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Me but like confident or something idk my life is a mess

Me actually qwq help meh

Me studying basically

Me daydreaming but oh wait it's anime so I look way cuter than I actually do

My dream room idk it was on Picrew

idk what this is but I like it :3

ooooo yass queen




wHy Do I lOoK sOrT oF hOt In AlL oF tHeSe I aM nOt HoT iRl 


halp meh






guys I think I need mental help




aight now onto CANTALOUPE, our fierce, lovable queen :D


aaaaah she beautiful UwU ik her headphones aren't purple but that's okay ^-^

My girlie as a video game character!! :D I gave her some pink highlights bc I figured it fit her character :)

Her in her Hogwarts robes :) It was hard to find a good Hogwarts uniform for her on that specific character maker, that's okay though she's still cute ;)

This one looked a little weird, but I really wanted to make Luna and Cantaloupe together. BFFs for life UwU

by evieofbloodbrook! Tysm!!! I love her :D


welp that's it


dunno what I was thinking ngl


k bai enjoy whatever this is


P.S. I used Picrew for these there were so many of them I can't even list them all so credit to them lol

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