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“Oh my god, we’re gonna be stuck here until tomorrow morning.” I whispered.


“That’s not entirely true.” George said. “Maybe just a few hours. I mean my family will notice that I haven’t come home. I didn’t tell them I had any plans so they’ll of course come here and notice that we didn’t finish closing up so they’ll look for us and find us here.”


“Are you sure?”


“No. I’m hoping that on my Mum’s clock it’ll show that I’m in peril and not at work.”


“What kind of clock-”


“Don’t ask, she just worries a lot.”


“Alright then.” I sighed. 


“Would anyone come looking for you maybe?”


“No, I’m too unpredictable. My roommate would think I got caught up in some wild antics or something.”


“Great.” George lowered himself to the floor. I did the same. 


“Why wouldn’t you carry your keys?” I asked.


“I just forgot alright? I’m not used to being the only owner closing. But Sin and Fred just had to have their little date night.” George grumbled. 


“I mean they deserve it after all they’ve been through, no need to get mad at them.”


“I’m not mad!”


“Then why are you yelling?”


“I’m just frustrated okay? I don’t want to spend a night in a storage room with you.”


“Well I’m not thrilled about the idea either. But you should feel lucky, this might be the best date you’ll have this week.” I stated. 


“The bar is already so low, so that’s not saying much. Don’t flatter yourself, Vicelia.” George rolled his eyes.


“Don’t call Vicelia!” 


“It’s your name!”


“Yeah, well I didn’t choose that. I go by Vice for a reason. Please respect that.”




We sat there and just stared at each other. I could not do this for the rest of the night, so I would be the mature one here.


“Look, maybe we should do something to pass the time?”  I suggested. “I know we aren’t fond of each other, but I’d rather talk to you or something than just sit in silence.”


“We could tell some jokes.” He shrugged.


“Okay, you first.”


“Um, what did the right eye say to the left eye?”


“What?” I asked.


“Between you and me something smells.”


I hate myself for laughing. “That’s silly. Um, what's the difference between a pickpocket and a peeping tom?”


“Tell me.”


“One snatches your watch and the other watches your snatch.”


“That’s dirty!” George said, trying not to laugh. “I thought we were doing silly  jokes.”


“Oh come on, all the best jokes are a little dirty.” I grinned. 


“Why am I not shocked that your sense of humor is filthy?”


“Oh shut up, tell another joke.”


“Silly or dirty?” He asked. 


“Dirty.” I bit my lip.


“Alright what goes in hard and dry and come out soft and wet?”


“A pecker?”


“Gum.” He smirked.  I laughed loudly, causing myself to snort. “Now what was that?”


“Nothing!” I was so embarrassed to have snorted in front of him.


“You sounded like a pig!” George chortled. “That was almost adorable.”


“Almost?” I demanded. 


“Can’t give you a real compliment can I?”


“Speaking of compliments, best pick up line...go!”


“Oh you’ll love this one. Going to bed? Mind if I Slytherin?”


“Oh god that’s awful!” I fell over laughing. “Thank goodness no one ever said that to me!”


“I know you have some too, let’s hear them.”


“Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” 


“Definitely a wand.”


“Actually there’s no wand, which is why we’re here.” I pointed out.


“Oh shut up.”  He flicked my thigh. “I don’t need to say ‘Accio’ to make you come.”


“George Weasley! Oh that’s so dirty!” I gasped. 


“Why are you acting like I’m some innocent soul? I’m not.”


“Good to know. You don’t have to say ‘Lumos Maxima’ to turn me on.”


“I like that one. That’s a good one. I’ll have to make sure to use that.”


“Don’t you dare use any of these on a girl! They’re god awful.” I shook my head. 


“I’m good looking enough to get away with them, aren’t I?”


“Don’t know about that Weasley.”


“We’ll see.” He grinned. 


“So how is the dating going?” I asked. 


“Pretty fucking terrible. I used to have no problem with girls, and now I feel like I know nothing about them. All of my dates have gone horribly. I don’t know if it’s me or the girls. Maybe I’m just not meant to be in love or something. It’s just frustrating seeing everyone else happy and in love and having sex.” He ranted. “Sorry, you probably didn’t want to know all of that when you asked.”


“Not really, no.” I joked. “What exactly was it about your date with Monica that went wrong?”


“Honestly, her bringing me to a party was the first red flag. I mean I love parties, but for a first date it was kind of a lot. Especially bringing me to a stranger’s house. I guess you didn’t turn out to be a stranger, but you get it. And I felt like she talked about herself the whole time. And she was handsy too.”


“Handsy?” I questioned. 


George scooted over to my side so he was sitting next to me. “May I show you?” I nodded. He took my hand and put it on his thigh. “Every time we sat down she would do this. And rub and squeeze.”


“Oh she was totally copping a feel to see how big your...wand is.”


“You’re kidding.”


“Nope, that’s a classic Monica move. She likes to know what she’s getting into before sleeping with a guy.”


“She must have really liked what she felt considering she definitely tried to have sex with me.” George informed me. 


“Tried? You turned her down?” I asked in shock. He nodded. “Oh wow. You might be the only boy to go on a date with Monica and not shag her!”


“I thought about it, but...god I just couldn’t. I wasn’t feeling it. I haven’t with any of these girls.”


“When was the last time you got laid?” 


I was shocked when George turned red. “That’s kind of personal isn’t it?”


“Oh come on, it’s just us. We’re all...coworkers slash acquaintances in here. I won’t tell anyone, I swear.” 


He sighed. “Last year.”


“Oh my!” I gaped. “That’s a long time to go without...shagging. How are you living?”


“I’m getting by alright? When was the last time for you since you want to judge?”


“My lunch break.” I shrugged.


“Well you’re a girl and you look...the way you do. Besides the way I hear it from Monica you’ve never had a problem getting shagged, even at her expense.”


“You guys talked about me?”


“It really was our only mutual connection. We really had nothing else in common. I didn’t say anything bad about you, I promise.” George seemed to be serious.


“Why not?”


“I didn’t want to talk shit about you to your friend. That’s not cool.”


“Well what did you say about me?” I questioned. 


If he didn’t say bad things about me, what the hell good things did he say? He doesn’t think there’s anything good about me. 


“I said that you’re funny and really good at your job. And that you seem to enjoy life.”


“That’s kind of nice.”


“I’ve been known to be nice. I’m not as awful as you think I am.”


“I don’t think you’re awful...anymore.” I smiled. 


“Wow thanks.” He said sarcastically. “Anyways Monica is not the one for me and neither were the other two girls I went out with this week.”


“Did you have trouble dating before? When was your last girlfriend?”


“Also last year. I didn’t have problems getting girls to date me, but when they were with me they couldn’t help but notice that my attention was elsewhere.”


I remembered what Sin had told me. “Right. Sin. You were in love with her and the girls noticed.”


“I wasn’t as inconspicuous as I thought I was.”  George looked down. 


“Is it weird that the love of your life is planning a wedding with your twin brother?”  I questioned. 


“I wouldn’t say she’s the love of my life, but yeah it’s strange. Seeing the girl I had always hoped to have a future with have that future with my brother. But, it also pushed me to get over her.”


“So you’re not in love with her anymore?” 


“I don’t think so. She’s my best friend and that’s it. Sin was never going to be mine, I know that now. I want someone of my own.”


“So...what are you looking for in a girl? Someone similar to Sinthia?” I asked curiously.


“Yeah, I guess. Someone funny and wild and likes jokes and pranks.  Someone who’s beautiful and makes my parents smile. I want someone who would want to run this shop with the three of us.”


“That would be a dream.” I smiled. “I’d die to have a shop like this.”




“Yeah, what you guys have done with this is incredible. I would love to do something like this, you’re geniuses.” I smiled. 


“Thanks, Vice. That means a lot.”


“Sure. So you’ve been in love one time and got your heart shattered and you wanna fall in love again? You’re brave.” I shook my head. 


“What do you mean?”


“Love is...terrifying. I’m so fucking scared of falling in love.”


“You don’t seem like you’re scared of anything.”


“But I am. How do you just open yourself up completely to another person? A-and then just trust them not to hurt you? That sounds like the most terrifying and dangerous thing you could ever do.”


“So you’ve never been in love?” George asked. 


“Nope. I don’t think I’d be very good at being in love anyways.”


“Why not?”


“Cuz I’ve never done it before. I would find some way to fuck it up and love someone the wrong way. I fuck everything up.”


“You haven’t fucked this job up yet.” George pointed out. 


“Yet being the operative word.” I looked down. I just now realized my hand was still on his thigh. “I’m sure it’ll just be a matter of time.”


“You’re not going to fuck it up, Vice.” He put his hand over mine. 


“How do you know?”


“I just do.”


“So you’re a know it all?” I teased. 


“I mean yeah. Have you met a smarter man than me?”


“Several. And they didn’t spill coffee on me.”


“I’m uh...I’m sorry about that really. It was dickish of me to do.”


“Thank you. I’m sorry for the way I responded. I was a bit dickish too. And I’m sorry I kicked you in the head and called you a git.”


“Actually you called me a prick. That was warranted, I mean who the hell walks behind a girl doing a keg stand?”


“That’s what I said!” I laughed. “So...since we’re no longer enemies does that mean we’re...friends?”


“Um, I guess. I’ll kind of miss the insults and arguing, but something tells me it’s better to have you as a friend than an enemy.” George grinned.


“It is. I was getting ready to poison you any day.”


“Ah, now that would be a reason to fire you.”


“Yeah, that’s actually pretty fair.” I grinned. 


George was still holding my hand. I don’t know if he was aware of it or not, but if he was he wasn’t stopping. I don’t know why I kind it? I guess it’s just friendly hand holding, right?


“Hey so um, I’m sorry if the other night me bringing up your biological parents was inappropriate, I was just curious.” George whispered.


“It’s okay. It wasn’t. But yeah, I know nothing about them.”


“But you want to?”


“Yeah.” I nodded. “I just don’t know how to go about it. But I want to feel like I fit somewhere. I always feel like I’m on the outside looking in with my family. I just want to belong, you know?”


“Um, yeah, I get that feeling. I feel like the odd person out a lot too.”




“Definitely.” George said. “You have no idea what it’s like being the other twin. In our friend group back in school I was always overlooked. No one cared or paid attention to what I was going through. It was always about them and their drama. It’s almost like I only existed to help them out or react to what they were doing. I didn’t feel like I was important.”


“Wow, I’m sorry George. That must feel awful.”


“Yeah, it kind of did. Even now working with Sin and Fred I feel a little left out. They’re just so happy together. I want what they have.”


“They do make love seem less scary and wildly thrilling.” I agreed. “But you’ll find that George.  Give Monica a chance, she could be what you’re looking for.”


“Very funny Vice. Completely hilarious.” He shook his head, grinning. 


“Got you to smile.” I shrugged. 


I like his smile. It’s contagious and warm. It reaches his eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes, full of hope and wonder and mischief. 


Woah. What is wrong with me? Did the lack of air in this closet make my head loopy or am I kind of...attracted to George right now? It must be the lack of air. I mean I just stopped hating the guy. I can’t suddenly be attracted to him. Right?


So why is my hand on his lap and why am I still holding his hand?  I don’t have an answer for that.


“You know, you were actually right.” George whispered. “This kind of is the best date I’ve had lately.”


“Well, like you said, the bar was low.” I breathed. Am I imagining his face getting closer to mine?


“You definitely raised it.” No, I don’t think I am imagining that.


“I can raise something else too.” Okay wait, now I’m leaning in too?


George’s grip on my hand grew tighter as our noses touched. Oh my god we’re going to kiss. Our lips touched for maybe two seconds and the door opened. We jerked away from each other and saw Sin and Fred. 


“What are you two doing in here?”  Fred asked as we got up.


“We got locked in.” I stated. “It was an accident.”


“That was my fault.” George said. “I left my keys and my wand in my office.”


“And my wand is in my bag.” I informed them.


“So you two were stuck here together.” Sin smiled slightly. “And you didn’t kill each other.”


“Oh we definitely wanted to.” George laughed nervously. 


“Really?” Sin’s eyes focused on our hands. Our hands that were still holding on to each other. 


We let go and stepped apart. “Anyways, how did you guys find us?” I asked. 


“I realized I left something here so we came back.” Sin said. “We saw that the store wasn’t exactly closed up so we looked for you and here you were. Alone...together.”


“Well, um, thanks for saving us.” I  said. “Um, I should really get home. My roommate will be looking for me. Is it okay if I go?”


“Yeah, of course.” Fred said. “George, walk her outside?” I didn’t like the amused tone he had.


“Yeah, yeah sure.” George said quietly.


“See you tomorrow.” I smiled.


George and I walked outside. We stared at each other. I had to say something. “So what happened back there was-”


“A moment of...I don’t know. Weakness? But it was wrong...right?” George asked.


“ was right.” I whispered.


“Vice you don’t...feel things for me. I know you don’t. You can’t. And that’s okay.”


“Um okay. Yeah. You probably don’t feel anything for me either. Then that was a moment of weakness. But we’re friends right?”


“Yeah of course. But maybe we should keep that ourselves? Just you know, have our friendship be our secret?”


“I think that’s a good idea.” I smiled. “Don’t want to shock anyone with our new found friendship.”


“Exactly, love. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


“Tomorrow.”  I whispered. I was shocked when he hugged me. 


Why had I never felt more safe and content in someone’s arms? Is this how I should feel when Lucian hugs me?


We finally pulled away from each and although it was the last thing I wanted to do, I Apparated to my place. And though I tried not to, all I could think about was George.



Things with George and I were kind of weird right now. I mean we don’t hate each other at all and we kind of kissed but we were pretending that we hadn’t. He’s been training me on the register and helping customers, so we spend most of my shifts together. 


I hate how much I like it. We talk a lot and yet dance around the moment we had. I want to bring it up but I don’t want to make anything more weird. He said it was a moment of weakness and I’m sure he’s right. I mean I’m supposed to be getting more serious with Lucian anyways. I did not like George and he did not like me. Right?



One of the best things about my job is the proximity it has to all my favorite places. Of course I could head to The White Wyvern for a drink after my shift. I could go to The Leaky Cauldron for lunch. And my favorite was Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour. I just love ice cream!


“That’ll be two Galleons.”


“Alright...oh shit. I left my money in my bag at work. I’ll be right back.”


“I’ll pay for hers.” The guy behind me offered. He was hot!


“Oh you don’t have to.”


“It’s not a problem.” He assured me. “It would be honor...Vice.”


“How did you know my name?” I asked.


“Name tag.” He pointed. “And we went to school together.”


“You do look kind of familiar.” 


He paid for our ice cream. “I used to date your friend Monica.”


“Ah, now that makes sense.” I laughed. “Sorry.” 


“For what?”


“Anything she did while you two were together.”


“Yeah, she was kind of mad.” He chuckled. 


We sat down at a table together. Figured it would be nice since he bought my ice cream. “I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name.”


“Oh, Rick Ory.”


“Yes, Rick, of course. Nice to see you again.”


“Yeah you too.” He smiled. “So where do you work?”


“Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.”


“Oh the Weasley’s.”  Rick laughed. “They were crazy in school.”


“Yeah, they were.”


“How is it working for them?”


“Great, really, the twins and Sin are amazing.” I grinned.




“The other owner. Sinthia Watson. She’s Fred's fiancee.” 


“She dated that Cedric bloke that went a little mad right?”


“Yep. Don’t know how she dealt with that nutter.” I laughed.  “Do you work around here or are you just getting some ice cream?


“I actually just got a job at The White Wyvern. I’m a bartender.”


“Oh, that’s my favorite place! We’ll be seeing a lot of each other.”


“Well, I look forward to that.” Rick said. 


I talked to him for the rest of the break and caught up and of course talked about Monica a little bit. Rick was really nice and I liked talking to him. He said if I came to the pub after work he’d give me a free drink. I planned on meeting Lucian there anyways so that worked for me. 


“How was your lunch?” George asked.


“It was good.  A guy bought me ice cream.”




“Rick Ory. He used to date Monica.”


“Poor guy.”  George laughed. “So was it like”


“No nothing like that. He’s cute but I don’t think he’s my type.” I admitted. 


“What is your type? I’m curious.”


“Why are you curious?”


“Well...I-I told you what I was looking for in a girl, so tell me what you’re looking for in a guy. Friends talk about that stuff.”


“True. Um, I don’t know, I just want someone who will make me laugh everyday and do wild stuff with me. Make me feel safe and loved. And I don’t know it would be nice if he had a good family too.”


“I see. Good to know.”


“You know someone like that?” I asked. 


“I might.”



Lucian is so weird tonight. We went to the pub and got my free drink from Rick. Lucian seemed less than thrilled about our new friendship. He’s so jealous!


We don’t stay at the pub too long. Lucian really wants to go back to my place. He must really want to have sex or something. I’m fine with that. That is until halfway through my mind starts to wander and I’m not thinking of Lucian. I’m thinking of George. I wonder what it would be like to do this with him? God what’s wrong with me?


“Vice, we have to talk about something serious.” Oh god is he breaking up with me? Wait we’re not really dating. 


“Um, okay.” I said. 


“I have to go away for a few weeks. My dad is really sick and Mum is worried that he might not make it. I have to be there for my family.”


“Luc, I’m so sorry babe. That’s awful, but I get it. Go take care of your family.”


He kissed me. “And you’ll be here when I get back?”


“Where would I go?”


“I don’t know, you’re unpredictable Vice.”


“I’ll be here, don’t worry. And let me know if there’s anything I can do for you to help you through this, okay?”


“There’s actually something I had in mind.” Lucian reached down to the floor and grabbed his pants. He reached into the pocket. “Vice...will you marry me?”


Oh god.



A/N: I know, another cliffhanger! Lots happened in this chapter! Vice and George crossed that thin line between love and hate and kind of kissed! But they are not willing to admit they have feelings for each other! And then we have Vice's new friend Rick! Will he cause a little trouble ? Maaybe. And of course we have intense Lucian now asking for Vice's hand in marriage! Will she yes? We shall see. Thanks for reading!

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