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A/N: So, I'm not exactly sure what to do for this chapter. However, we'll make the best of what we have.  Also, I am featuring InkandMagic in this chapter, but I will call her Katy.


Edith: Ok, that felt really good. Also, I called Katy. She's gonna be coming.

Stella: Ok. But, what is she gonna do? We can't do Fandom quiz and you don't wanna come out of this common room.

Edith: Well, she asked me for something and I can' deny it, seeing that it's a really good suggestion.

Stella: Does it involve a certain idiotic twin?

Edith: Sadly, no. However, it does involve a certain ferret. 

Stella: oh, this is going to be good. Where are we going to meet her?

Edith: Damn, I forgot about that. *facepalm* I signed her up about a month ago. But, she's a Gryffindor, so I need to go to the Gryffindor common room to find her. I'm not running into George there.

Stella: I'll go. And I'll slap him for you.

Edith: You are the best friend that I've been needing. 

Stella: No problem. *leaves to Gryffindor common room*

Edith: Now how do I get Draco's attention? *lightbulb* Hey Ferret!

Draco: I'm not a ferret!

Edith: I know you're not. I just need to get you over here.

Draco: Why?

Edith: There's someone who wants to meet you. You complain that Harry gets all the attention, but now, you can have some attention.

Draco: Then, I'm waiting right here.

*in Gryffindor common room*

Stella: Katy?

Katy: Hey! Is Edith here?

Stella: Um no. Do you think that you can wait outside for a sec?

Katy: Sure. *leaves*

Stella: Hey Harry?

Harry: Yeah?

Stella: Where are the twins?

Harry: 5th-year boy's dormitory.

Stella: Ok. *goes to the dormitory and knocks*

Fred: Come in.

Stella: *pulls out wand and opens door*

Fred: Hey Stella.

Stella: Hey Fred. *points wand at George* Why did you do what you did, you foul loathsome evil little cockroach?

George: Oh god. Look, I can explain. I told Fred yesterday and he agrees with me. 

Stella: Fine. But, not now. Edith needs to do something for Katy. 

George:*perks up* Is she here?

Stella: No. She said that she didn't want to risk meeting you.

George: Ok, now I really regret what I did. 

Stella: I'll be back. *leaves*

Katy: There you are. Where's Edith?

Stella: Slytherin common room. Let's go.

*at dormitory*

Edith: Hey Katy!

Katy: Hi Edith!

Edith: Hey Malfoy!

Draco: What?

Edith: Here's the girl who wants to meet you.

Draco: Hi.

Katy: Hi. can you do me a favor?

Draco: What is it?

Katy: Close your eyes. Forget your surroundings. Don't worry about what you feel. Just relax.

Draco: Ok? *closes eyes*

Katy: *conjures red Sharpie* *draws lightning bolt scar on Draco's forehead*

Draco: I feel something on my head.

Katy: *places one finger on his lips* Sh. It's a tingling feeling. It shows that you're disconnecting from yourself. You will disconnect and reconnect to a deeper vibration inside of you. *finishes drawing* Now, open your eyes. You are disconnected and reconnected. How do you feel?

Draco: I feel. Kind of different. 

Katy: Ok, now, you need to go meet people. I would say go to the Gryffindor common room. There's a huge crowd there.

Stella: Let's go then! *trying not to laugh*

Edith: Do I need to come?

Stella: If you don't want me to drag you, then yes.

Edith: Fine. But, I'm not getting attention there.

Stella: Come on.

*at Gryffindor common room*

Katy: Ok. Go up to someone and ask them how their day is going? Startup some small talk. How about Hermione?

Draco: Um, ok. *goes to Hermione* Hello Granger.

Hermione: Malfoy. What do you want?

Draco: Just wanted to talk.

Hermione: *notices scar* *sees Katy shaking her head* Um. So, anything strange happening today?

Draco: Not really. Stella introduced me to Katy, that's all.

Hermione: Ok. *trying not to laugh* I need to go. I'll see you around, Scarhead. *walks away*

Draco: Wait, did she just call me Scarhead?

Stella: *can't help it and starts laughing*

Edith: *starts laughing*

Katy: *starts laughing*

Hermione: *starts laughing*

Fred: What the heck is going on down there?

George: Dunno. Probably Ron being himself again. 

Fred: Wanna check?

George: Sure. *goes down to common room*

Fred: *sees Draco* Oh my. *starts laughing*

George: What?

Fred: *laughing* Malfoy became a Scarhead. *laughing*

George: Wait, what! *sees Malfoy* Oh my god. *sees Edith*

Edith: *stops laughing* *sees George* Shoot. 

*intense eye contact between Edith and George*

Stella: *notices* Um. You wanna go talk to him, Edith?

Edith: About what? He probably hates me. 

Stella: You don't know unless you take a risk. Besides, he said that he would tell me why he did what he did. 

Edith: Fine. But, if I feel like I need to leave, I'm leaving. Or hexing him.

Stella: Fine by me. *takes Edith to by's dormitory* Sit here. I'll get George. And Fred.

Edith: *sits down and pulls out wand*

Fred: *enters* Hello.

Edith: *eyes on door* Hi.

Fred: You know, George told me why he did what he did.  I think you should forgive him. 

Edith: I want to. I really do. But, I can't. If his reasoning is understandable, then I'll forgive him. But, I can't forgive and forget. 

Stella: Come on. I promise she won't kill you. *pushes George into room*

George: Fred, why do you have to date the most violent person here?

Fred: She's the second most violent. Edith is the first.

Edith: *eye roll* You can say that again.

Fred: I can and I will.

Edith: *points wand at Fred* Are you sure about that?

Fred: *scared* I won't say it again.

Edith: *puts wand away* Ok. Good.

Stella: Sit down George. You have some explaining to do.

George: *sits down* Uh. I don't know how to start.

Edith: *looks at floor, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone*

Fred: Just say exactly what you told me.

George: Well, I heard Edith telling Stella about this guy who she used to have a crush on. Edith was saying how he was a really nice guy. I think that I got jealous. I didn't know if she still liked me anymore, so I decided to see how she would react if I wanted to end everything. So, I did and it backfired. I felt horrible saying that I wanted to end it and I felt end worse if that was possible when I saw her reaction. 

Edith: So, you're telling me that you dumped me just to see how I would react?

George: I guess.

Edith: And you expect me to forgive you.

George: Not completely.

Edith: I-I need to process this. *leaves* 

Stella: *shocked* I have one question.

George: What is that?

Stella: When you saw Edith's reaction, how exactly did you feel?

George: Well, it was a mix of feelings. I mostly felt dread. I couldn't believe what I had done. But, there was a part of me, a tiny part of me, that was glad that she actually loved me. But, I have never regretted anything more in my life.

Stella: Ok. Thanks for that. I just recorded what you said.

George: What! Why?

Stella: I'm going to go show Edith and then she'll realize that you actually didn't want to break up with her.

George: Oh. Then get out of here and show her that video.

Stella: I'm going, I'm going.

*in Slytherin dormitory*

Edith: I still don't understand. Why would he do that?

Stella: I'm not sure, but I think I can prove that he wants to have you back.

Edith: How?

Stella: *shows clip* 

*after clip*

Edith: Wow. I really feel like I should forgive him now.

Stella: It's all your choice. Do what you think is the right decision.

Edith: I'll be right back. *leaves*

*in Gryffindor common room*

George: I shouldn't have done that. I knew I shouldn't have done that. I was being stupid. She'll never forgive me ever again.

Fred: Don't be so hard on yourself. She'll come back for you.

Edith: *knocks on door*

Fred: Come in.

Edith: *quietly* Hey.

Fred: I'm gonna leave. *walks out*

Edith: *sits down next to George* So, Stella showed me that recording of you.

George: So, you're here to hex the life out of me?

Edith: No, I'm here to forgive you.

George: I knew you wouldn't- wait, did you say you forgive me?

Edith: Yeah, I do. 

George: *leans in*

Edith: *leans in*


Fred: *runs in* We need to evacuate. Now!


A/N: So, it's a longer chapter than normal. And it's cringy. What do you think? Also, I've been wanting to do the explosion for a while. See y'all later! And review!!!!


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