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Madam Pomfrey had let Draco return to his own bed that evening, and he was happy about that. “Ah. My own comfortable bed.” he said as he snuggles info his bed and pulled the jade covers up to his chin. “They really need to get better beds in the hospital wing. I’m going to have a crook in my neck for a week.” He continued quietly while rubbing the back of his neck The hangings of his four poster were pulled tightly shut as they always were. His father used to watch him sleep when he was little; he didn’t mind then, however now the thought of someone invading his personal space while he sleeps isn’t at all appealing. He also liked to sleep in complete darkness, which he could not have if the curtains were pulled back due to the fire that was always burning. “You ok Malfoy?” said a chubby face that had pushed it self through into his private space. Draco jumped a bit at this invasion and turned his head sharply to see Crabbe’s face staring back at him. “We’ve… heard rumors.”” He continued. “Get out.” Malfoy responded as he gave Crabbe’s head s swift shove. “I‘ll talk to you in the morning.” He finished in his normal snide tone. He shut his eyes again and pulled his hands up underneath his head. He stared at the top of the canopy. He had just dozed off when the hangings opened again and flickering light from the fire poured in. “Crabbe, what did I tell you?” He growled at he turned his head and opened his eye. But it wasn’t Crabbe, instead a rather small barn owl landed on his chest. He stared at the owl for a few minutes and didn’t move. The owl took a few steps closer to Malfoy’s head and raised its right leg. “Alright, alright.” He mumbled as he took the parchment form the owl who immediately took off. Meet me here. Now Hermione There was a tiny map in the bottom corner of the parchment. Malfoy recognized the red dot. “How does she know about that?” he asked himself, “Oh… never mind.” He said as he sat up. “Well so much for my comfortable bed.” He pulled himself out of his bed and slipped his robes on, then made his way out of the common room and down a dark, twisting dungeon corridor. He stopped in front of the door, briefly before pushing it open and walking through. “Potter?” Draco snapped as he laid his eyes on the raven haired boy who was leaning up against the wall. “What are you doing here?” Harry looked at Draco with the same expression, and handed him a piece of parchment. Draco looked at it and it was that same note he had received minutes before. He huffed and handed the parchment back to Harry. “What is this all about.” Draco asked sharply. “How should I know?” Harry replied as he removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes. Draco watched as the obviously very tired Potter rubbed his eyes and shifted his footing. “Oh don’t be grumpy.” He said with a grin. “You weren’t the only one asleep you Know?” he finished tilting his head slightly to one side. “Well you don’t look the least bit tired Draco.” Harry said, crossing his arms and grinning at the blonde in front of him. Draco began to walk toward Harry but was interrupted by the door swinging open. Both boys turned their attention to Hermione who had just walked through. “Now don’t say anything.” She blurted out immediately. “I have to tell you both this, and if you interrupt me I might not be able get it out.” She paused. “First I want you two to know that I am very happy that you have become friends.” Both boys raised an eyebrow at her. “Well, ok at least you aren’t trying to kill one another. I don’t want what I’m going to tell you to change any of that. You will both undoubted be upset with me but there is no need to be angry with each other.” She sighed lightly before continuing. “Now Draco, I’ve very sorry for what I have done. It was wrong of me and childish. All last term I was hexing you.” Draco opened his mouth to speak but was silenced by Hermione’s finger. He pulled away sharply from her hand and stared at her, he soft grin quickly turning to a scowl. “It was a variation on a simple Confundus Charm, it was meant to confuse you a bit, but the effects were stronger then I expected. I wasn’t sure if it would work at all how I was hoping. I combined the Confundus Charm with a form of Muggle magic. They have all these books with different spell and hexes and thing, I thought that if I combined that with real magic that I know works it might change the effect.” She said very quickly and Harry had to think about it for a second to understand what she meant. But Draco seamed to catch on right away. His eyes glaring at Hermione’s from behind the deathly menacing look on his face, he didn’t have to say anything to let her know how he felt. “The… the” she stuttered, “Effects would ware off after a few days so I would have to redo it. At first it worked like I wanted it to, but then thing got a little out of control which is way I went home for holiday, to think of what I could do. I had Ginny try to continue putting the charm on you but she couldn’t seem to get it to work.” Harry stared at Hermione with his jaw dropped, and Draco who now twitching and biting his lower lip, continued to stare at her. “So basically everything that has happened up until the holiday was artificial. It all only happened because of the hex, because of me. Draco you weren’t acting in your right mind.” She finished quietly and looked at her feet. “But, but… why” Harry asked. “I can’t tell you that now Harry, I’m sorry I just can’t.” She replied shyly. “Yes you can, and you will.” Malfoy screamed, as he walked forward and pushed her back up against the door. “You’ve been fucking with my head and you will tell me why.” He shouted into her face, hit breathing rapid and his eyes burning into Hermione’s “Draco no.” Harry said “Back off Potter, you have no say here.” Draco growled at him and turned back to Hermione, who was quivering in fear. “Well I won’t wait forever you stupid girl.” “I… I… I’m… sorry.” She said quietly before fainting. Malfoy stepped back from her and let her fall to the floor before stepping over her and storming off down the hall. “Draco, wait.” Harry shouted after him, and ran out into the hall. “Stop calling me that Potter, you don’t have the right to anymore.” He said not stopping or even turning back. Harry watched as his robes trailed after him and soon vanished out of sight. Harry went back in the tiny room and sat down beside Hermione. He picked her head up of the dirty floor and shoved some of her robe underneath it before setting it back down. He just sat there, a million thoughts running through his head. He was growing increasingly angrier the more he thought and decided to take Hermione back to the hospital wing and try to go to bed. He conjured a stretcher and walked it up to the hospital. “Oh what happened now?” Madam Pomfrey said franticly as she ran over to Harry. “She fainted again.” He replied in a flat tone with an expression to match. “Hey Harry some over here a minute.” Ron yelled, as he could see what was going on since the curtain was now gone. Harry walked over and sat down on the bed beside Ron and looked at him. “What wrong with you, what did Malfoy do?” Ron said sharply as he sat up. “No, he didn’t do anything Ron, that’s just it, he was envolved but nothing was his fault. Hermione did.” Harry paused and looks a bit confused, himself. “Look Ron I don’t really want to talk about it now, sorry.” Harry said and he walked out the door and made his way back to Gryffindor tower. Ginny stood up from the chair she was sitting in and walked up to Harry. “NOT NOW GINNY!” Harry grunted and kept walking. “But Harry, I need to talk to you.” Ginny ran after him. “NOT… NOW!” he turned around and hissed at her like she had never heard him do before. Just as he finished, all the windows blew out and scattered glass shard all over the common room. He walked up to the dormitory and slammed the door, not paying any attention to the glass that was spewed about.

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