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~**~**~**~**~**Charms — Just before Dinner**~**~**~**~**~ “Miss Evans? Could I please see you for a minute?” Professor Dumbledore stood at the door to the fifth year Gryffindor Charms class. “Professor Flitwick? A word.” Dumbledore muttered something into the professor’s ear and left, beckoning Lily to come with him. (BTW, he muttered: “Miss Evans will not be coming back to class.) “Yes, Professor?” Lily asked nervously. “I’m afraid I have some bad news. Voldemort attacked your house. Your parents are dead.” “NO!” The Charms class jumped. The ‘NO!’ was followed by the sound of someone sobbing and running away. The class looked around at each other, wide eyed. The Marauders, seated at the back of the class, exchanged troubled glances. ~**~**~**~**~**Dinner**~**~**~**~**~ Professor Dumbledore stood up. “When you have all finished your meals, I’d like the fifth year’s to search the castle. I’m afraid Miss Lily Evans had some bad news today, and no one has seen her since before dinner. Thank you.” ~**~**~**~**~**Later That Night, After Dinner**~**~**~**~**~ Lily was standing on the windowsill of one of the Astronomy Tower’s open windows. “Evans, what are you doing?” “Hello James.” Lily said, staring at the stars and the moon that was nearly full. “Do you realize that Dumbledore sent all the fifth years and the teachers looking for you? What are you doing?” James asked. “Get down from there.” He said sharply. “Staring.” “Obviously. C’mon Evans. Get down from there.” “James. Tell everyone I’ll miss them.” “What do you mean, Lily?” She turned to face him, eyes shining with un-shed tears. “I’m going to be with my parents.” “You’re leaving Hogwarts?” “I’m leaving the world. Tell everyone I’ll miss them, and that I love them, ‘K? Good-bye, James. I never hated you.” With that, Lily spread her arms in spread-eagle and leaned forwards. Lily fell off the Astronomy Tower, which was the height equivalent of twenty stories high. Disclaimer: This is the only one you'll see for this story. I own only the people you don't know. Thanks for reading my story, will post soon :)!

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