do you even love him?”


“Yeah, I guess…” I said slowly.


“No, you don’t because if you did, you wouldn’t say you guess.” She pointed out. 


“I...could fall in love with him though. It’s Luc. This was bound to happen at some point right?”


“Yeah, if you wanted it to Vice, but you don’t want that, it’s very clear.”


“He loves me, Meg. A lot. More than anyone ever has. He’s the only guy who’s loved me. What if I never find another one who does?”


Megan sighed. “Vice, you are not unlovable. I don’t know why you think you are. Lucian Dole is not the only guy who’s going to love you. You just have to stop being so damn scared of opening yourself up.”


“How?” I whispered. 


“You find someone who is worth it. Since you can’t open up to Lucian, he’s clearly not worth it.”


“Maybe you’re right. I just...have to think about it.” I sighed. “Rick? Could I have another drink?”


“Of course Vice. Everything okay?” He asked as he poured my drink. “You okay?”


“I’m in turmoil.” I informed him.


“Over what?”


“Her non boyfriend has asked her to marry him and she doesn’t know what to say.”


“Wow, that is a lot. It’s that Lucian guy right?” I nodded. “I didn’t realize he wasn’t your boyfriend.”


“Yeah neither does he.” Megan laughed. 


“Well, have you weighed the pros and cons?” Rick questioned.


“Um not really.” I said. “Let’s see, the pros: Lucian is hot, funny, passionate, great in bed, he loves me, he wants to be with me more than anything.”


“And the cons?”


“He doesn’t always listen, he’s possessive and jealous, he maybe wants more than I can give him...I don’t think I’m in love with him the way I should be.”


“So there are great things about him, but if I’m being honest Vice, the bad is outweighing the good.” Rick shrugged. 


“Yeah, it’s looking that way. But I’m supposed to be thinking about it. So I should, right?” I asked. 


“Sure, but it seems like we all know what the right answer is.” Megan said softly. “It’s okay to not love him. You didn’t do anything wrong.”


“What if I kind of did though?”


I hadn’t told Megan about basically kissing George yet and how that might be somewhat correlated to my confusion. Now is as good a time as any to bring it up. 


“So...I kind of kissed someone else.” I said. 


“Who?” Megan perked up. She looked incredibly excited for this juicy  piece of gossip.


“George Weasley.”


“Your boss?” Rick asked. “So there’s something going on between you two?”


“No...I mean yes, but no. Or I don’t know. We said it was a moment of weakness.”


“Did he say he didn’t have feelings for you?” Megan asked. 


“No...he said I didn’t have feelings for him.”


“But do you?” Rick questioned. 


“Maybe? I mean he’s cute and he’s funny and there’s so much more to him than I ever thought there would be.”


“You have a fucking crush!” Megan practically screamed.


“I do not!” I exclaimed. “I just recognize he’s not the demon I previously thought he was.”


“So what are you going to do about it?” Rick asked. “Gonna make a move on him?”


“No, of course I’m not. I don’t think he likes me like that. And that’s okay. Besides, I have to figure out what the hell I’m going to do about Lucian. I cannot focus on George Weasley.”


Why does he have to be so cute? Why does he have to smile all the time? He’s so enticing. I can see why people would flock to him in school. Why so many people knew his name. How can you not know the name of George Weasley when he commands attention in the best way possible?


“Hi there, Vice.” I turned and saw an older woman. She comes in all the time, and I’m not sure why.  It’s mostly teenagers and people in their twenties who like coming here, but she seems like she’s in her forties. I always help her.


“Hi Rue.” I smiled. “How are you today?”


“I’m good, sweetie, how are you?”


“I’m good. What are you looking for today?”


“Those muggle items are looking quite fascinating today.” Rue said. 


“I agree. People don’t appreciate them enough. Let’s go look at them.”


After much explaining and deliberating, she decided she’d like to go with the Miraphorus Magic Set.


“Honey, tell me something.” Rue said as I rang her up.




“Why can’t that boy take his eyes off of you?”


“What boy?” I asked.  She nodded her head to the right and sure enough George was looking at me. He smiled and waved before looking away quickly. “Oh, he’s my boss. I’m sure he’s just making sure I’m doing a good job.”


Rue laughed. “Darling, that is not the  look of a boy doing his job, that boy likes you.”


“You think?”


“Oh definitely. And I think you should go for it. He’s a cutie.”


“We’ll see.” I laughed, handing her the bag. “I’ll see you next time. Have fun with this.”


“Thank you Vice.” She winked before walking off.


I thought about what Rue said. Did George like me? I mean yes, he definitely had been looking at me, but was there more to it?




“Huh, yes?” I asked as Sin’s voice broke me out of my thoughts of George.


“What um what were you looking at?”


“Just um...George had um a bug in his hair.” I said. 


“I see.” She grinned. “What’s up with you two?”


“What do you mean? Nothing.”


“I mean you guys seem...nicer to each other lately.”


“I think we just kind of came to an understanding when we were in that closet together.” I said. 


“Okay. Well that’s good to hear. So you would be okay closing with him more often then?”


“Yes, of course.” I said much too quickly. “I mean, it’s totally fine. I don’t mind at all. I’m flexible really.”


“I’ll make sure to let George know.” She laughed. 


“That I’m flexible?”


“That you’re okay working with him.” Sin smirked. “Unless you want me to relay that message.”


“No thank you. I’ll show him myself. I mean-tell him...myself. About the flexible thing. Thank you Sin.”


“Do you want to take your lunch?”


“Yes please.”


“Great. Freddie and I will hold down the fort.” Sin stated. 


“Oh, George is going on his lunch too?” I asked. 


“Yeah, Maybe you guys can hang out.”


“Sure.” I mean what’s the worst that can happen?



“I’m so over this.” George said dully.


“Over what?”


“Dating. I’ve decided I’ll be alone for the rest of my life.”


“George, don’t be ridiculous! You’re gonna find love.”


“No I’m not.” He groaned. 


“You’re still so young. You have time.” I pointed out.


“But everyone around me is already in love.”


“I’m not.”


“But you don’t want to be.” George stated. 


“That’s not true. I would love to be in love. I’m just...hesitant.”


“Oh, well still. You’re shagging people and whatnot.”


“I’m not shagging people. I was shagging a person, but that’s not really relevant anymore.”


“Interesting.” George said. 


“So what made you decide that you were done with dating?”


“Well, I um...I had this date with a girl. It was really good and we kissed, but I just don’t think she’s in it the way I am.”


“Oh.” I said, trying not to sound disappointed. Okay maybe I did have a little crush on him. Hearing he had a good date with someone kind of sucked. But I was kind of happy that this girl wasn’t in it the same way.


“How do you know she’s not in it?” I asked. 


“I just do.”


“Well sorry.”


“It’s okay. It doesn’t matter. She’s kind of out of my league anyways. I don’t know why I thought I had a chance.”


“No one is out of your league, George.” I laughed. “I don’t like seeing you like this.”


“I just feel defeated.” George sighed. “I have never felt less like myself than I do right now. I mean, I can’t remember the last time I had some real fun.”


“So we’ll have fun tonight.” I said. 


“What do you mean?”


“The store is closed tomorrow, so let’s do something crazy tonight.”


“I don’t know Vice...I don’t think I’m in the mood.”


“Then get in the mood.” I grinned. “We’re gonna have so much fun. First we’re gonna get a drink at my favorite pub and then I’m taking you somewhere I know you’ve never been.”


“And where is this place?”


“In the muggle world.”



“So what’s everyone’s plans tonight?” Fred asked. “Anything fun?”


“I am going to a carnival with a friend.” I said. 


“What’s that?” Sin questioned. 


“It’s hard to explain. It’s this event in the muggle world, it has a lot of lights and games and these roller coaster rides. They’re so much fun.”


“Are they safe?” George practically demanded. 


“Of course it is.” I assured him. “It’s a lot of fun.”


“What are you doing Georgie?” Sin asked. 


“Um...just laying low, I think. Get a drink and then go from there.”


“What are you two up to?” I asked. 


“Some wine and wedding planning!” Sin smiled. “We’ve been putting it off for much too long and Freddie is getting restless and impatient with me.”


“Babe, I told you I wanted to marry you after we were done with school. When I said that I kind of meant the next day.” Fred smiled. “You’ve been stringing me along Watson.”


“Maybe I’m getting cold feet.” She teased. 


“Then I’ll warm them up.” He picked her up and kissed her. 


God they’re so cute. A part of me really wants what they have. But I cannot imagine anyone looking at me the way Fred looks at Sin. George is staring at them too. I wonder if he’s having the same thoughts as me or if sometimes he remembers he’s in love with Sin and can never have her.


“Well, we’ll see you guys in two days.” Sin giggled as Fred started walking away, refusing to put her down. 


“Bye.” I waved before turning to George. “Ready for a drink?”


“Sure.” George sighed.


We turned off the lights and headed out. “Oh you can meet Rick if he’s working tonight.” I stated. 


“Your boyfriend?”


“No he’s not my boyfriend. I have no boyfriend. He’s just a friend.”


“Oh. Okay. Then I’d love to meet him.” George grinned. 


I smiled at Bones as we walked in. “Is Rick in tonight?”


“Nope it’s his night off. Why? Am I not good enough?” Bones questioned. 


“You’re definitely not.” I laughed, sitting down.  George sat down next to me, looking a little uncomfortable.


“New boyfriend?” Bones asked. 


“No, he’s my friend. His name is George.” I said. 


“Nice to meet you.” They shook hands. “What can I get you?”


“Um, whatever Vice is having.”


“Two whiskeys it is.”


“Okay this place is kind of sketchy.” George whispered. 


“It’s fine, I come here all the time.” I assured him. 


“Well you’re kind of sketchy too.”




“But true.” He said as Bones gave us  our drinks. 


“Drink up Weasley. We have a fun night ahead of us.”



“You said this wasn’t dangerous!”


“It’s not!”


“They just went upside down Vice!” George pointed out.


“I know! That’s the fun part!” I laughed. “It’s perfectly safe. Muggles do this all the time. This is the ideal date for them.”


“So this is a date?”


“It’s not not a date.” I grabbed his hand. “Let’s go!”


I pulled him through the crowd. I decided he had to be eased into all this carnival madness, so I took him to the games first. 


“What are those for?” He pointed to the stuffed animals.


“So if you win the game, you get to pick one of those. Guys do it for girls usually.”


“Then I want to win you one.” 


“You don’t have to.” I shook my head.


“But I want to.” He smiled. 


He tried the ring toss first. I think it’s actually kind of cute how frustrated he gets. 


“This is almost impossible!”


“There are other games. Let’s go play those.” I pulled on his arm.


“Oh fine. But I’m coming back to this one.” George said, letting me pull him away. 


We played some other games. Bean bag toss, Find the Ball, Pick a Duck. George was having so much fun. He hadn’t won anything yet, but I was sure he would get the hang of these muggle games sooner or later.


“Oh, I want that so bad!” I pointed to a giant stuffed dog.


“Then I’ll get it for you. How do I get it?”


It was a High Striker game. He would have to use a hammer to hit the target so it reached the bell. I wasn’t sure that George could do it. He’s not exactly scrawny, but he doesn’t seem like a particularly strong person physically. 


“Um, maybe we should try another game.” I suggested.


“No, I can do this. I’m gonna get you that dog.”


“Alright fine.” I shrugged, handing him tickets.


“You get three tries.” The guy informed us. 


The first try it goes halfway up. The second time it goes a little farther. George takes a deep breath and then tries one more time. I’m shocked when I hear the bell. He did it!


“Which one do you?” The guy asked. 


“That big dog.” George smiled. The guy gave it to him and he handed it to me. “For you, love.”


“Thank you George, you’re the best!” I hugged him tightly. He held on to me for a while. 


“So what next?”


“Now we have to go on some rides. You can win me some more stuffed animals later.” 


My favorite ride is the Gravitron, so of course we go on that first. George also loves that ride. Then we do bumper cars, which he doesn’t immediately get the hang of but after a second time he’s a master. Then we got on the swings. I was unaware that George was afraid of heights. He has to hold my hand the whole time. I like it.


After a few more rides we get some beer and a funnel cake to share. 


“So?” I asked. “Having fun?”


“Yeah, this is actually brilliant.” George smiled before shoving a piece of funnel cake in his mouth. 


“I told you. This is exactly what you needed.”


“How did you know about this?”


“I spend a lot of time in the muggle world. I think it’s fascinating. They create some cool shit.” I said looking around. It was getting dark now and the lights were dancing through the sky.


“You...look stunning surrounded by all of these lights.” George smiled. 


“Oh th-thank you.” 


“You seem shocked.”


“I don’t think anyone has ever called me stunning.” I admitted. 


“That’s a damn shame.” He shook his head. “You’re very stunning.”


“Are you drunk, Weasley?” 


“Maybe a little.” 


“Well, don’t get too drunk, you’ll get sick on the rides!” I giggled. 


“There’s more rides?”


“Oh yes, Georgie.” He looked at me strangely. “What?”


“Sin’s the only one who really calls me that.” 


“Oh sorry. If that’s a you and her thing, I won’t call you that.”


“No, no! I was thinking how I kind of liked it...better when you said it.” George said. 


“Okay then...Georgie. Let’s finish this and continue!”


George is very nervous as we’re sitting, waiting for the roller coaster to start. He kept fidgeting with the lap bar nervously. 


“It’s not going to fly off right?”


“Of course not, don’t be scared. Just-hold my hand. Not that tightly!”


“Sorry, this is unsettling!” George whined. 


“You might want to put your head back.” I informed him as the countdown started. 


Next thing we knew we were zooming forward. The wind was whipping my hair all around. I was laughing and George was screaming, but I think he was enjoying it. I looked over at him. His eyes were wide and he was breathing heavily.




“That was insane! Can we go again?!”


George makes us ride the rollercoaster three more times. He’s such an adrenaline junky, but I love it. Then we played more games. I won George a stuffed elephant and he got me a stuffed cow. And then I don’t know how it happened, but George and I were holding hands. I had one more thing I wanted to show him. 


The Ferris Wheel is my favorite thing in the world. I just love feeling like I’m on top of the world like that. 


“This is amazing.” George whispered as we stopped at the top. “I’m not even scared of the height.”


“Isn’t it?” I asked. “This is when I feel most at peace.”


“It is oddly peaceful.” He agreed. “Vice, thank you so much for tonight. This was incredible.”


“Of course. I’m glad I could make you smile.”


“You make me smile every day.”


I was now seeing why people found Ferris Wheels so romantic. I wanted nothing more than to be close to George. Maybe I really did have a crush on him. 


“You make me smile too.” I admitted. 


“So um, why do they leave us at the top for so long?” George asked. 


“Um, well couples usually kiss.”




“And we don’t have t-” George had already leaned over and kissed me. It was longer than our two second kiss but still short. “-do that.”


“Didn’t want to break tradition.”


“Yeah that would be bad.”



We left the carnival after the Ferris Wheel hand in hand. We walked around the muggle streets. George found their shops so fascinating and looked through the windows almost eagerly. I see he got something from his father. I invited him back to my place for a night cap. We sat on the couch drinking and talking.


I don’t talk to anyone the way I do with George. He’s just so easy to open up to. I even almost tell him about Lucian, but I don’t want to ruin the moment by bringing up another guy. I’m getting some serious signals from George, I think.


“So tell me Vice, why are you single? Seriously, you are stunning and funny and so much fun.”


“I told you I’m scared of love. My friends reckon when meet the right person I won’t be anymore.” I said.


“Love is the most thrilling thing...I think. I’ve never been in proper love with someone who loves me back, but Fred tells me it’s exhilarating.”


“Exhilaration sounds nice. Do you ever do something or see something that  makes you feel like you know what real love is like?” I asked. 


“I don’t know, actually.” George admitted. 


“Come with me.” I smiled, pulling him into my room. “Okay, lay on the bed.”


“Ooh, I’m liking this so far.”


“Oh shut up.”


I went to my shelf and found something I had gotten in the muggle world. I turned off the lights then turned the sphere on. There was a projection of the night sky throughout the room.


“Wow.” George whispered. 


I laid down next to him, looking at the stars splashed across my ceiling. The colors changed every minute or so. 


“This makes me feel like I’m in love.” I whispered. “Like this is what goes on inside of you when you’re falling in love. The vibrant colors and the stars dancing around. That’s what I imagine anyways. Have you ever felt like that?”


“Not until now.” His fingers intertwined with mine. I felt the stars dancing through my body like they were the room. I think maybe this was bigger than a crush.


“Yeah me too.”


“Can I tell you something Vice?”  George breathed. 


“Anything.” I responded. 


“The date I was talking about...the girl, it was you. Being locked in that closet with you was amazing and the best date of my life until this one tonight.”


My heart was beating rapidly. So he did feel at least a fraction of what I felt for him. 


“So it was a date?” 


“It always was.” George turned on his side to face me. He kissed me slowly as though scared that I would pull away. But I wouldn’t. I couldn’t at this point. 


His arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer. I had never felt like this in my entire life. How had I kissed so many boys in my life and it never felt this way? How had no one’s touch made shiver and yet feel incredibly warm at the same time?


I pressed against George harder, deepening the kiss. His hand moved down as I wrapped my leg around him. He pulled away for a moment, but I just couldn’t allow it. I needed to kiss him. My hands went in his hair as he rolled on top of me. I feel his hands unbuttoning my dress. In that moment I know we’re going to cross the line.


I slide my hands in his shirt and push it up. He stops the kiss only to throw it behind him and kissed me again. Under the stars and vibrant lights, George makes love to me. I am absolutely thrilled and terrified all at once. I had never felt so vulnerable and open with anyone else. I felt like he could look into my soul. I think I gave him everything I possibly could. And he gave me everything in return.



I wake up comfortably the next morning. That was the best sleep I had in a while. George’s arm was around me. I felt his lips on my shoulder and then my neck.


“Are you awake?” He whispered. 


“I am now.”


“Last night was brilliant. I had almost forgotten how great sex could be.”


“Right, you were in a celibate state for a year.” I laughed. 


“Not for lack of trying.” He chuckled. “But that was better than any other time.”


I turned around to face him. “I suppose the sex was satisfactory.”


“I was merely out of practice, but I assure you, I can do more than satisfactory.”


I smiled. “I’ll believe it when I see it.” I kissed him. God do I love kissing him!


“You’re really beautiful in the morning.” George whispered. “You know, opposed to all the other times in the day when you look like a troll.”


“Yes, I am rather hideous aren’t I? How did I get the devastatingly handsome George Weasley in bed?”


“Well what you lack in looks you make up for with snarky personality.”


“I knew my snark would come in handy at some point.” I laughed. “So...what do we do now?”


“What do you mean?” George asked.


“I mean, we hated each other, then we were friends, then we liked each other. Now we’ve had a night of sex. So what does that mean for us?”


“What do you want us to be?”


“Whatever you want us to be.” I was much too scared and unsure of where we go from here. I had never been in a real relationship. There was no one I had ever called a boyfriend. 


“Vice, these feelings I have for you, they’re not just physical. I know intense feelings kind of scare you, so I don’t want to rush you or anything, but I think we have something really good here a-and I don’t want to let that go. But if tonight was just a one night stand or whatever that’s okay too, I-I can find a way to be okay with that.”


“Um, it’s not just sex for me either. Ever since we got stuck in that closet together, I’ve felt this connection to you. I’ve never felt this with anyone else, George. I think we have something too. And yes I’m terrified, but I’re worth it.” 


George smiled and put his hand on my face. “Okay. We don’t have to have labels or anything like that yet. Let’s just see where this goes.”


“I like that.” I smiled back. “I can do that.” I kissed him. 


“So what do you want to do today?” He asked. 


“Be with you.”


“Funny, I want to be with you too.”


“So how was your day off?” Sin asked. 


“It was great.” I smiled. 


“What did you do?”


George. So many many times. “Just laid low.”


“George said the same thing.” Fred said. “Is that code for something?”


“Not that I know of.” I laughed. 


“What I want to know is where George was laying low. He wasn’t home or at Molly and Arthur’s.” Sin said thoughtfully. 


“Well, George where were you?” Fred asked as he entered the room.


“At a friend’s.”


“What friend?” Sin demanded. “George are you seeing someone?”


“Maybe.” He shrugged. “But it’s none of your business.”


“Well then.” Fred whispered. 


“George is not seeing anyone.” I snorted. “I mean what girl would want to date him?”


“That’s bold coming from someone who’s never had a boyfriend.” George shot back.


“Don’t worry about me, my needs are being met.”


“Yeah well so are mine.”


“Doesn’t count if you’re doing it yourself.”


“Okay!” Sin laughed. “I thought you guys were going to be nicer to each other.”


“Vice started it.” George stated. 


“George attempted to finish it.”


“You guys have to get over this rivalry.” Fred shook his head. “It’s getting out of hand.”


He and Sin went to the office to count the drawer. George made sure they were gone before he kissed me hard. “I kind of like this sneaking around thing.”


“Me too, it’s fun.” I smiled. “I like this being just us. I was thinking for our break we could go to my place?”


“That sounds good to me. I was starting to miss your bed.” He kissed me again.


“Hey Vice?” Sin called.


I shoved George away from me. “Yes?”


“Can I speak to you in my office?”


“Of course.” I hurried to her office and sat down.


“This is something I’ve never had to, so I’m very sorry if this isn’t right. But...we’ve hired someone else, and so we don’t believe we have a need for you to be our customer service person...anymore.”


Oh my god, I’m fired?!



A/N: Another update! Vice and George are finally getting together! We need a ship name for them ASAP. Now what could possibly go wrong now that our favorite joke shop workers are seeing each other? The answer is sooo much! What will Lucian have to say when he returns? How long can George and Vice keep them a secret? Will Vice keep her job? We shall seee! Thanks for reading! :)

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