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A/N: Happy early Valentines Day you dirty fucks. Here's an extra spicy chapter for you ;)


PLEASE NOTE I HAVE CHANGED MY USERNAME FROM CARMENXOX TO DECEMBER_NOON. I am graduating in May and since my actual name is Carmen, I don't want any of this to pop up if recruiters google me.


Betawork done by AlmondMilkTeaDoubleBoba and LeilahMoon - and a special thanks to lost_poetx!


Vices chapter 1 is up! 8th year, post war, head boy/head girl. Check her out.


Here we go...


xoxo, carmen




With eyes as round as saucers, Draco followed her movements as she left him in the hallway. He was still breathing heavily as he leaned back against the castle wall, trying to get his shit together. His heart was thundering in his chest, and he raised a hand absentmindedly to brush against his lips.


His lips. Which had just been on hers. She'd kissed him, and he still felt like his entire body was on fire. His blood was singing, bones aching as they implored him to go after her, finish what she started. Draco wanted to chase after her, grab her by her stupid hair, drag her into the nearest classroom, and bury himself inside of her. Hard and fast, a punishment for walking away from him like she could.

Like she did.


Having had plenty of 'what the fuck' moments in the past few months, he could safely say that this was one of them. After the confusion melted away from his brain, the anger set in.


Granger had walked away from him. She kissed him, gave him a taste of what he knew he could have had again, and then abandoned him. Everything in his body was burning as the anger seeped in. It set in his bones, his blood, his brain, his cock. Everything in him grew hard, running cold and hot at the same time as adrenaline rushed through his veins.


He was seeing red...No, not red - brown. The last thing he'd registered was the way her wide eyes met his before suddenly, they were gone. The color of dark chocolate, the same color as the antique furniture he'd had in his bedroom all his life. He now considered the color ruined. Tainted now, like so many other things in his life - all colored or touched by her in some way.


Draco found himself starting to see the world in a different light, through a different lens - a lens that somehow wrote her into everything - and it was a terrifying prospect. He didn't want to consider what it would mean to have her become integrated into everything like this.


Still leaning against the wall, he forced his breathing to slow before ducking into an empty hallway off the corridor he had been in, sinking to the ground and shutting his eyes. He tipped his head back against the brick, doing his best to steady himself. He couldn't hide her away unless he could focus. The first thing he did was picture himself in an empty field, eyes on the stars in the sky.


It calmed him. Until he opened his eyes and felt as if there had been a silhouette, an outline of someone there with him in his head, watching him while he stared at his sky. He didn't have to think twice to pinpoint who it had most likely been.


Gasping as if he'd been underwater the whole time, he came back to himself. Draco immediately sprung up and started sprinting for his dorm.


He fueled his anger into a run. At least the pain that came from the burning and straining of his muscles was something he could control, could dictate. It was all up to him - he had a say in it. And, right now, he so desperately needed to slow the hurricane that was his thoughts.


Spiting the password once he got to the common room, heading straight for his room and stumbling inside, he immediately grabbed his robe and made for the shower. He was still sporting a raging hard on, and he blamed himself for the fact that his thoughts hadn't left her in the hallway, like she had left him. That but that needed to be rectified immediately. The sooner he could rid himself of her, the better he'd feel, he was sure of it.


Saying the incantation that would turn on the shower, he stepped in as soon as the water started. The beauty of magic showers is that the water was always immediately warm, no matter what.


Hanging his head, he panted as the water cascaded over his head and down his body. The droplets got stuck on the goosebumps on his skin, blending into each other, and racing each other has they headed south. He shut his eyes, hand trailing slowly down his chest, his stomach, finally wrapping around his stiff cock.


A stray hiss escaped through his clenched teeth. He kept his eyes screwed tightly shut as he pumped slowly, body jerking as he brushed his thumb over the sensitive tip.


He remembered the feel of her lips on his. Soft, plump, warm, yielding. He pictured them wrapped around him. The vivid image of the way they had looked last week as she softly bit into a chocolate covered strawberry popped up in his head. Draco bit back a groan as he brought the mental image forth to serve as his fantasy.


His imagination was more than willing to provide additional prompts. He tightened his grip as he started to gradually speed up, imagining her nervous disposition as she looked at him. Of course she'd be biting into that soft, pliable bottom lip as she rolled the words around in her head, trying to figure out how to ask him if she could pretty please suck him.


The idea of the sound of her begging caressed his brain, scratching an itch, bringing him closer. The prospect that he had something she so desperately wanted was so appealing that he couldn't help but just wish for it.


Of course he would say yes, why wouldn't he? It would be so satisfying to see her in her place, on her knees in front of him - right where she belonged. Her fingers would tremble as they pulled him free of his boxers, and he would stroke her hair as she took him in nervously before leaning forward and–




The way her tongue would feel dancing around him, so eager yet so uncertain, set his hand pumping at a punishing pace. He was fighting to keep quiet.


Her moans would vibrate around him, shaking him so thoroughly down to his core. It reverberated in his ears before he realized it was his own, but he couldn't bring himself to care. Bringing his hand to a slower pace, he teased himself. This was the fun part.


As she got more comfortable, figured out how to please him properly, she would look up at him from under her lashes with flushed cheeks. Draco would pretend like he wouldn't notice her rubbing her thighs together, but he'd be cataloguing this for later.


Documenting what pleased her would bring him pleasure, he was sure. The way he would know how best to tease her, bring her to the edge, before finally letting her spiral just because he let her.


The pleasure that it would inevitably bring him was unholy. But he wished for it, craved it, needed it.


Draco would realize that she was getting tired, but she wouldn't want to stop. His eyes would be dark as he looked down at her, glinting with endless promises as he realized what she was asking for. Lacing his long fingers through her hair, he would grip it tight as he fucked hard into her mouth.


Of course she would like it rough - he had always known she would.


When he would felt her fingers dig into his thigh, begging for reprieve, he would relent, giving her control again. She would pull back to the tip, inhaling a deep breath, before taking all of him in again. He wouldn't miss the fact that the fingers of her right hand would dip to touch herself while she sucked him off.


She would look so pretty like this - lips around his cock, he'd be completely buried in her throat, her own fingers fucking up into her cunt. Fuck. His hand sped up as he neared the blinding oblivion that he was chasing.


She would beg him to come down her throat, of course she would. There wasn't a challenge that she would say no to. She would beg and beg and beg and beg...


And he would oblige her, of course, because she was asking so nicely, begging so prettily on her knees, just for him.


She would speed up the ministrations of her tongue and her hand on him, but it would be the sound of her finger fucking herself that would tip him over. She would come around her fingers while he spilled down her throat, both entirely overcome by pleasure. She'd drink him down like it was the fucking elixir that would make her his forever. Her eyes would water, but she wouldn't care.


Seeking her eyes, his own flew open as he fell over the edge, and he panted as he stared blankly ahead at the shower tiles.




Blaise and Theo were lacking in many things, but they never once missed an opportunity to make fun of people.


Draco, unfortunately, was no exception.


Upon his entry back into their dorm room, Theo was looking at him with the most deadly serious look he'd ever seen. It looked out of place on his face. He shifted uncomfortably as he dried his hair with his wand.


Theo kept staring at him.


Draco conceded. "What?" he bit out.


"Are you okay?" Theo asked, brow furrowed and lips pursed. There was a terrifying glint in his eye and he had a sinking feeling about where this was going.


"...Fine," Draco hesitated. "Why are you asking me that?"


Theo barely considered anyone's feelings but his own. It wasn't that he didn't have it in him to give a shit, it was more so the fact that genuine feelings were rarely discussed.


"Oh, no reason," Theo hummed nonchalantly, picking up a book from his lap and running his finger innocently up and down the spine. "I was just double checking." The biggest shit-eating grin Draco had ever seen grew slowly on his face, and he heard Blaise snicker from his position on the bed. "Blaise and I heard some questionable noises coming from the shower and we wanted to make sure you weren't... experiencing any major discomfort."


Blaise openly laughed. "Oh, I would say it was the opposite of discomfort mate. Wonder what he was thinking about? Must have been vivid if he sounded like that." He waggled his eyebrows.


"Unfortunately for you, you'll never find out," Draco scoffed, shooting the pair his best withering gaze.


"How is the company of your left hand treating you these days?" Theo pushed the envelope just that much more.


At that, the two exploded with the laughter that they'd barely been containing.


"How long have you been sitting on that one?" Draco prodded. They'd lived together for so long, he simply couldn't find it in him to be embarrassed. He shrugged into his clothes, keeping his back to the pair.


"Since we realized you forgot to silence the shower," Blaise started.


"So... a while," Theo finished.


Draco rolled his eyes. "You two are absolute prats, you know that? Sometimes I think you have nothing better to do than stalk me and wait for an opportunity to irritate me."


"But you just make it so easy," Theo whined. "I would never forgive myself if I were to pass up an opportunity that was nearly begging me to take it," he said breathily, dragging the back of his hand across his forehead dramatically, his book forgotten.


"I can't stand you," Draco said, collapsing into bed and staring at the canopy above him. "Either of you."


"We know, buddy, we know," Theo replied, turning over on his bed.


"Don't call me buddy," Draco whipped out. They knew how much he hated that stupid nickname, but he knew they did it just to prod him.


"Whatever you say... buddy," Theo said. Blaise snickered from across the room.


"Shut the fuck up," retorted Draco.


"Only because you asked so nicely. Goodnight, darling," Theo cooed, batting his eyelashes and waving his fingers at him.


Draco bit back a chuckle, silenced his bed and drew the curtains shut tight. He begged sleep to take him before he could think too much.




When he saw her next, it was in between classes, in the hallway by the library - naturally. It took everything in him not to go up to her and grab her by the arm, fling her into a classroom and start yelling. She avoided him in the worst way - by acting like he wasn't there.

If her eyes neared him, they skirted right over him like he didn't exist.


He kept his composure, no matter how taxing it was. Going through his day was the slowest form of torture. Draco was constantly on edge - tapping his foot, gnawing at the inside of his cheek, fidgeting, tugging his fingers through his hair. Blaise had asked multiple times what was up, but Draco had just pretended like he hadn't heard him. Trying to explain would be impossible.


The next time he saw her, it was when she was leaving the Great Hall alone after dinner.


He saw his chance.


Darting out into the hallway, he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into the classroom on her left. He locked the door, simply staring at her.


Granger, however, was acting like this was nothing out of the ordinary. "We really have to stop meeting like this," she said nonchalantly, as if nothing were amiss. She wrapped her hair into a messy topknot and wrestled her wand through it.


"Drop the attitude, Granger," he seethed. "I want to know what the fuck that little display was the other day."


"What display?" Typical - he had to admit that she would have been a great Slytherin. It was a known fact that you should never own up to anything until you know what the accusation against you is. She sounded so fucking innocent, and it made him even angrier - but he suspected she knew that.


He neared her, stalking up to her slowly, like a predator approaching his prey. Her expression remained completely unchanged, giving away nothing. "You know exactly what I'm talking about."


Granger shrugged. "I mean, there are a lot of things you could be referencing. I think it best to ensure that we're on the same page before we go and jump to conclusions, right? That way we can have a conversation that's not based on incorrect information in order to avoid any miscommunication."


What a fucking swot.


If she was going to play dumb, so was he. "Do you get off on testing my patience? Is that something that excites you? From your behavior, I'd have to assume that that was the case," he mused. "You can tell me, you know," he taunted. "I'll trade your answer for mine."


She chuckled. He fought against a snide roll of his eyes as she said, "Your insults are seriously lacking lately, Malfoy," she teased. "I can't help but wonder what the reason for that is," she brought her hand up to her chin to rest it against her face. "And I'd say yes," she purred. "Testing your patience does get me... what was it you said? Hot?" Her lips lifted in a smirk. "Your turn," she said with a poke to his chest.


"Fine," he said. His voice had taken on a deadly soft undertone - the calm before the storm. "I want to know why you fucking kissed me."


At that, she faltered slightly. "Oh. That." Either it really didn't register for her that that would be what he was referencing - which would really piss him off - or she hadn't expected him to bring it up.


"Yes," he said. "That."


That fucking kiss has been looping in his head since it happened. It felt more intimate to him than actually being inside her had. There was really no explanation for it - he thought it may have had something to do with how his body had responded to her the second time around. What a betrayal that had been.


Although, all things considered, he shouldn't really be surprised - especially when his brain and his cock were constantly reminded of her. Stupid fucking hormones. That combined with Granger was quickly becoming the bane of his existence.


And that was saying something, considering he had the Dark Lord on his arse.


"Well," she started. "I thought I was pretty clear when I explained it to you, wasn't I?" Somehow, she still managed to sound condescending.


"Not. Clear. Enough." He released the full force of his thundering gaze onto her. "Do better."


She had the audacity to sigh at him. She actually sighed at him. A tint of red clouded his vision as he stepped closer to her. Granger continued to look completely unabashed and entirely unaffected.


He hated it.


"I told you," she started, looking up at him, "in the hallway. I told you exactly what I was doing. I'm not a Slytherin, Malfoy, I practically wear my heart on my sleeve." Her eyes glinted.


She looked like she was hiding something. His eyes narrowed, but he decided not to press the issue.


"If that's the case, then tell me why I don't believe you," he seethed at her.


Granger shrugged again. "I don't know. That sounds like a you problem. I can't control what you choose to believe."


She was so nonchalant and it was staggering. How could she just act like that after everything? He was good at controlling his emotions, but Granger was existing as if nothing had happened.


"I think there's something you need to tell me, Granger. And I'd appreciate it if you were honest with me for once." He stepped closer to her, backing her into the desk. She stopped against it, seeming surprised as she looked up at him, breath catching.


"What do you want from me, Malfoy? I told you my answer, and that's all there is to it." She stepped up closer to him so they were chest to chest. Staring up into his eyes, ice met fire.


She pressed on, tilting her head inquisitively. "See, I think you're cornering me over a different kind of frustration. You've thrown more innuendos than insults my way lately. Your brushes against my skin, your lingering glances - I can almost see the fantasies in them. But you know what? Watching the effect I've had on you drive you completely mental has been more satisfying than I could have ever imagined." Her voice had grown so soft, it could have been a caress, a coo.


"To answer your question," she breathed, snapping herself out of it. "It was something I wanted to do." Tilting her head, her gaze bored into his. "Your behavior ever since that night tells me you know a little something about 'wanting'. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I am."


Her cheeks were flushed in anger, and her hands were curled into fists. They were both breathing heavier than usual from the intensity. Tension was coating every inch of the room.


His thumb reached up to brush her cheek, cupping her face. "I know all about wanting, Granger," he murmured, suddenly going soft.


She closed her eyes, leaning into his touch for a split second before reaching up and curling her fingers around his wrist. Eyes flying open, she yanked it away from her and left the room without a word.


He was really starting to hate the sight of Granger walking away from him.




His thoughts were a whirling thunderstorm to match the chaos swirling in his eyes.


Draco's perpetual emotional state oscillated between angry, confused, and horny. It was fucking whiplash to experience, and even worse to have to work through mentally. This time, he wasn't going to wallow. This time, he was going to do something about it. He was going to take it out on someone else. Namely, Granger.


Having that conversation had cleared absolutely nothing up for him. She had been purposely evasive and antagonizing, as if that wasn't already his job.


It was decided that he needed to put her in her place and take back what was his - control. He was going to find Granger. He knew that she liked to do her work late at night, usually in the Prefects' office since it was typically quieter.


Turning an idea over in his mind, he debated its pros and cons. If he went through with it, it would definitely set her on edge and he would shatter whatever illusion of misplaced trust she'd had in him. He was going to win this round, and this would do it for him.


Creeping through the castle, it took a while before he caught sight of her on her way up to the office. He kept silent as he followed her inside, wanting to catch her by surprise. It was quiet, and he often found that the dark enveloped him in a way that was comfortable and gave him the peace he needed to think properly.


Granger was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't hear him following her until he slammed the door. She jumped, sucking in a surprised breath, and whirled around to meet his fiery gaze. Flicking his wand over his shoulder at the door behind him, he hissed out, "Colloportus."


She stuttered, "Malfoy? What–"


"Shut the fuck up," he spat at her, his face twisted into a sneer.


Backing her into the wall, he quickly silenced the room. His eyes never left hers. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, a reminder that the last time this happened, it went farther than he'd ever anticipated.


This had no chance of going the same way. He didn't want that. He steeled his resolve now. No, he wanted this - wanted her to suffer.


He kissed her hard, cutting off her sharp gasp that he pushed out of her as her back collided with the stone of the castle. "Remember how this went last time I had you like this, Granger?" he teased. He kissed behind the shell of her ear, the spot that - if memory served - made her tremble in his arms.


And tremble she did.


"Because I do. Have you thought about this like I have?" She gasped again, a breathy little sound, as his fingers skirted around the edges of her panties.


He came to stark realization that if she could be called toxic in her compliance, then he had been equally so in his initiation. But it wasn't as if he'd had much of a choice in the matter.


And he wanted her like this, all his to do with as he pleased. He wasn't happy with her antics lately - running so hot and cold, he didn't know how to read her.


Not that he truly ever had, but this just made it that much harder.


Granger let out the smallest of moans as he moved his lips down to tease at her neck. It was a reluctant sound, one that he had drawn from her out of spite and she knew it. She didn't want to give him the satisfaction while taking her own, but here she was.


Under him once more.


He pulled down her skirt this time, not looking for any barriers between the two of them.


"I've dreamed about feeling you around me again, Granger," he purred. "Feeling you come on my cock like the good girl you are has fucking haunted me like you wouldn't believe." He smiled to himself as he felt her shiver at his words. "Do you know how often I've woken up in the middle of the night, feeling the ghost of you wrapped around me? So tight and hot even in my imagination."


He gave her what she wanted, reaching underneath the fabric and brushing against her slit. She was damp from his teasing, but it turned him on even more that their tense conversation had gotten her worked up in more ways than one.


"Fucking hell, I knew you enjoyed our little tête-à-tête more than you ever let on. Does it get you hot? Hm?" She nodded against his lips.


"Please," she begged, "please touch me."


If he wasn't seeing it with his own two eyes, he'd never believe that Hermione Granger was begging him to fuck her with his fingers. But here he was.


He kissed her left dimple, smirking as he pulled away to look at her flushed cheeks. Her eyes were burning, boring into his with so much intensity his knees almost buckled under it. "Only because you asked me so nicely."


Draco slipped one finger inside, entering her easily. He retracted his hand only to add another and slid them back in. She dropped her head forward into his shoulder, whining and babbling incoherent words as he steadily pushed his fingers in and out of her, teasing her.


"What do you want? Do you want me like this?" He slowed his fingers down, "Or maybe like this?" She shook her head and ground her hips against his hand, inhaling sharply. He groaned as they rolled against his hard cock. "Or what about this?" He sped up his hand, pounding her now.


He edged her twice, watching her until she was about to cry with need as she ground down onto his hand before stopping. He was panting, pupils dilated as he watched the sweat roll down her temples and her fingers gripped his arm so hard it would bruise.


As he started again, bringing her close to ecstacy once more, he felt her, so tight around his fingers, her entire body coiled like a spring. She was waiting for the moment he'd finally let her snap and sing for him.


"Draco, please, I'm gonna- fuck, please." Draco could feel her need - hot and tight, pulsing around him. He was sweaty, his arm sore and fingers soaked with the evidence of her desire, but he treasured this.


Especially because of what he was about to do.


He stilled, removing his fingers from her and brought them to his mouth, licking them clean slowly, letting her see his tongue twirling around them within his mouth. He kissed her, letting her taste herself off his tongue and she moaned into his mouth.


The sound sunk into his skin, bouncing around his body. The sound prompted the picture of her moaning around his cock, just like he'd thought about in the shower.


Pulling away, her eyes looked bright as she glanced down at his zipper. Draco knew she anticipated having him inside of her, since he hadn't let her come yet.


As much as he wanted that, to finally feel her around him once more, he had a very important message to convey.


He turned to leave. "I meant what I said last time about you being mine to use how I want to." He reached up, stroking his thumb across her bottom lip. She opened her mouth to try to suck on it, but he pulled away. "And I also meant the part about walking away and leaving you right on the edge. Think of it as... repayment for not being able to make up your mind - you don't get to kiss me like that and then fucking walk away from me." His voice was calm, but he was still seething inside. Realization dawned on her face like getting splashed by a bucket of cold water, and he savored it. Her breath picked up again as he continued. "You've been misbehaving, and I decided it was far past time you learned your lesson." He licked his fingers once more, looking at her again. "Oh, and Granger? It's Malfoy."


He cast the counterspell to unlock the door, opening it and leaving. Draco ignored how painfully hard he was, and how much every step away from her hurt him physically.


The door clicked shut behind him, and he could hear her frustrated scream reverberate from behind the thick wood.

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