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A/N: I just got this idea after posting the previous chapter.  No one is going to be featured except Stella, who is amazing and reviewed almost every single chapter that I post. 


George: Um, there's some bad news that I need to spill.

Stella: Wait, where's Edith?

George: I'm getting there.

Fred: So, what's going on?

George: Um, this is hard to say. Um. I broke up with Edith.

Fred: You're pranking us aren't you? The same way that Stella and I did.

George: No. I'm not. Stella just said it and walked away. Edith's in literal tears.

Stella: Then why did you do it?

George: Reasons that I prefer not to share.

Stella: Where's the proof that she's crying?

George: Well, I got a phone from Emerald and I was secretly recording it. *pulls out phone*

*in the recording*

George: Look, I don't think that you're the right person for me.

Edith: *worried* What do you mean?

George: I mean that I'm breaking up with you.

Edith: *tears collect in eyes* Fine. *walks away* I'll see you around. *voice breaks on "you"*

*recording is over*

Stella: So, you just dumped her?

George: Pretty much.

Stella: *upset* You idiot! How could you do that to her? She freaking loves you.

George: Ok, ok. You're making me feel guilty. I would go find her, but I'm not sure where she is. 

Stella: I know where she might be. *leaves*

George: I regret my decision. 

Stella: *goes to Slytherin common room and somehow gets inside* Edith?

Edith: *sad* Yeah?

Stella: Look, George was being a downright git to you. 

Edith: Yeah, but I actually thought that he likes me.

Stella: Well, at least he was honest with you.

Edith: *voice breaking* Yeah, but that's my problem. I get my hopes up too high and then it all crashes back down, making me feel worse than most people. *tears start falling*

Stella: *hugs Edith* How about you go and hex the life out of George?

Edith: You know what? That's a good idea. *grabs wand* Let's go.

Stela: *leaves common room with Edith*

Edith: *quietly with venom* George Fabien Weasely, get over here right now.

George: *scared* Oh no.

Edith: *points wand right at George's face* If you were going to end it, why did you start it?

George: I-I...

Edith: Flipendo!

George: *falls painfully* Ow!

Edith: Serves you right. *walks away* That felt good. 

Stella: That looked good.

Fred: Bloody hell. You should really rethink your choices.

George: *rubbing back of head* I think I figured that part out, funnily enough. 

Fred: So, what are you going to do about her?

George: Tell Edith the truth.

Fred: Wait, you lied to her.

George: Mostly.

Fred: Why did you do that? And what's the truth?

George: The truth is-


A/N: Mwahaha! A cliffhanger! Thank you to Hufflepuff4Ever for inspiring me. You will find out what happened soon!

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