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“What is she doing here?” The coffee spiller demanded. 


“She’s our new employee.” Sin smiled.


“Absolutely not! She’s evil!”


“Evil?” I scoffed. Then I thought about it. “Okay, he’s not exactly wrong, but he has no right to call me that!”


“I have every right!”


“Wait, how do you two even know each other?” The coffee spiller’s twin asked. 


“We met this morning. She called me a prick!”


“Actually I called you a git. And that’s because you spilled coffee on my shoes!”


“Why would you do that George?” Sin asked. “That’s so rude!”


“That’s what I said!” I exclaimed. 


“I apologized.” George insisted. “And then she said my sorry plus a Knut would get her a piece of candy.”


“Do you listen at all? I said your sorry plus a Sickle would get me a piece of candy.”


“You see what I dealt with this morning?”


“Well, she’s not wrong.” Sin crossed her arms. “I mean your sorry is financially useless. I hope you bought her another coffee.”


“I asked him to and he refused to.” I informed her. “According to him I still had enough coffee and he was in a hurry.”


“Wow, that’s disappointing to hear George.” His brother shook his head. “I promise you, just because I have his face doesn’t mean that I’m as rude as he is.”


“That’s a relief.” I laughed. 


“George I think you owe Vice an apology.” Sin said. “I don’t want her first day to be awkward just because you  have bad manners.”


“She’s not working here!” George shook his head. “No way.”


“I already hired her. She’s staying.”


“Sin, we all have to agree on things like this. We’re all the owners. So just like everything we have to vote on it and majority rules.”


Oh shit. Just as easily as I got this job I could lose it. All because of this coffee spilling git. 


Sin sighed. “Fine, all in favor of hiring Vice, raise your hand.” She raised her hand. 


I knew George wouldn’t raise his but the other one seemed to be thinking it over. 


“And all in favor of not hiring this Vice person?” George said before raising his hand. Still the other one didn’t raise his hand.


“Freddie, why didn’t you vote?” Sin asked.


“I don’t know. It’s hard being caught between my fiancee and my brother.”


“Well, remember which one of us has sex with you.”


“I think we should hire Vice.” He said simply. “I’m Fred. Vice, welcome to the team.” He shook my  hand. 


“Oh thank you so much. I promise you won’t regret this at all.” I smiled. “Really, I’ll be the best employee ever.”


“I highly doubt that.” George muttered. 


“You know, Vice is right. You are being a git.” Sin laughed. “Anyways, welcome aboard officially Vice. You’re gonna fit right in, I promise. Now let’s do the tour.”


Sin linked her arm in mine and showed me around. I was all too aware that George was glaring at us. I was glad I had Sin on my side because George was making it more than obvious  that he didn’t want me here.  I didn’t really want him there either, but he owns the place so I guess he may stay.



I’ve only been working a few days but it’s not as awful as I thought it would be. I’m still learning the ropes so a lot of my job is restocking and trying to remember what every little thing does so that I can answer questions when I get to work with customers.


It’s an insanely busy store. A lot of kids from Hogwarts come in. Since it’s summer break for them they have the time I guess. They spend literal hours there talking and laughing. They also buy things and then immediately use them. I don’t know how they gained so much popularity so fast. They must have been something at school.


I’m restocking the love potions when George approaches me. I resist the urge to roll my eyes. “If you steal any of this, you’re going to be fired immediately.” He informed me.


“You think I need to steal a love potion? Have you seen me? I have no problem getting a bloke.” I chuckled. 


“With that personality? I find that hard to believe.”


“Why are you worried about my love life when yours is the one that’s suffering?” I questioned. “Aren’t you like the only Weasley without a significant other? I hear your little sister gets more action than you do.”


“I get plenty of action.” He snapped. “I’m a hot commodity, I have like three dates this week.”


“I’ll pray for those poor girls. They’re gonna spend their whole evenings with you and it’ll turn out to have been a complete waste for them.”


“And why would it be a waste?”


“I hardly think you’re what any of those girls are looking for. But if you feel like throwing money away just to get rejected at the end of the night be my guest.” I shrugged. 


“I don’t like you.”


“And I don’t see why. You’re the one who spilled my coffee and then didn’t pay for more!” 


“Yeah but you acted like I stabbed you or something.” George rolled his eyes. “It was a little coffee spill.”


“On my favorite boots when I was hungover. You would have ruined my whole day if I hadn’t gotten this job.”


“Oh if only.”


“You know what, George, I don’t like you either. You’re...pretentious.”


“Wait me? Pretentious? That’s not true at all.”


“From where I’m standing it is.”


“Well, I stand a lot taller and therefore  can see more.”


“So you’re pretentious and a heightist. Are there any good qualities that you possess?” 


“I’m extremely good looking.” George smirked. 


I clicked my tongue. I’d love to disagree, but that would be such a lie. George and Fred are total hotties. I don’t usually go for red heads and yet, I must admit they defy my rules and standards. But Fred is taken and George is insufferable so I guess I’ll continue to not be with redheads.


“Too bad your personality cancels out those looks.” I shook my head. 


“You’d know all about that. You’re some kind of attractive and yet it’s so easy to look past that because of your rotten personality.”


“You’re the only one who works here who doesn’t like me, darling. So I think that might say more about you than it does about me.”


I seemed to have stumped him now. “Whatever, just make sure to stack those right and don’t get sticky fingers. I’ve heard things about you Vicelia.”


“For one, don’t call me Vicelia and two, what have you heard?”


“I’ve asked around from people we went to school with. I didn’t know you since you were a year ahead but I’ve heard of your antics. Stealing, lying, smuggling things from the muggle world. You’re nothing but trouble, Vice.”


“Well maybe I’ve changed.” I shrugged. “I’m a whole new woman, Weasley. That was the past Vice. Present Vice is responsible and isn’t looking for a lick of trouble.” 


“I’ll believe that when I see it.” He shook his head. “Go on your break after this, I’m tired of seeing you.”


“Prick.” I whispered as he walked away. What the hell is this guy’s problem anyways?


“Excuse me, miss? Will this love potion make my girlfriend want to ride me all night long?”


I looked up and saw Lucian smiling. “What are you doing here?” I laughed. 


“I’ve barely seen you these last few days since you’re being a responsible adult. I miss you. Wanted to see when your break was so we could have a little rendezvous? I miss making love to you.”


“First of all, we fuck we don’t make love and second of all...I have a break once I finish stacking these. Meet me outside.”


“Hi, welcome in.” George approached us. “Vice is still new here, but I can help you with whatever you need.”


“No, that’s alright. Vice here gave me everything I needed. Cool store man, I’ll be sure to come back.” Lucian patted him on the back and winked at me and left.


“How are you already scaring customers off?” George asked.


“I didn’t scare him off. You heard him, I gave him everything he needed.”


“So you were flirting with him? Is that how you plan on getting sales?”


“Maybe.” I shrugged. “Whatever it takes to get sales, right?’


He sighed. “You know what? This looks shockingly good, go on your break. And don’t be gone longer than an hour.”


“Aw, why? You gonna miss me?”


“God Sin owes me big time for hiring you.”


“Let’s go one more time.” Lucian grinned


“I can’t Lucian.” I sighed. “I have to get back to work. I can’t be late. One of my bosses already hates me, I cannot give him a reason to fire me.” 


Lucian pouted. “Well, let me pick you up from work and we can get drinks at The White Wyvern before the party.”


“What party?”


“You forgot about the party that’s literally at your place tonight?”


“Shit. Yeah I did. But I don’t work tomorrow so I can party for real!” I smiled. “But now I really do have to go!”


“Okay, I’ll see you later.” I got dressed quickly and kissed him one more time. “I love you Vice.”


I slapped him. “Don’t ever say that again. I’ll see you later.” I hurried out of the room.


“Vice! You didn’t say you loved me back!”


“I know! Bye!”


“Hiya, Vice. How's it going?” Fred asked.


“I don’t know, how is it going? You’re not over here to fire me, are you?”


He laughed. “Of course not. I’m just checking in. You’re our first employee ever and I want to make sure we’re treating you nicely.”


“Oh you guys are great. You and Sin are the best!”


“And George?”


“George is...well he’s George.”


“You don’t like him.”


“He’s kind of the worst.” I admitted. “I mean he’s so mean to me. He accused me of future stealing today, you know?”


“He’s usually not like that, I swear. George is considered the nice twin actually.” Fred informed me. “Or the nicer twin anyways. 


“So what’s so special about me that I get to be the one person he’s rude to?” 


“No clue. But he’s kinda cranky lately. I think he just needs a girlfriend or something.”


“Great so he’s gonna be cranky forever! No ones gonna wanna date him!”


Fred laughed. “Hey come on, he's not that bad. I promise you'll warm up to him.”


“No offense, Fred, but I don't see that happening at all. The only way warming I’d do with him is setting him on fire.”


“As long as you don't do it in the store, that's fine.”


“You’re the best boss ever.”


“Ooh, I'm gonna tell Sin you said that!” Fred chuckled before turning around.


“Wait I didn't mean it!” I called after him. 


“Too late, I’m telling her!”


I laughed and shook my head before going back to restocking the muggle pranks. I wonder how much I could sell these for? I wouldn't even have to steal them either, considering I get a discount here. I could easily make that money back. It wouldn't hurt to have multiple sources of income so that I can save up faster and get out of here. It’s definitely a thought.


“ are you liking it here so far?” Sin asked.


“I love it.” I admitted. “Like I said, it’s so much fun! And you’re the absolute best.”


“Really cuz the way I hear it, Fred is the best boss ever.”


“What a snitch.”


“Oh he just couldn't wait to tell me.” She laughed. “How are you and Georgie getting along?”


“Poorly.” I stated. “He hates me, I hate him. He tells me to do something and I've never wanted to ignore anyone more in my life.”


“You are the only person I’ve ever met who doesn’t like George.  Normally I would take that as a red flag, but with the coffee spilling I get it.”


“Honestly, had he bought me another coffee maybe I wouldn’t dislike him so much. But since he didn’t, I just think he’s the worst. I’m truly shocked I’m the only one who doesn’t like him.”


“You two will get along at some point, I know it. You and me are quite similar and I like George, so I’m sure you will too.” Sin smiled.


I did of course agree with her. Sin and I were definitely cut from the same cloth with our need for pranking and dazzling personalities. However, affection for George Weasley is where our similarities ended. He’s too much of a prick!


“I’m sorry Sin, but that bloke is on my shit list and I’m sure I’m on his. I don’t see a reconciliation. Besides, if at least one of my bosses don’t like me, what am I going to complain to my friends about?”


“Well, you’re right about that. What will you tell your friends? That this is the best place in the world to work? That just doesn’t sound right.” Sin grinned.


“It is though. I mean I’ve never had a real job or anything, but I do like working here.” I said. “Makes it easier to stay out of trouble too.”


“What kind of trouble?”


“Um, nothing too bad." Sin saw me as a good person and I didn't want her to realize that I was kind of a thief. "It’s just kinda cool to feel a semblance of maturity I guess.”


“Oh Merlin, a semblance of maturity?” Sin whispered. “We must get rid of it! Let’s do a prank!”


“On who?” I giggled.


“The boys! Let’s do that chair prank that you did on your roommate!”


“Well, you’re the boss, and I must listen.”


We took the bottoms out of the chairs at the register. We figured once we were closed it was time to count the register was when our prank would pay off.


“Do you think you boys could handle closing the register tonight?” Sin asked. “I want to go over some stuff with Vice.”


“Of course darling.” Fred kissed her. “Anything for you babe.”


I couldn’t help but smile. I think Sin and Fred are so damn cute. After hearing the story of their romance and how they got together makes me like them together even more. That’s a lot of shit to go through. Pranks, fake pregnancies, love potions, bets, lies. And yet here they are, happier than ever. I love that for them. 


“I love you Fredrick.”  Sin smiled.


“Oh is that your full name?” I asked. 


“Not at all.”


Fred and George went over to the registers as Sin and I pretended to straighten out the products on the shelf. We watched as the boys sat down at the same time and fell through the bottom of the chairs. 


We burst out in laughter. “That was brilliant!” Sin cackled as she high fived me. 


“Did you see the way they fell?” I wheezed. “Right through!”


“Oh that was too good!”


“What the hell?” Fred cried. "What just happened?”


“We gotcha!” I laughed. “How do your arses feel?”


“You don’t get to know what happens with my arse Richardson!” George called.


Sin hugged me tightly as we laughed. I hugged her back. I liked that we were friends. Once the boys got over the shock of our brilliant prank we all focused on closing up the store.


“Any fun plans tonight?” I asked.


“Sin and I have a evening planned.” Fred informed me. Oh so lots of sex.


“I have a date.” George said triumphantly.


“Aw that’s so sad.” I said.


“For who?”


“That poor girl.”


“Oh shut up.”


“What are you doing tonight Vice?” Sin asked.


“Apparently there’s a party at my place so that should be fun.” I smiled. 


“Ooh, I love parties. Can we come to one some time?”


“Of course. You and Fred are always welcome to come any time.’re not.”


“Like I’d want to anyways..” He scoffed. 


Thirty minutes later we were done. Lucian was waiting for me as he said he would be. He held my hand all the way to The White Wyvern. I’m not thrilled about it, but I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world. At least he’s not telling me he loves me.


After a few drinks we finally make our way back to my place. It’s crowded as all hell! I duck into my room to change and then I join the party.


“Vice!” Matty smiled. “Where the hell have you been? You’ve missed like four parties this week.”


“Hello? I have a job.”


“That doesn’t include stealing from muggles?” Steve asked.


“Yep! I’m a real adult now!” I smiled. 


“Hell has officially frozen over.” Megan giggled. “You guys should see her. She actually wakes up in the mornings, it’s mad!


“I am capable of being responsible.”


“Maybe you’re more like your family than you thought?” Lucian asked. “They’re all so grown up and responsible.”


“Yeah I know.” I rolled my eyes. “The one time I don’t feel like an outsider and I hate it. I cannot wait until I get to be myself again.”


“Working isn’t that bad though, right?”  Steve questioned. 


“It’s actually not. Two out of three of my bosses are amazing!”


“What about the third?” Matty questioned.


“He’s the fucking worst! He’s mean and bossy and pretentious. I don’t know how anyone gets along with him.”


“Remind me which one he is again.” Megan said. “There’s like fourteen Weasleys.”


“George Weasley. His twin Fred and my other boss Sin are engaged.” I explained. 


“Wait, your boss’s name is Sin?” Lucian laughed. “So we’ve got Sin and Vice working together. Those are some toxic names.”


“Right? But honestly she’s the best. We pranked the twins today and it was great.” I laughed. 


“So after your part of the house is paid off are you going to stay there?” Matty asked.


“No clue.  We’ll see how long I can stand George Weasley.”


“Moving on, why the hell are there so many people here?” Lucian questioned. “It’s crowded.”


“You know how our friends are, they invite everyone and their sister to parties.” Megan rolled her eyes. “I heard Monica is bringing a date.”


“There’s a man out there who wants to go out with Monica?” Matty shook his head. “Must be mad.”


“Come on she’s not that bad.” I laughed. “She just has the worst personality of anyone I’ve ever met.”


“Why are we still friends with her then?” Lucian asked. 


“Slytherins stick together.”  Megan shrugged. 


“Well let’s stick together some more and go take some shots!” I announced. “We don’t work tomorrow!”


My parents swear at some point I’m gonna grow out of this phase of wild antics and partying and drinking, but how could I? What could be better than hanging with my best friends and doing questionable things all night just to wake up and do it all again? We’re all so young and have our whole lives ahead of us. Why not have fun?


“Vice!” Steve called. “Gotta surprise for you babe!”


“Don’t call her babe.” Lucian warned. “She’s my girl.”


I rolled my eyes. “What do you have for me Steve?”


“Those muggle things you like so much. A keg.”


I gasped. “Really?”


“Yep. And the people are begging for you to do a real muggle keg stand.”


“I mean if the people are begging for it.” I grinned, letting Steve pull me away.


“Look who I found!” Steve declared. “Are you ready for the keg stand?”


“Yes!” Everyone  cheered. 


“Alright, give me some room.” I laughed. “Steve and Luci hold my legs.”


“You got it babe.”


I took a deep breath before putting my hands on either side of the keg and swinging my legs up. Steve and Lucian caught my legs and put the hose in my mouth. God I love the taste of beer.


“Chug, chug, chug!” Everyone chanted. 


I counted the seconds in my head. I was going for a minute considering my record was forty-seven seconds. 


“Oh she’s going for a record!” Steve yelled. 


“Vice, Vice, Vice!”


Finally I hit a minute. I went for a bit long and then spit the hose out. “Personal best!” I screamed as the boys let my legs go. I took a moment before swinging up right again. 


I felt my foot collide with someone’s head. God what kind of idiot walks behind a girl doing a keg stand?


“What the hell Vice!” He cried. 


“Maybe don’t get in my way next time, prick.” I turned around and my jaw dropped. “George?”


“Not looking for a lick of trouble huh?” He said rubbing his head. “How did I know that was a lie?”


Oh brother.



A/N: Hellooo! How are we liking the tension between George and Vice? Who do you think is more in the wrong between them? How in the world do they end up liking each other? Will Vice stay on the path to responsibility? And what the heck is George doing at her home? All shall be revealed!

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