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A/N: So, I was virtually screamed at by Stella, so, let me make it up to you! This chapter will feature Gryffindor_Princess25. I'm calling her Ava. 


Stella: What is it?

Ash: *disappears*

Ava: *walks in* Hi.

Edith: *looks up* Hi. Um, Stella. I just got a text from Fred. 

Stella: So?

Edith: *shows phone to Stella*

Stella: *reads* No. No, it can't be true. 

Edith: *puts phone away* But, we have proof right here.

Stella: *gets up* I'm talking to him. *walks out*

Ava: What's happening?

Edith: Um. I played the song lyric prank on George and then I explained what I did and then I came back in here and I got a text saying that Fred was cheating on Stella.

Ava: I'm an expert at this stuff. Respond to him asking who he's cheating on her for.

Edith: Ok. *in the text* Really? For who?

Fred: *in the text* Um. Edith.

Edith: WHAT! He's a total lier.

George: *rushes in* Are you cheating on me?

Edith: No! 

George: Then why did Fred just text me this? *in the text* Edith, where do you wanna meet next? Stella and George can't know that we're cheating on them.

Edith: *shocked* What the heck! *gets wand and walks to Fred's room* 

Stella: *almost in tears* Are you cheating on me?

Fred: H-How do you?

Stella: You texted Edith saying that you were cheating on me. 

Fred: I texted her? I meant to tell George.

Edith: *walks in* Why did you text George saying that we were cheating on them? *points wand at Fred*

Fred: Look, I can explain.

Stella: *furious* Then explain before we hex the life out of you!!!!

Fred: I was sick of you pranking me so I pulled my own prank.

Stella: What?

Edith: *puts wand away* You call this a prank?

Fred: Yeah. Remember that prank where Stella flirted with my brother? 

Stella: So, you pretend to be cheating on your girlfriend for your twin's girlfriend?

Fred: I thought it would be a good idea. Which I found out wasn't. 

Ava: So, um, I'm guessing this is fake.

Fred: Where did you come from?

Edith: Another Potterhead. Ava, yes it's fake. It's a prank.

Ava: You should tell George. He's furious. 

Edith: Fred, your call. 

Fred: Fine. *goes to George and explains*

George: What the heck! 

Fred: Look, I regret it now!

George: You better. *walks away and walks back* You should get pranking lessons. 

Edith: Are you two done bickering?

Stella: They won't be.

Edith: Ok. 

Ava: Boys.

Edith: That's the end of this chapter! Bye!

Ava and Stella: Bye!


A/N: DON'T KILL ME STELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gave you an explanation! Also, Hufflepaw, your theory was good, but it was wrong.  I got the idea from nowhere. Review! Or I will virtually Crucio you. 

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