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A/N: I got the idea for this chapter from Huffelpuff4Ever aka Stella. Also, Slytherin_named_Ash is coming in the next chapter.


George: *apparates somewhere with Edith* 

Fred: *apparates somewhere with Stella*

Edith: *comes out of trance* Where are we?

Fred: Not sure, actually. 

Stella: *looking out window* This is near Hogsmeade. A few miles away though. 

Edith: You're an Erudite.

Stella: *looks at Edith* What's that?

Edith: You know, from Divergent? The faction that values- never mind. It's too much to explain. Also, Stella I need to talk to you. *looks at twins* Is there a bedroom in this house?

Fred: Yeah, but why do you need one?

Edith: Cuz I need to ash Stella about some private girl stuff? But, if you want to know how a girl's life works in her teen years, then you can listen.

Fred: I'd rather not. Upstairs, turn left. There's are some doors on the right. Go into whichever one you want to go into.

Edith: Thanks. *goes into a bedroom with Stella*

Stella: *closes door* I'm only 10. I'm barely a pre-teen, so I don't know anything about-

Edith: That's not what I wanna talk about. It's just an excuse that works like a charm every time. Anyway, you know that prank that you pulled on Fred?

Stella: You mean, ignoring my boyfriend for 24 hours?

Edith: Yeah, that. I kinda wanna do it.

Stella: Yes! I wanna see that play out. But, are you celebrating anything?

Edith: Yeah. Harry Potter Conversations is the fifth most reviewed story this week!

Stella: Yay! Anyway, how about you start tomorrow? Remember, George is a tree.

Edith: Ok, thanks.

*the next day*

Edith: *wakes up* Oh yeah. I'm ignoring George today. *looks at phone* 10:26. Until 10:26 AM tomorrow. Let's do this! *drags herself out of bed and gets ready*

*with Stella* 

Stella: *wakes up* Time to see how George reacts to Edith's ignoring!


Stella: *walks down* Morning! *cheerful* *grabs a cup of juice*

Edith: *walks down* Morning. *sleepy* *grabs a cup of coffee*

Fred: So, what are we gonna do today?

Stella: I mean, we aren't staying here are we?

Edith: Stella, think about it. Hogwarts is in ruins again and that places outside of Hogsmeade isn't safe. 

Stella: True. So, we're staying here?

Edith: Sure. *pulls out wand and conjures book* We can easily get what we need.

Stella: *eye roll* Leave Edith locked in a house with basic needs and a good book and she'll live like that forever.

Edith: Shut up. This is a good book. *goes back to reading*

George: What's it called?

Edith: *keeps reading and ignores George*

George: *confused* Hey Edith.

Edith: *still ignoring*

Stella: *trying not to laugh*

Fred: Edith?

Edith: Hello. Stella? Can you show me where you kept that bag you showed me?

Stella: *trying not to laugh* Yeah sure. *gets up* 

Edith: *follows Stella*

*in Stella's room*

Edith: *freaking out* This is so hard! How did you do it?

Stella: I told you. pretend that he's a tree!

Edith: Easier said than done, girl. I feel so bad for ignoring him.

Stella: I don't blame you. But, we girls gotta show guys that we don't need them. But, after 24 hours, you'll be able to go and hug the life out of him. And don't forget, about 9 to 10 hours will be gone with sleeping. Maybe even more, considering how much you sleep. 

Edith: Ok. I can do this. *walks out* 


George: Is she still mad at me?

Fred: I doubt it. *thinks he knows what's going on*

George: Then, why is she acting as if I'm thin air?

Fred: Ask her.

George: She isn't responding to me, dimwit. 

Fred: Oh yeah. Wait until tomorrow. She might be having mood swings or something. 

George: Ok. 

Edith: *walks downstairs* Since we're here, you guys wanna explore this area?

George: Sure. 

Edith: *ignores him* I'll go tell Stella not to wear something elaborate. *runs upstairs*

George: I'm just sad at this point. 


Edith: So, we're all gonna go explore the area. Don't wear something uncomfortable. 

Stella: Ok. I'll go find something. Oh, and I'll give you something to wear.

Edith: WHAT! Why?

Stella: You wear the same thing everyday. Black leggings, grey T-shirt. *pulls out jeans and pink T-shirt* I'm wearing this. *pulls out jean shorts and white T-shirt* You are wearing this. 

Edith: Um, I don't wear stuff like this. 

Stella: That's why you're wearing it today!

Edith: Fine. *changes into given clothes* *looking in full length mirror* Not gonna lie, I don't look too bad. 

Stella: Exactly. C'mon, downstairs.

*the gals walk down*

Stella: So, if anyone gets lost, send a patronus. 

Edith: Yeah, yeah. Let's go! *runs out*

Fred: Right behind ya! *runs out*

Edith: *sees Fred* Race you to the edge of the forest!

Fred: It's on! *starts running at top speed*

Edith: *starts sprinting* *passes Fred* Bye!

Fred: *stops running* How do you run so fast?

Edith: Actually, I don't know. 

*with George and Stella*

George: Is Edith still mad at me?

Stella: From what I know, no.

George: Then, why hasn't she talked to me all day? And why is she wearing something that you wear most of the time?

Stella: One. I don't know. Ask her. Two. I forced her to wear that.

George: It's just frustrating and also sad. 

Stella: Poor you. Well, you should really try asking her. 

George: *eye roll* Great idea. One problem: Edith isn't talking to me.

Stella: Ask Fred to talk to her for you.

George: That is the first good idea that you have given me. 

Edith: *walks back in* There's nothing out there. Just a tick forest that could rival the Forbidden Forest.

Fred: *walks in, panting* I still don't understand how you beat me.

Edith: I told you, I don't know why either. 

George: Fred, Edith isn't talking to me. 

Fred: Yes, I know. 

George: Has she been talking to you?

Fred: Yeah?

George: Hey Edith?

Edith: *picking at cuticles, ignoring*

Fred: Edith!

Edith: *winces* I may wear glasses, but my hearing is perfect, Fred.

Fred: She's fine, George.

Stella: *trying not to laugh*

Edith: *thinking* I'm a heartbreaker.

George: *heartbroken*

*the next day*

Edith: *wakes up and looks at watch* It's almost time!

Stella: *knocks and walks in* I told George that you wanna talk to him. He's gonna come in a few minutes. Get ready! 

Edith: Then get out! *changes* 

George: *walks in*

Edith: *checks watch* Come on. 1 minute.

George: You wanted to talk? 

Edith: *waiting for the 24 hour mark* *mumbles* Hurry up.

George: What?

Edith: *watch reads 10:26* Pranked you!

George: *shocked* What?

Edith: You know how Stella ignored Fred for 24 hours to celebrate that she got 1000 views? Well, I did it too!

George: But, you got 1000 views a few weeks ago.

Edith: I got fifth on the most reviewed stories this week. *hugs George*

George: Wow. Thank Merlin it was a prank. *kisses Edith*

Fred: *walks in* What are you- *sees them* Oi, Stella!

Edith: *pulls back* Get out Fred! Or I will make sure that you can never reproduce ever again.

Fred: *scared* Yes Ma'am. 

George: *eye roll* Git.

Edith: * opens trunk* Anyway, I gotta get ready. You mind leaving?

George: Sure. *walks out*

Edith: *texting Stella* GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!

Stella: *runs in* What happened?

Edith: *squeals* George forgive me!

Stella: *squeals* Did you two song yet?

Edith: Yeah we did, and your wonderful boyfriend walked in on us.

Stella: Oh. 

Edith: And I may have threatened him, so he's probably gonna be terrified of me for a while.

Stella: *chuckles* It's ok.

Edith: This is one of my longer chapters, so I'm gonna end it before I tell everyone about the world.

Stella: Good idea. 

Edith: My updates are going to be slower, but I'm glad I got this chapter out.

Stella: Check out my fanfics!!!

Edith: You should. Anyway, review!!!!

Stella: Bye!


A/N: As I said, my updates will be slower. Maybe once a week I will post a new chapter for any story. I'm sorry about that. Please review!!!! 







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