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A/N:  The last chapter was awful, I know. I'm sorry. This one should make up for it...wink wink.


Betawork done by AlmondMilkTeaDoubleBoba and LeilahMoon + a huge thank you to lost_poetx!


Buckle up. This one's a roller coaster.


xoxo, carmen




Naricssa Malfoy looked at him, hoping against hope that he would understand what he was asking. "Please," she asked. "I know there is something that you can do for him. I hate to ask this of you Severus, but you must understand that I will do anything to save him from the dark future that awaits him." She tried hard to fight the swell of emotion that surged through her as she said, "He's just a boy."


Turning away from where he was looking out the window and surveying her pleading gaze, he responded, "You must know I am already doing all I can, Narcissa. I, too, do not wish for him to fail."


"Then you need to teach me," she implored. "You must. I need you to tell me what to do," she was wringing her hands together as she stepped toward him. "I know you cannot compromise your status in his ranks, but if I lose Draco, I have nothing left. I need you to teach me how to brew it."


He raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "You wish to learn how to brew...?" Snape trailed off.


"Shh!" she stuttered out a whisper, glancing around the room. "You can't say it. He must not know of this... contingency plan, if you will." She sighed, closing her eyes. "I know this is a lot to ask, but you know I wouldn't even consider it if there were another way."


"I understand. I took the Vow, I knew it might come to this," he nodded, dragging his finger around the rim of the glass. "How is your Occlumency?"


"Impenetrable. I have been a skilled Occlumens for years, Severus. I learned from you." Narcissa almost looked insulted as she raised an eyebrow at him. "He will not know anything I do not wish him to."


Snape nodded once. "Good," he said. "Provided you can keep it that way, I will help you." He turned back to the window. "But no one can know about this, especially Draco. I'm indulging your theory, Narcissa, though I do believe you will be incorrect at the end." He took a sip of his Firewhisky thoughtfully. "However, I believe you're capable, and so I will assist."


"Thank you, Severus," Narcissa whispered, her words sounding like a hushed prayer. "If this goes as planned, this will change everything."


"If you are right," Snape muttered, "then yes, I suppose it will."




Meandering his way through the corridor on the way to the Great Hall to meet Theo and Blaise, Draco walked past a group of Gryffindor boys. Thoroughly planning on tuning them out – because truly, there was nothing a Gryffindor could say to hold his interest – but he thought he heard something out of one of their annoying little mouths.


"I can't believe you actually fucked her," one of them said. "The Gryffindor princess," he snickered, "I really never would have thought."


Draco nearly stopped in his tracks before realizing that would be too obvious, so he slowed his steps instead as he inconspicuously cocked his head to listen further.


"What was she like?" the boy asked. "I've been imaging what she'd be like in bed since the fucking Yule Ball two years ago," he said, punching the perpetrator's arm. Draco craned his neck a bit to see who it was.


His stomach dropped. Cormac McLaggen.


What the fuck? There was no way that could be true. No way would Granger have lowered herself to soil herself with... with that.


"Honestly mate, I was pretty drunk," he said sheepishly, scratching his neck. "But from what I remember," he lowered his voice conspiratorially, but not low enough to not be overheard by anyone keen on listening, "she was a right freak, if you know what I mean," he waggled his eyebrows.


Draco saw red.


His fingers positively itched, twitching towards his wand to hex McLaggen. Hell, he wanted to see the worthless sod fucking bleed for laying a finger on her. Granger was his, and what was his was never to be shared. However, the Slytherin in him rationalized that he couldn't show his hand all at once. He needed to find a more discreet way to exact revenge on the tosser who had...tainted her, without implicating himself in the matter. Fortunately, the Fates sent him an opportunity rather quickly.


Speeding up so as to not get caught, he rounded the corner and almost ran smack into Potter and Weasley. His head was spinning.


Catching himself, and twisting his face into the nastiest sneer he could manage, he spit out, "Evidently everyone's getting a turn with Granger." He nodded in the direction of the corner just as a loud burst of laughter surfaced from what could only be McLaggen's group.


He snorted. "First the Weasel. Then the Chosen One. Now her standards are lowering I hear. Where can I sign up?" he taunted as a particularly nasty smirk grew on his face. "I normally wouldn't deign to bed a Mudblood's been a slow year. I'm willing to have a dalliance with the new school broom. McLaggen has given quite the glowing and detailed review."


One of his favorite things about riling up the dimwitted duo was getting to see their reactions. The way their faces twisted in anger as they slowly processed his words and the insults laced through them was the ultimate satisfaction.


Weasley's face always flushed so predictably, Potter's screwed up while he thought of a retort, and Granger usually rolled her eyes.

Finally, Potter found words. "What did you say, Malfoy?"


That drew a snort from him. "You heard me loud and clear." Draco stepped closer. "When's my turn? I'm sure that I could only be an improvement on the last tosser who had her." His voice was low and menacing. "Especially if he was the one who broke her in," he snickered, knowing full well that he wasn't. "That would be a shitty way to lose your virginity."


Potter was also slightly quicker on the uptake than his ginger oaf of a sidekick. He realized that Granger's liaisons were becoming fodder for the school gossip mill. The Weasel was more focused on the slurs and the innuendo coming out of Draco's mouth than the subtext it carried. Though Draco would deny it later, he was thankful for Potter's status the moment he dragged the other Gryffindor into battle for Hermione Granger's honor. He afforded Draco the opportunity to watch as Cormac McLaggen was properly punished for his transgressions - taking what wasn't his.


"MCLAGGEN!" Potter roared as he rounded the corner with all the force of the lion he represented. As with anything Saint Potter did, it drew an attentive audience. Potter had his wand clenched tightly at his side, though Draco wondered if he would opt for a classic fist to the face instead.


McLaggen, to no one's surprise, lacked the good sense to be intimidated. In fact, he seemed to grow even more smug as he realized who was calling his name. In this moment, his arrogance seemed to rival Draco's – which only angered him more. Draco took to the sidelines, leaning back against the wall as he waited for the show to unfold in front of him.


"Potter. Come to hear how our resident Golden Girl screamed for me? I never pegged you for the type to want to hear about my conquests, but I'm happy to repeat the tale. Though..." he tsked, "only if you asked nicely."


The Weasel had finally caught up and now had a new target for his anger. Without words, he thrust the tip of his wand into McLaggen's throat and pushed him roughly up against the castle wall. The sound his head made as it collided with the centuries old stone echoed throughout the corridor.


If walls could talk, this would be a story for the ages.


"You will keep her name out of your mouth or I will hex it closed," Weasley hissed at him. "Perhaps a few days with a broken jaw would be good for you. 'Mione is not some notch in your bedpost for you to parade around." Weasley's voice grew deeper as his threats grew more serious. "If I hear another whisper of this, you won't remember your own name, let alone the lies you've been spreading."

Draco, although he'd never admit it, found himself mentally applauding the show playing out in front of him. If he were Weasley, he wouldn't have been quite so overt in his threats, but the satisfaction still coursed through his veins at seeing the wariness behind McLaggen's eyes. Potter stood back, arms crossed menacingly, awaiting his turn.


McLaggen had the audacity to chuckle at the threat.


At the sound, Potter finally snapped, aiming his wand and throwing what were some long-repressed hexes. McLaggen was twisting to and fro, doing his best to avoid the impact of the impending Stinging Jinxes. Then, Potter met his target with a Jelly-Legs Curse that forced the Gryffindor to cling to the Weasel, who was still pinning him to the wall.


Never one for self-preservation, McLaggen smirked and made eye contact with Potter, who was panting from the exertion. "Looks like I'm not the only one who's talking. Granger could barely walk after I was done with her."


That tried Draco's patience, but, as he made to step forward, Weasley threw an unexpected right hook into McLaggen's face that sent his head reeling backward to smack, once again, into the rough stone. The rest of the punches blurred together as Draco's eyes met golden brown across the hallway. Granger had finally joined the crowd and he couldn't catalogue her emotions fast enough. He saw the exact moment she realized what had taken place and that explained the lingering look of fear etched across her features.


Oddly enough, his first instinct was to go and make sure she was okay. His feet almost angled to walk to her, but then he remembered himself as he righted his body language.


Montague materialized behind him and laughed at the display. "Fighting over the Mudblood, are they?" he nodded at the mess in front of them.


Draco's head snapped to look at the scrawny boy next to him. Before he could register the weird feeling at hearing the word used in a deadly serious manner, he spoke again. "I can't understand it. If Potter or the Weasel wanted her so badly, they could just take her," he shrugged. "It's not like she's in a position to refuse the likes of an actual wizard."


The nonchalant way he'd let the words roll off his tongue made Draco shift uneasily. He decided to store it away for a later time. For now, at least, he knew enough not to trust Montague for a second. Draco Malfoy may be a complete ass at the best of times, but he never did anything to or with a witch without getting an enthusiastic 'yes.'


He had a feeling that Granger would depart before things got too insane, so he snuck around the back of the crowd to find somewhere to lie in wait. Sure enough, he heard the unmistakable sound of her muttering to herself. "What," he snarled as he reached out and grabbed her roughly, yanking her into his alcove, "the fuck did you do." His eyes were dark and heavy as he stared down at her.


Finally, he could get the truth from her. For all he knew, he'd unleashed the dumbass duo on McLaggen over a lie. Which, if it were a lie, and the git was saying shit about Granger without her knowing about it, he wouldn't regret it for a second.


She looked at him, eyes blown wide and cheeks tinted red, panting as she took in his angry posture. Her back was to the wall, arms caging her in, and his hot breath fanned across her face.


Though entrapped by both his body and the circumstance, her stance changed to that of defiance. "What do you mean?" She met his eyes, looking up into the turbulent pools of steel.


"McLaggen," he snarled down at her. "Did you fuck him, yes or no?" He knew the answer, but he wanted to know if she would admit it to him, if she would bare her soul in honesty. There had to be a reason, a plausible explanation as to why she pulled that little stunt when she knew damn well that she was his. His to fuck, his to caress, to cherish, to own, to use.




Her answer left her in the form of a nod.


Draco's fist drew back abruptly and slammed back into the brick next to her head. Granger flinched. "Why," he seethed, moving in closer to her as she tried to melt into the wall, "would you do that?"


Her eyes narrowed and her nerve appeared to come back in spades. "Because you wouldn't," she said defiantly. "So I went and found someone who would."


The sound that left him could only be described as animalistic. His eyes glowed with the force of his anger, and he tilted her head to roughly attach his lips to her neck. "'I wouldn't' you said?" he asked her. He relished the sound of her responding whimper.


She gasped as he sucked on a sweet spot. "N–no," she said, "and I begged, and you still wouldn't. So this – this is me punishing you." Granger gripped his forearms and with a burst of strength, flipped him so that his back was against the wall. "How does it feel, Draco? Hm? To know that someone else has had me?" she asked. "That someone else kissed me in all the same places as you did, made me moan, made me come?" Her voice was breathy as she ground her hips down against his leg. "And that it wasn't you?"


His breath left him suddenly as his anger rose with the force of a tidal wave and she surged up on her toes to kiss him roughly. His arms automatically encircled her, pulling her in closer, and her fingers reached up as she started to undo the buttons of his shirt.


Realizing what was happening, Draco flipped her back and slipped his hand under her shirt to roll her nipple between his fingers. "This is mine," he growled. Peppering kisses from her neck down to her collarbone. "This is mine."


Roughly palming both breasts so she groaned, "These," he hissed, "are mine."


He removed one hand, and gripped her chin hard, jerking it so she had no choice but to meet his eyes. "You are mine. What part of that do you not understand?"


She moaned, but he silenced her with a rough kiss. "I didn't silence or disillusion the alcove, Granger, so you're going to have to behave," he chuckled darkly against her skin. "Do you think you can do that?" he asked as his lips ghosted up her neck and nibbled her earlobe.


"Yes," she breathed. "Yes."


Smirking, he reached his hand down beneath her skirt to slip his fingers against her heat. Leaning down to run his tongue around the outer edge of her nipple, he let out another chuckle. "You're soaked already. Is that all for me?" he asked innocently, looking up at her from his place on her chest.


Granger nodded, biting her lip as she stared down at him, her lips parting as she sighed heavily at his touch.


"Good girl," he smirked. "We should keep it that way, yeah? All of this," he lightly stroked her from her clit and then moved to tease his fingers against her entrance, "just for me." He caught the bottom lip of her open mouth between his teeth. "All mine. Don't you agree?" Draco asked. "Because if you don't," he removed his fingers, "you know I'll have to punish you again," he tsked.


"No," she pleaded, "no it's yours. All yours. Please," she begged as she canted her hips up toward his fingers.


He wanted to oblige her – and in turn, himself.


Draco loved watching her reaction to him. Granger always gave in to her baser instincts when he had a part of him inside of her, teasing her, and being able to debase her like this was starting to become one of his favorite things to do. Truly, he knew he was the only one who had the power to.


Deep down, he knew he had successfully ruined her for anyone else – and he'd only had her once.


Slowly dipping one finger inside of her, she keened under him at the contact she'd been craving. "You've been dying for this, haven't you?" he hummed against her. "Do you want more?" She nodded eagerly.


Retracting his finger, he pushed in two instead. Pumping them slowly, he took his time with her. Every other time had been so rushed, so frenzied, he wanted to feel every inch of her, memorize her, savor her, appreciate her, worship her. Curling his fingers so they pressed against her front wall, he pressed the spot within her that made her legs tremble and her insides tighten.


"Please," she said, and it sounded like a prayer. "Please."


The sound of her pleas echoed through him and it made him want to want to give her the fucking world on a silver fucking platter. He'd do anything, be anything if he remained the only one who was able to see her like this, hear her like this.


Fuck her like this.


"Oh, I do love it when you beg," he cooed. "It sounds so pretty falling from your lips – especially when it's all for me," he purred. "Do you know how irresistible you sound, how much you look like a fucking goddess when you're spread open for me like this? When I'm winding you up so perfectly, just the way I know you like?" He dipped low to kiss the corner of her mouth. "You know no one can do this like I can."


"Answer me, Granger," he demanded, his tone hardening.


Apparently she seemed to like that, since he felt her tighten around him and gasp out a near-silent, "Yes."


"That's what I thought. Always so good for me," he whispered, glancing at the doorway to their alcove. "You're being so quiet, I'm so proud of you."


If Draco hadn't pinpointed by now that she reacted well when he praised her, he would have at this. Rolling her hips against the fingers inside of her, she keened under him. "Please," she implored him. "Please, I want you inside of me. I'll be good, I'll be so good, I promise."


His eyes almost rolled back in his head at her words. He'd never tell her, but gods did they do something to him. He adored the way she asked him for what she wanted, the way she trusted him to take care of her. She gave him control every single time, and he relished in the fact that she had placed enough trust in him – however misplaced it may have been – to give him what he needed.


It made him glow with pride. It was a dark kind of pride, tinted with sinister and possessive undertones, but it was pride nonetheless.


He knew that there was no way she could possibly react to anyone the same way she did to him. Even if he had once suspected her to be faking the sensations she felt, that inkling had been long dismissed. The way her body reacted was purely chemical, completely sensual.


It was primal.


They had been branded by each other. It felt like a white hot, searing realization that shattered his resolve. It wasn't a stretch to say that in no world did he prefer the brand on his arm to the one of her, the unmistakable imprint she'd left on his soul.


Whatever determination he'd had to deny her, whatever she wanted in that moment, immediately dissipated. No matter when they walked away from this – if they ever walked away from this – there would always be a piece of her ingrained in his soul. And he suspected it would be the same for her. They would never be able to ignore the pull they had, the undeniable orbit they were trapped in.


Abruptly removing his fingers so that she whimpered, he had his zipper down and cock out before she knew it. She reached down for him, whining, and her pupils were blown wide with a rim of melted chocolate around the edges.


He let her wrap her hand around him, and he groaned at the contact. Her hand was warm and firm as she stroked him. Draco brought his hands around her and lifted her up. Granger was breathing heavily, teeth digging into her bottom lip as she writhed. He lined himself up with her, teasing her as he pressed the tip of himself against her clit. She wriggled and whined, trying to get him inside of her.


Draco let out a low chuckle that bit off into a groan as he lined himself up and slowly sank inside her. She was already pulsing from his earlier ministrations, and her lips parted once more in a silent gasp as he filled her.


"Fuck, you're so tight," he hissed. "You're so good for me. Stay quiet, love," he said, completely dismissing the easy way the pet name rolled off his tongue as he started thrusting shallowly. "We don't want anyone to hear you moaning my name now, do we?" Somehow he managed to keep his snarky tone of voice even though he was overcome with the sheer feel of her.


Granger nodded as he fucked up into her. "You said you moaned for him, did you?" he panted. "Well you may have been moaning for him, but by the time I'm done with you, you'll have lost your voice because of how loud you were screaming for me," his voice was ragged agasint her ear before moving to capture her lips in a rough kiss.


She whined, meeting him thrust for thrust.


"God you're such a fucking whore. Letting him use you – bet he didn't fuck you like this, did he Granger? I'd bet it was soft, slow, missionary. Did he even get you wet? Did he tell you how divine you looked when he had you wrapped around his cock?" he hissed. "No one can fuck you like I can. No one can tease you like I can."


"I'd be willing to bet he didn't even make you come," a dry laugh left him. "Or did he?"


Granger tipped her head back to avoid his gaze.


"Tell me, or I won't let you come," he growled.


"Yes," she said, "but I–" she cut herself off, cheeks flushing a deeper crimson. Her lustful eyes dropped to where they were joined. "I was thinking of you."


An unidentifiable feeling swelled within him. He slowed his thrusts, angling them so they hit deeper and she mewled in response. "Thought of this, did you?" he replied. "Thought of my cock buried inside your sweet, tight cunt while he was fucking you, is that right?" His teeth nipped at her ear. "You really are my little slut," he whispered.


Her teeth dug into her bottom lip.


"What else did you think about?" he asked her. "Tell me," he demanded in a rough voice.


He slowed down so she could expand her mental capacity in order to find words. "On a desk," she said, "you– you teased me before fucking me." Hitting a spot inside her, she whined.


"I didn't say to stop," he snapped. Her eyes flew to his in surprise, but she continued.


"You fucked me like– like I was a whore," she licked her lips as she ground her hips against him. He fought back a groan of his own. "Hard and fast, and I could only come because you let me."


Draco hummed in satisfaction, speeding his hips again. "That's my good girl, thinking of me to get through that horrible ordeal," he cooed affectionately. "He didn't feel half as good as this, did he?" he pushed, seeking validation of what he'd always known. "He didn't know the spots that made you wet, didn't know where to tease you to make you so tight and ready that you almost came the second he slid inside you. But, do you know who does know all of that, Granger?"


"I do," he growled.


Head tipped back in pleasure, she half-breathed and half-moaned a brittle, "Yes."


He'd successfully turned Hermione Granger into a girl who only knew one word. Lucky for him, it was the only word he had any desire to hear from her right now.


On a particularly satisfying thrust he whispered, "No one can make you come like I can."


She nodded quickly. Granger always started to lock up, to still her muscles as she neared her climax, and he knew she was close. "Isn't that right?" His lips found her nipple, one hand reaching between them to rub her clit.


"That's right," she whimpered. "Gods – no one like you. Just you. Only you," she gasped through her quiet, desperate moans. He reveled in the fact that only he could reduce her to partial sentences, if not complete incoherence.


But she had the power to do the same to him.


Releasing her nipple with a pop, he cooed, "Then prove it. Come for me."


His words were a catalyst. She tipped over the edge he'd constructed just for her. Her orgasm jettisoned through her, and her whole body spasmed as she constricted around him. "That's it, that's a good girl," he groaned. "Just like I imagined. Fucking perfect."


Draco followed shortly after, burying his face into her sweat-slick neck with a satiated groan. Stars exploded and died behind his eyelids and he was entirely enraptured with her – it felt like his body was a supernova. She was all he could see, feel, smell, hear. She was all he wanted in that moment. There was nothing but her – the entire world could have been ripped to shreds and burned to hell around them and he wouldn't have blinked twice, as long as she was there.


She was everything that was good in the world. Knowing what he was setting her up for was starting to drain him, to deteriorate his soul like the acid of Dark Magic that was inked into his skin and had stained his blood for eternity. So, as he came down, he buried this moment in his skies. Then, as he pushed her in between the pulsing of the constellations and found out he was inches away from bridging the gap between here and Nirvana, he shut her out.


Removing himself from her, and cleaning them up with a quick wave of his wand, she stared at him with her arms crossed. "Yes, Granger?" he asked wryly, giving her a head to toe once over that made her blush.


"What was that?" she retorted with a furrowed brow. "That... that–" she spluttered.

"What, you mean the explosive sex we just had?" he asked breezily. "I'd say it probably made my top five, wouldn't you?" he cast cooling charms on both of them, drying the sweat from their clothes.


"But– you– can't just spring something like that on me!" she protested, waving her hands around, hair starting to frizz out.

"And what is with all of this?!" Her gesture and words were vague, but he knew what she meant.


He raised a defiant eyebrow. "First of all, because I like to take care of you – in more ways than one. And second of all, whyever not? I'd say it was pretty successful if the mutual orgasms are any proof." Completely ignoring her jabs at him, he instead reached out to straighten her skirt and adjust her blouse.


"That– is not the point," she said, clearly frazzled. "The point is that–"


"No, Granger. The point," he seethed, his demeanor making a complete one-eighty as he arranged his own attire to its pristine state, "is that you," he pointed at her, "are mine. I don't share you with anyone else. I know you were a bit out of sorts last time I asked the question, so I'll ask again." He stepped closer to her. "What part of that do you not understand?"


Granger was breathing heavily. Her mouth opened and closed as if she were searching for words, but couldn't find any. Draco could almost see the tornado going on inside her brain. He sighed. "I'll make this clear, just to be on the safe side," he taunted. "If you want this," he gestured between the two of them, "to ever happen again – which I assume you do – that means that nothing even remotely like that can ever happen again." He waved vaguely in the direction of the hallway, and he knew that she understood he meant McLaggen. "If you step out of line again, then there will be consequences," he said deviously. "And I don't mean like the ones from last time. They'll be much, much worse." He raised a bored eyebrow. "Do. You. Understand?"


She nodded slowly as she processed his thinly veiled threat, and the smirk that graced his face at her acceptance was a devious one. Granger always gave into him so easily, and he wouldn't have it any other way. "Good girl," he said and she barely repressed a shiver.


It pleased him. She really was a very quick learner.


He reached out to softly caress her cheek, and his gaze softened as she leaned into it. "I know you won't disappoint me like that again," he murmured. "You've always been mine, Granger."


Her eyes fluttered closed, shutting him off in hopes he wouldn't catch the emotion in them. "Yours," she agreed.


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