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A/N: This chapter will feature Slytherin_named_Ash. I'm calling Ash because, you know, I'm lazy. 


Fred: *frantic* We need to evacuate! Now!

George: Why? What happened?

Fred: I can't explain. Just make sure that both of you get out of here ASAP. *runs out*

George: Edith! Where are you?

Edith: *runs into room* Right here. You need to get out of here. *runs out*

George: *runs out* Why?

Edith: *outside of Hogwarts* I'll explain later. You need to make sure that everyone goes somewhere safe. There's a safe place in the outskirts of Hogsmeade. Make sure everyone gets there.

George: *runs out of Hogwarts* What about you?

Edith: I need to fix this. *runs back into Hogwarts*

George: EDITH!

Stella: Come on, George! Everyone else apparated away!

George: Fine. *apparates away* 

Stella: *apparates away*

Fred: That was weird.

Stella: I know, right? 

Fred: *whispers to Stella* Edith forgave George and they were about to snog when it happened.

Stella: Oh my god! Really! Poor them. Wait, on that note, where is Edith?

Fred: *looks around* She's not here. Maybe she's coming.

George: *pacing* She said that she needed to fix something. 

Stella: So, you're saying that she's still back there?

George: Yeah. 

Stella: Then, why are we here?! We need to be there!

George: No. We can't. One, we might die because of the explosion. Two, we might die in the hands of Edith. Believe it or not, I kinda don't wanna die because of my girlfriend.

Fred: Shocking. So, what do we do know?

Stella: *sits down on grass* We wait.


Stella: You guys wanna do Fandom quiz? To get our minds off of what's going on?

Ash: Did someone say Fandom quiz?

Fred: *freaks out* Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stella: *laughing like crazy*

Ash: Sorry 'bout that. Wait, where's Edith? We can't exactly do anything without her, can we?

Stella: She's at Hogwarts doing something related to the explosion.

Ash: Shoot. I gotta go. *apparates away*

Fred: *heavy breathing* Now I have more questions and no answers.

*at Hogwarts*

Ash: Dang, that's bad damage.

Edith: *panting and covered in dirt* Ash! You're here! Um, not the best time. Do you think you can return later?

Ash: Yeah sure. 

Edith: *hears scream* I'll call you. Can you go back to where Stella and the twins are? Tell Stella and Fred to stay there. Tell George not to freak out and that I love him. I gotta go. *runs back*

Ash: *apparates*

Ash: Ok, I have news from Edith.

George: What is it?

Ash: Stella and Fred, stay here. George, don't freak out. Edith loves you. I gotta go. See ya later. *apparates away*

*at Hogwarts* 

Edith: *running* So, the explosion happened here. The Ravenclaw Common Room. But, why? *thinking* Wait, this is where Harry came and this is where he got caught in his 7th year. The Death Eaters must've left something here. *hears beeping* What? *sees bomb* Oh no. *points wand at bomb* Reducto!

*bomb explodes* 

Edith: *apparates away* Ow! *sees blood running down arm* Damn it. Must've gotten hit in the shoulder. Ow! But, why would someone do that? I can think, ow, about that later. I need to find everyone. *apparates to where Stella, Fred, and George are*

Stella: *hears sound* Did you guys hear that?

Fred: *looks around* Didn't hear, but saw. 

Stella: *sees Edith* Edith! *runs up to her and hugs her*

Edith: *rushing pain from shoulder* Got hit. Shoulder. Ow.

Stella: *pulls back and sees blood on her hands* Oh my god. Are you ok?

Edith: Besides the fact that my shoulder is a gushing waterfall of blood, yeah.

Fred: I'll get George. *walks off*

Stella: What happened?

Edith: Well, I ran to where there was the most wreckage, which was in front of the Ravenclaw common room. There was another bomb there, which I tried to destroy. It went off and I didn't apparate quick enough. 

Stella: Poor you. Do you know why it happened?

Edith: *pain comes back* I don't know. 

Stella: You need help with that. *points at shoulder* 

Edith: *sees the twins* We can do that later. *runs towards them*

George: *sees Edith* Oh god. She doesn't look good.

Edith: *hugs George* 

George: *shocked, but hugs back* You're ok. 

Edith: Of course I'm ok. *pulls back and feels pain in her shoulder again* Ow! *holds her upper arm*

George: What happened?

Edith: Well, I found a bomb, which I tried to destroy. It exploded and I didn't apparate fast enough. I got hit in the shoulder, which started to bleed. 

Fred: Yeah, yeah, cool. But, why was there a bomb in Hogwarts?

Edith: That's what I don't know. Muggle devices would go haywire in Hogwarts.

George: Why?

Stella: Because there's so much magic in the air. Haven't you read Hogwarts: A History?

Fred and George: No.

Edith and Stella: *eye roll* *mutter* Boys.

Fred: You two can hate on us later. Can we figure out why there was a bomb at Hogwarts?

Stella: Good idea. *sees something* Wait, what's that?

Edith: *sees* OMG!

Fred: *turns around* Wha- *sees* *sharp inhale*

George: *sees* We need to leave. Now. Even this place isn't safe.

Stella: What is it?

George: I can't explain now. We just need to leave before it fully forms.

Stella: *approaches it* But, why?

Edith: *approaches it* It looks so pretty. *reaches a hand towards it*

Fred: This.

George: Is.

Fred: Not.

George: Good.


A/N: So, yeah. How is it? Please review. Ash, I know I brought you in, but I didn't know how exactly to fit you in. You will come in next chpater. Review! Or a dementor will give you a big kiss.


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